Ryan Buell arrested again

Fresh off his previous incarceration and apparent brush with fraud for booking appearances and never showing up, Ryan Buell has been arrested yet again. This time for battery and harassment. It’s not really clear what incited this little fracas, but it looks like Ryan pulled out the claws in an attempt to scratch the victim, then decided to become a bit of a biter.

This comes while Ryan is still dealing with the stolen car incident from a few months back, and is still facing an angry mob because of the tens of thousands he raked in for bookings he never followed through with. Additionally, it’s rumored he lied about his pancreatic cancer, to gain sympathy and money. Even his mother says he’s on a downward trend and that he needs help.

It seems an emotional or mental disorder is plaguing the former paranormal investigator. Perhaps this stems from that decade ago encounter with the Demon of Brownsville Rd. (that was sarcasm)


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