Ghost Adventures – Exorcism in Erie – S14E06

image To continue with the demonic theme we have going, Zak is in Erie, Colorado to help a family who’s house and son are under a supposed demonic oppression. Jeff and Darlene bought the house in 1997 and have experienced demonic activity including growls, shadow figures and some force that tried to throw their son Chris out the window. Zak attributes this to a massive fault line that runs under the house. However, the actual center of the activity seems to be Chris himself.

As Darlene describes it, Chris used to be loving and affectionate, but has since been taken with a lot of anger and heavy depression. Darlene feels Chris is under a demonic oppression and that he sees spirits all the time.

When questioned by Zak, Chris admits to going to "the witch’s house". There they found pentagrams, occult magazines and preserved animals in jars. They also found blood which he feels was part of a ritual sacrifice. Chris and his friends spent many hours there messing around trying to conjure something. Ultimately, Chris took a horseshoe from the house and buried it in his back yard. He also says he has seen the devil smiling at him.

Jeff and Darlene also have daughter who gives a quick interview and she says her son doesn’t like going over to their house because of the zombie ghost.

As they start looking around the house, Jay has an episode where his heart rate goes to 120 bpm and he gets red in the face. Zak also states the bed posts have turned red and look like devil horns.

Believing a dire demonic possession is in the making, Zak reaches out to Bishop Bryan Ouellette to perform an exorcism. Meanwhile, Aaron and Billy dig up the yard to find the "demonic horseshoe" only it isn’t buried at all, but is sitting in the garage in plain sight. Zak states that all the violent weather in the area is a form of demonic oppression and it manipulated someone to dig up the horseshoe and put it back in the garage.

Chris meets with the Bishop and says he feels cold, that there is energy in the room and that he feels it wants to take his life. During the blessing, Chris shakes violently and has no idea what’s going on, even though he’s keenly aware that his hands are shaking.

Zak has brought in Bill Chappell to bedazzle the masses with new gadgets that fluctuate and bounce in a manner Bill has never seen before. We have readings that go off the charts then bottom out as well as meters that rise and fall.

This coincides with Zak saying he sees a black mass on the stairs. Billy confirms there is something "billowing". The Spirit Box picks up "kill me" and "I’m breeding". Zak asks what the entity wants from Chris, and out of the garbled mess determines it says, "his soul" because that makes for better TV. As Zak pulls out the SLS camera, there is a figure dancing on the counter in the bathroom. This calls for a blessing of the house by Bishop Bryan.

The focal point is the basement and during the blessing a wet hand print appears on the wall of the stairs leading down. Zak says it looks like a child’s hand. Chris is upstairs during this and with the Mag Camera, there is a picture of him shrouded by a black covering. Zak says this is the dark figure he and Billy saw.

Bishop Bryan does a final blessing on the horseshoe or "demonic relic" as Zak keeps calling it and by the end his eyes are bloodshot and he is terribly congested. Proof again of demonic forces, so claims Zak.

This is perhaps the most ridiculous episode they have ever put their name too. It is utterly amazing that visiting an abandoned home and reading "occult magazines" will conjure a demonic spirit. Strangely, you don’t hear of angels following people who just happen to read a religious pamphlet. Further, Zak makes a wild leap to say the horseshoe is demonic and was used in rituals. How odd considering the horseshoe is normally considered a good luck charm.

It also appears Chris himself needs some medical attention. Another case where depression is associated with "demonic oppression". Has Chris seen a mental health specialist for his depression? Has he seen someone about his jerky movements? Depression isn’t caused by the devil. This isn’t Salem in the late 1600’s.

The hand print on the wall to the basement is dry wall repair kit that goes on pink and dries to white. As they sweep over it, you can see it drying in the center, but it’s still pink in the thicker areas.

The gizmos Bill is bringing in are a load of nonsense. Let’s conjure up some flashing lights without giving any sense of measurement and saying things are completely out of control and it’s never acted like this before.

Let’s also not forget the incidents with the Witch’s House happened so long ago that Chris has basically forgotten about it and can’t remember the details. Further, this deadly horseshoe was in the living room, yet no one else was effected. You would think such an evil totem would consume everyone who came within a dozen feet of it, let alone those who touched it. That would make it more cursed than the Brady idol.

Zak now sees the devil in everything. He’s even going to say it’s responsible for the weather. Funny how the houses next door don’t seem to be affected by this demonic horseshoe even though they are right in line of this evil ripple effect and fault line.

And why on earth did Zak meet a priest in a cemetery other than for dramatic effect?

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Please explain how this is not dry wall repair kit.

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5 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Exorcism in Erie – S14E06

  • Mackey says:

    At the beginning of each episode, Zak says “We have worked years to build our credibility; our reputation”. Their reputations will turn from credible paranormal investigators to sham artists and phonies if they continue to broadcast episodes like this.

    I’ve said it before, maybe Zak and the gang need to call it quits.

  • Ed says:

    RE: the son featured on this episode – I said as much on the GAC Twitter, it seemed as if the son might have had pre-existing mental problems which were not helped by going to a supposed haunted location and performing “black magic” to conjure up something. To make the situation worse, Zak and company use this poor guy’s already fragile mental state to further the belief of a demonic situation. At best, it’s shameless promotion on GAC’s part; at worst, it’s abuse. Beside that, there was so much to disbelieve — a house built on a supernatural location (beyond the fault line, there was mention of some strange building which had existed previously but I don’t believe it was ever fully or clearly explained); “strange” weather which was attributed to demonic forces; the also demonic horseshoe; and so much more.

  • Tina says:

    I’m rewatching this episode and find that Chris is not well at all. At first, I thought he was strung out on drugs, but giving the fact he does have mental issues, that alone could cause oppression. He may have dabbled in something and it didn’t help, but not all of it can be paranormal. The house isn’t haunted, but this young man is haunted by his own ‘demons’ : depression and oppression from it.

    I hope he gets proper help and though I believe in the power of prayer, I believe he needs medical help too. Exploitation doesn’t help him at all.

  • RottenOne says:

    I’m going to have to agree, Chris did give the impression he was on something. It could have been a bad mixture of medication, but his jitters, staring off into space and jerky movements were more indicative of a medical condition than any sort of “oppression”.

  • Alex J Ewart says:

    I disagree, although, I see yr point with some of it, I had an attachment once and the black mass they photographed over Chris, that’s a real thing, I believed him, I also had experiences with entities that could camophlage themselves, can’t spell it, sorry

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