Ghost Lab – Catfish Plantation and Hotel Lawrence

If you thought the tomfoolery of John Wilkes Booth couldn’t be topped, you haven’t seen the latest episode.

The Catfish Plantation is home to object manipulation, specifically some trickery with dinnerware. Clearly the work of a sinister force, no? If it was a spirit throwing chef’s knives we’d have something. Unfortunately, a cutlery crossing apparition doesn’t seem all that interesting.

Like so many other episodes, nothing really happens. They aren’t able to capture much but a few goofy things happen. After a whole lot of nothing happens and they’re walking around surveying the scene they see a spoon on the floor. Clearly this is the work of paranormal activity. A spoon couldn’t just fall on the floor it had to be manipulated and the brothers divine a grand plan to capture it by ignoring it.

They spend time sitting in the dark playing Jenga. Two big Texans playing a game in the corner. It’s riveting stuff I assure you.

When a whole lot more nothing ensues they decide to stack the knives and forks in odd patterns. This will of course get the spirits to put them back the right way. When that fails to do anything they decide it’s time to show the owner what they’ve found.

And during the big reveal a spoon falls. This has to be paranormal right? A spoon, which has been stacked, falls. Beyond a shadow of doubt.

Time to move on.

The Hotel Lawrence really doesn’t seem to have all that checkered of a past. There are a few things going on like seeing shadows, the sense of being watched and the chap "Smiley" who seems to block the door until you ask nicely to get into your room. A murder and suicide do round out the events, but in a hotel of this age that really doesn’t seem all that surprising.

The brothers do run into a problem getting into the room that Smiley supposedly blocks. The key appears to unlock the door but it doesn’t open. When they ask Smiley to move out of the way, it then opens. Additionally they see what appear to be footprints right behind the door as though someone had been standing there blocking it. Is this the work of a ghost or are there dirty footprints in the carpet and faulty door locks at work?

There is also talk of a suicide in one of the rooms and a murder where a man was hanged with a towel around his neck. They even go so far as to sleep in the room where the murder took place. Once again, the evidence is pretty slight. A faint sound they claim to be a voice and the door that won’t open. At least they show some common sense and say it might be a sticky door. But excitement builds over the footprints in the carpet. Maybe that’s something worth looking into, or maybe they just need to call the maid.

Science might hold the answers to unlocking the mysteries of the dead, but I don’t think these guys know how to use science. Or maybe their looking for science in all the wrong places.

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One Response to Ghost Lab – Catfish Plantation and Hotel Lawrence

  • Shawn Sparks says:

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I am writing to respond to your review of the Ghost Lab episode. Please rest assured that there was cut footage that did not air on discovery channel. I would also like to extend a personal invitation to you to come to the restaurant and attend one of our after hours events free of charge. If you are not completely satisfied that the house is haunted then I will let you come back as many times as you would like to investigate. I cannot explain why the things that are happening at the house are happening. However, I can say that many unexplained things occur. One of the interviewees on the ghost lab episode is my father. He has a PHD in multidisciplinary engineering, with 5 masters degrees one of which includes a degree in physics. We are not a bunch of country bumpkins who are scared by our own shadows. If anything I find the spirits to be very annoying and they do not scare me at all. My point is, that for him to go on national television and say that he saw a knife levitate in the air took a lot of courage. Believe it or not, that is your choice, but at least give me the opportunity to personally prove it to you. You can’t say it’s a farce until you have investigated it yourself. I challenge you to come to Waxahachie and see for yourself.

    Shawn Landis Sparks
    Executive Chef

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