Bates Motel – The Season Finale – S01E10

I just finished watching the last episode of the season and this is one mixed up family. They are so out of control there is no way they put the “fun” in dysfunctional. If you haven’t watched the season or the episode then you better look away now.

This episode was strange, awkward and a wee bit shocking. Not to mention the sexual elements that may or may not be hanging there. It’s the night of the Winter Formal and Emma has all but asked Norman to take her to the dance. We all know he really wants to take Bradley, but more than likely she’ll do something quite naughty with Norman’s brother Dillon before too much longer.

The night is off to a truly bad start as Norma decides to unload her life’s story and discuss her early days of being molested. On the night of the Winter Formal? Gadzooks mom!!!

But as soon as Emma appears, looking quite lovely by the way, Mom is all smiles and rainbows and says they need to go have a good time. Not only does mom interject herself into the night she all but destroys any chance of high school romance between these two. But of course, that was the plan all along.

The night goes poorly as Norman gets dumped by Emma because he can’t stop looking at Bradley and Norman takes a shot to the head by Bradley’s boyfriend because he can’t stop looking at Bradley. Norman isn’t subtle that’s for damn sure.

Walking home from the dance in the rain, Norman is picked up by his English teacher in her sassy Fiat 500. Oddly, she is wearing quite the revealing red dress and he makes no qualms about staring at her cleavage. Things are heading toward a newspaper headline of sexual scandal when Norman’s mother appears and shames him for staring at his teacher in the mirror of her bedroom as she undresses.

Next thing we know, Norman is running home and everything seems to be fine. Or is it?

This show is so uncomfortable it’s damn near funny. Norman has a thing for his mom as well as for Bradley. I think he’s actually torn over which one of them he wants to sleep with more. Emma is looking to have some experiences in her life and have some good times despite her condition. Too bad Norman won’t play along. Bradley felt sorry for Norman, or at least that’s the story she tells for why she slept with him, but oh there is so much more to that story. She plays coy, but she’s pulling strings to no end. And Norma can’t seem to have a decent relationship. The men she has sex with all end up dead. And it’s pretty obvious her relationship with Norman is a Psychological field day!

Honestly, I’m not sure what more they could throw into this show. We have Asian sex slaves, Oedipus complex, corrupt cops, a mysterious broker of human cargo, a massive drug cartel right in the middle of the city, a teacher who is perhaps one step away from becoming indecent with her student, several counts of murder and a hotel that people simply refuse to check into.

This show has it all! It’s creepy and it’s kooky. I think for something on A&E, this is pretty damn good back story. I hope there is another season coming. They really have the makings of something deliciously creepy here. Between this and Hannibal, I’m having fun.

Anyone else? Been watching Bates Motel? How do you think it went? Where do you think we’ll go from here?

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