Ghost Adventures – Route 666 Halloween Special – S13E06 – Part 3 – Analysis

With the episode now complete, what is the overall impression of Zak’s Satanic Road Trip and his stops on the Pentagram of Blood?

Well, I think Zak is guilty of the same old fallacies of logic and prefers a demonic explanation than one of common sense. And to be honest, I think Zak and the whole team were hamming it up for the cameras.

While the stories and locations themselves are pretty neat, I don’t believe Zak has found evidence to support his theory that dark energy dwells within the Hotel De Soto or that some sort of mysterious goat creature haunts a bridge in Denton. I also feel Zak is really trying to sell the demonic, especially in the form of a little girl, to make the investigation sound more dangerous and boost the mystery of Halloween.

It’s stated right at the beginning that the hotel is low rent. To that end, I’m sure maintenance and sound proofing are not at a premium. And as we saw, people were wandering in the halls all through the night. I have no doubt sound travels all over the place, even from the streets below and it would be easy to mistake hearing a little girl.

The pentagram in the basement? Again, the symbolism from a bunch of pranksters, but Zak can certainly feign feeling dizzy and lightheaded when he feels there is something demonic around, but he never feels the rapture or at complete peace when other religious icons are around. I’m still amazed at how easy it is for people to feel the presence of the demonic and how easy such things are to conjure, but the same isn’t true for the other side of the coin.

As I stated before, the shadow figures Zak sees at the cemetery are simply people walking along the street. There is nothing mysterious about them, especially since there is traffic in the background. They aren’t hundreds of miles away from civilization. Nor is there anything particularly interesting or demonic about the three trees he mentions multiple times. I’m also not sure how he concludes they form a trident. Perhaps that cemetery is used for other types of rituals, but that is vandalism, not a sign of the demonic. It’s shameful that people treat a cemetery so poorly, but just because Richard Ramirez hung out there, doesn’t make the whole area demonic.

Finally, the fan falling in the basement looks like it was pulled to the side. It in no way looks to be pushed by an unseen force. I’m not going to say evidence is being faked or there is trickery involved, but the idea that the fan simply falls is far more reasonable than some sort of demonic force pushing it. And if we were take it one step further, is that really how the demonic would announce their presence, pushing a fan? Surely not.

When it comes to the Goatman or Denton investigation, that entire segment is quite laughable. The antics of the entire crew is embarrassing. Regardless of how deplorable and cowardly the actions of the KKK were, I do not for a moment believe they would result in the creation of a goat man. That’s the stuff of fairy tales. A terrible fairy tale, but a fairy tale nonetheless.

We already know that mosquitos and spiders infest the area since it’s wooded and next to the water. It’s certainly more plausible that someone scratched themselves from bites than by some non-existent goat creature. We also saw spiders and snakes. Would it be so hard to imagine spider bites are at the root of the burning pain rather than the demonic? Go ahead and scratch along your arm, what do you see? Oh my goodness, three lines. Your thumb and pinky would be off to the side. It’s the mark of the trinity.

These feelings of dread would be predictable considering the stories people keep telling themselves. You say something demonic is at hand, then follow it up with stories of the KKK, hangings and burnings. What do you expect people to see? The noises they hear are animals and probably something worth hunting because of the gunshot. Again, it would be more plausible that a deer is smashing through the woods than a goat man. It would be more plausible for it to be a real goat than a goat man.

I have to say, Jay’s conjuring spell was a little out of character. Not sure where that came from. But, if he wants to run with it, I have no issue with that. I just think it’s funny they are so ardent with their condemnation of Ouija and rituals, then turn right around and perform a ritual of their own. But when they conjure spirits, it’s not demonic. Again, hypocrites.

Finally, Zak choking himself on the bridge, Aaron walking around stunned and Billy losing his mind was just plain silly. I don’t even know what to say about that, except that it was terrible dramatic theater. Zak has done some pretty absurd things on these investigation, but I think this set of events tops the list.

Overall, this was another example of Zak jumping to conclusion, his disregard for more earthly and plausible explanations and his desire to fuel the fires of hysteria.

When all is said and done, what evidence did he capture that could only be explained through demonic or paranormal means?

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2 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Route 666 Halloween Special – S13E06 – Part 3 – Analysis

  • RottenOne says:

    As an aside, after doing a quick search of this legend a couple things popped up.
    There are several variations on the story, so you have to decide which one you want to believe in.
    None of the variations have ever been confirmed as true or even close to true, ie, no police records or newspaper articles.
    The accounts are almost identical meaning they are a copy of a copy of a copy. No source material. They repeat the text of someone else with the preface, “legend has it”.
    I found more than one reference stating there is no record of Oscar Washburn and no record of violence in that specific area, but there is evidence of violence in surrounding areas.

    After just a quick look, the validity of this story is dubious at best. Again, I don’t deny that the Klan is both capable and guilty of this sort of crime, but, it looks like this particular incident may never have happened and is merely a story that just keeps getting bigger and bolder with each retelling.

  • jade maggard says:

    Hey guys, there is a “haunted” bed and breakfast/prosperity school in carthage missouri.what y’all think

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