Paranormal Lockdown – Hinsdale House – S01E05

image Nick and Katrina head to northwestern New York to investigate a crumbling wreck of a house that is supposedly a hot spot for all sorts of paranormal goings on. It doesn’t take long to get an Amityville vibe from this place.

There are claims that a woman was hanged in a nearby tree, that a young box was killed by a buzzsaw and that one man turned and murdered his brother. But those are events connected with the area, not specifically with the house.

As we get started, we are told an exorcism has been performed on the house itself. Tim Shaw, a Medium, gives a tour stating he’s not a fan of the place. He shows off one of the bedrooms where flies gather in the window. Katrina says she feels a pressure on her chest. Both Katrina and Tim say they need to go outside to get away from the negative energy in there.

Another visitor, Tony Spera, comes to discuss the house. Tony is a demonologist and son-in-law to Lorraine Warren. Yes, indeed, there is a connection to Amityville as Lorraine has investigated the house and was part of the exorcism back in 1974. Lorraine has bad feelings about the house and there is another connection to local Native American burial grounds.

Also at the exorcism was Paul Kenyon. He claims to have seen a woman lurking in the house and he’s not a fan of the house either.

As the investigation starts, Katrina heads down to the basement where she captures heavy breathing and someone asking, "Where’s Nick?" She also captures, "Get out" when asking if someone plans to do them harm. It’s also during these early stages when Nick feels something scratch him.

It was Nick’s goal to sleep in Mary’s room, the one with all the flies, but there are overpowering oppressive feelings and he simply can’t do it. Instead, he sleeps just outside in the hall.

For the next day, the head out to look around the grounds. Their intent is to find the tree that could have been used for the alleged hanging. Katrina asks if the house is forbidden and gets a faint, "Yes" in response. While out in the woods, Nick hears chanting, but no one else seems to. But their exploration is cut short as they hear the cry of coyotes.

On the last night, they decide to stay up all night. Nick goes into Mary’s room while Katrina heads out into the woods again. Nick hears bangs and knocks and begins to get frustrated or agitated, not sure which. He starts asking question about death and the afterlife and says he gets the answer, "There’s no heaven" on the recorder. This seems to unsettle him greatly. Not much is happening out in the woods, but Katrina is brought back to the house by Nick screaming. Apparently his sleep deprivation is catching up to him.

When Katrina gets back to the house, he seems out of sorts and says he hears all sorts of mumbling and voices. He looks quite disoriented and confused.

Katrina is quite convinced that they made contact with something non-human and that it followed Nick home from the investigation. He was repeatedly woken up at 3am and kept hearing knocking sounds down in his basement.

An interesting house, but in the end, what do we walk away with? If we look at the different pieces, we have a rather broken down house with some sanitary issues. Who knows what sort of effect that would have. There are some voices captured on EVP that might be handing out warnings, but alas, there was no shadow figure, no demonic belching, they aren’t swarmed by the flies, the voices aren’t telling Nick to do something terrible and in general there isn’t a whole lot to support all these claims.

Feelings are one thing, but that can be caused by a multitude of factors. Has the house and grounds been tested for lead, gasses, mold, fungus? What about making sure the place is level so it doesn’t give that fun house effect people used to talk about? And let’s not forget, Nick is sleep deprived which is clearly going to cause odd behavior and have side effects.

It is interesting to note the connections between this house, it’s cast of characters and Amityville because it doesn’t take too many searches to find that investigation hangs under a heavy cloud of suspicion and doubt.

And exactly how many Native American connections will these paranormal shows make?

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  • Kurt says:

    I have spent 2 nights in that house – it IS without a doubt the real deal. I watched a penny get thrown at one of our investigators from Mary’s room…when no one was in the room. I personally witnessed that. I have a number of class “a” EVPs -with at least 3 admissions of murder and voices saying “kill them” a number of times as well. It is not a place for the inexperienced or faint of heart. If you go be aware of what you may face…

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