Ghost Adventures – Demons in Seattle – S10E10

Zak and the gang are off to Seattle to investigate a house with claims of the paranormal to rival that of Amityville and the Exorcist combined. Keith Linder rents a home where he says bibles have been burned, crosses have been scorched, furniture has been knocked over, plants are thrown so hard they put holes in the walls and there are even claims there is blood on the walls and the entity has actually set fire to the house. Further, there is the number 666 supposedly burned into the walls and symbols that resemble the pictograph of Man from the Native American culture. Even more, Jennifer Madsen, who has investigate the house and even tried her own blessings, swears by all the activity. Keith has even had the clergy come out for a house cleansing and blessing, but nothing has changed. And the clergy kinda, sorta, didn’t actually believe him.

Yet strangely, Keith seems pretty calm about the whole situation and doesn’t have plans to move. He says he’s emotionally and spiritually grounded. He even seems rather calm talking about everything and doesn’t seem to have fear or concern over his safety.

By the claims, this is the most dangerous house on the planet! Merely stepping inside is surely to get you beaten, thrown down the stairs and quite possibly set on fire. This house is off the charts! This should be exactly the type of place Zak is looking.

But yet somehow it isn’t. I’m confused. Here’s the part that cracks me up, Zak doesn’t believe the claims.  Here is a guy stating all these terrible things are happening to him and claims he has real documented evidence and Zak and his team rip him apart and basically call him a fraud within the first 5 minutes. However, this is the same group that will visit Tombstone, a sanatorium or a jail and believe every single story they’re told without a lick of evidence. We’ve seen this dozens of times. They believe a place is haunted before even stepping inside and then no matter how slight the evidence, they will claim the place is teaming with dark energy. Dave even says this would be great for a book or a movie.

Whoa, what’s going on here? When the hell did Zak become a skeptic and not believe every half-baked, outlandish and ridiculous ghost story he was told? He even thinks Keith is painting the 666 on the wall just to get publicity and refutes all the footage he’s shown. Wow, Zak! Maybe you should turn that same critical and skeptical eye on the dreck you throw at us!

But Zak forges ahead with the investigation to see what can be learned. Keith and his girlfriend Tina walk around the house asking questions in the usual style. Nothing.

They move from room to room telling the spirit it needs to move on. Nothing.

They tell the entity to show itself and not hide now that new people are in the house. Nothing.

Zak and Dave Schrader give the place a once over. They ask questions, try to get the entity to answer, ask why it causes harm and what it wants. Nothing.

Even the big gun comes out as they use some cockamamie piece of tech they cobbled together using who knows what. But this time, it projects stuff on the wall! Wahoo!

It’s really nothing more than a glorified temperature sensor made to look like something ultra fancy with moving charts and a wave pattern. And as you might expect, it doesn’t do a darn thing and they capture no evidence.

Zak and his team tries and tries and tries, but they can’t get a shred of evidence to support the claims. And since they don’t believe the claims themselves, they can’t even stretch the truth and make something out of nothing.

All in all, it seems like this is an absolute hoax. But why? Why do these things? Why vandalize the house? Why not just move? Why stick around? Is this the story of a couple that just wants to break a rental agreement? Do they just want some publicity and have their house immortalized like Amityville? Are they in the throws of demonic possession and they have no idea what they’re doing?

And where the heck is the real home owner? What does the landlord have to say about all these shenanigans? If my place was on the news and getting trashed like that, I would have a few things to say on the matter that’s for damn sure!

Who knows what the heck is going on here.

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56 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Demons in Seattle – S10E10

  • george says:

    Keith Linder has shown up in a least two paranormal oriented chat rooms. In both the receptions has not been as polite as was on the T.V. show Ghost Adventures. In my opinion, G.A. committing to an investigation and scheduling an episode G.A. found themselves on the receiving end of the proverbial lemons and opted to make lemonade. Claiming that not every investigation produces evidence which is closer to the truth than what is usually shown on most television programs.
    In the chat rooms Linder is evasive in answering questions, picking and choosing to answer those that further his claims, ignoring those that raise any doubt. He contradicts himself repeatedly, All of his video evidence is after the fact,nothing showing the slightest possibility of activity. These videos are on YouTube. Linder enjoys the attention, no matter if its good or bad, His claims are bogus.

  • Christina says:

    I think it’s awesome that Zak didn’t believe them and basically called them a fraud. It goes to show that no matter how “out there” he appears at times, he still has good sense and doesn’t just believe every claim of paranormal activity that somebody tells him. This guy was obviously just looking for his 15 minutes of fame. The girlfriend was the spookiest thing about the whole situation.

  • Jenny says:

    I’m usually not one to write a “reply” on these sites but COME ON. I’m a total skeptic on all this ghost/spirit stuff; I need evidence, proof. This guy claims this “entity” is doing all these horrible things to his RENTAL home and the girlfriend is soooo terrified of that room but sleeps down the hall?? It’s total BS, they’re screaming for attention!!! Okay now let’s examine the evidence, what the guy has as “proof” is all photos and videos of everything AFTER it happens. In a house where there is so much violent activity, why hasn’t he set up a camera and left it running all night? He’s bound to get something on video if this is all true, and don’t even get me started on the writing burned into the walls…the confused Christian/Native American demon lol. Anyone normal person would have left there in a heartbeat no matter how “spiritually grounded” they are. These people wanted their 15minutes of fame, they got it with the news crew and GA doing the show. I would respect them more if they came out and admitted all of it being a hoax, haha funny now let’s move on, but the new stuff they claim is happening even after GA… STOP it’s pathetic!!

  • David Howland says:

    When making a television show, it is not always the best thing to be 100% honest, it might make things boring, but if you can make it seem like the dead are still around….etc…… I’m just saying.

  • Monajean cruz says:

    This house is not haunted at all. I study this all the time it is this couple they want attention. It is really his girlfriend. Tina has a demon inside her I saw how Zack reacted to her when she came close to him. She looked like she went right up into Zack’s eyes, and she didn’t blink a lot if you noticed if at all that is a very mentally ill women she needs help before she hurts someone. G.A. should have suggested that, because they witnessed this. Get her help before she does hurt someone, or herself.

  • icleus says:

    The GA crew caught the red flags and pretty much figured that there is no haunting. The energy from the woman however was real. They actually missed two things about this woman. Her blinking and her body behavior, aside from the glare she gave, was incredibly unnatural. This was an investigation resulting from someone suffering from a mental disorder or both residents having serious issues.

  • Keith Linder says:

    Tina and myself stand by the claims we made happening in the house. Its easy to point fingers at a 45 minute show were the investigator everybody hates leave with little or no evidence. truth be told there was evidence. You conveniently ignore the claims of the 1st Paranormal team to investigate the house. What are they in on the lie to? And you easily forgot about the KOMO news reporter who was at our house and heard the noises herself. Not house noises. But a LOUD bang. so loud her and camera refused to go upstairs when I offered it to the. ASK THEM. As an IT professional I was able to collect 2+ yrs. of data aka events happening in the home. Lots which were not on the show. Any paranormal investigator worth their weight in gold know just because you don’t find evidence the 1st time around doesn’t mean the house is being bothered by something more mysterious. I mean seriously should a demon show Itself simply based on the fact that the lead investigator (Zak) says come out come out where ever you are OR EVEN WORSE because you’re introducing some new tool? I laugh at such a thought process that wants to blame the house occupant for seeking help and the help they receive can’t get Casper to come out and PLAY. And you say its our fault? 4 local teams have come to the house before GA and all four teams vouch our story. And two previous families who lived in the house before us have step forward as well. I challenge anyone to prove we are liars. Your conjecture is not proof we lied more so it reveals your lack of knowledge of just how scientific an investigation can be. We are talking about the Supernatural here.

  • Zak Bagans says:

    Shut up, you big fat phony

  • Lyli says:

    Besides all of the comments about the question ability of the ” evidence” shown or not shown. Has anyone else really looked at the 666 placed onto the doors in huge dark numbers? Whatever or whoever put them there put a fair amount of time and attention into detail. It looks like spray paint to me from the overspray, perfectly black and white . A burn would be difficult to do in such precise circular strokes and would leave a brownish tinge on the edges. Also the door paint would have some blistering or flaking.. Not only that, it wasn’t done all at once.The numbers themselves are done with continuous close cursive circles, the way you would doodle or practice handwriting. But if you look at them, you’ll see the numbers are drawn in straight lines first and then gone over in the circular motion. Are the spirits that anal?

  • Native American says:

    How does one contact Jennifer Madsen? Who does she work with? This show was an all-around bunch of crap. First, Bothell is actually quite a ways from Seattle. Second, if Jennifer isn’t Native American, why is she doing Native rituals? I’d set her sage on fire, too. And her claim that the drawings are Native American? HOGWASH. Obviously, she’s making a mish-mash of Native cultures that we call MISAPPROPRIATION. She’s apparently not familiar with Coastal Salish designs. Are we to believe Natives from another culture migrated here to haunt their house? And why does this show always vilify Natives? They did this with Dragging Canoe, as well. If someone stole your land, raped your women, murdered your people, etc, wouldn’t YOU be pissed? And to call the Duwamish Tribe just to have them say their people weren’t in that area? DUH! Do you have any idea just how many tribes there are in Washington State? In that area, there are the Duwamish, Suquamish, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, Tulalip, Skagit, Muckleshoot, S’klallam, etc, etc…that is just the east side of Puget Sound.

    I wish shows would put a little effort into anything even MENTIONING Native Americans.

  • Keith L says:

    Hello Native American

    My name is Keith, the house on that episode was or is mine as I still live there. Two crucial facts about the show #1 Girlfriend and I didnt name the show “DemonsInSeattle” GA did. #2 the Native American name they gave during the show we didnt provide or mention. I live in Bothell WA and I’ve never heard of that tribe so it felt weird hearing them use that name as a reference. And you’re correct better resources could have been used speaking with members of the tribe you mention above – they are local and much closer to Bothell.

    My curiosity has always been the marking on my wall that the Poltergeist left (see link below)

    its Native American in nature.

    online research said it means ” a man has died” or ” death”

    The Poltergeist wrote it several times.

    Can you provide more insight into its meaning and why it was written?

  • Keith L says:

    Native American Symbols, like the Symbol of Man, can vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across the culture groups of North America.

    Discover facts and information about the meanings of secret and mysterious symbols used by Native American Indians in our List of Symbols including the Man symbol.

  • Christa says:

    But seriously, Keith, where’s the homeowner? And Zak, as much as I adore you and Nick and Aaron, where’s the just-good journalism move of throwing in who owns the home and what their official statement is? In some twisted quest for credibility, it’s almost like your producers were like, “Hey, we should do a show where we DONT get any evidence,” because from what I’ve seen, I love this show and it always appears that you guys do a lot of research into a location before you go. Sometimes the lack of real evidence is disappointing but Aaron is always entertaining. As seasoned as you are, I think you guys called bullshit in the beginning and did this episode to appear neutral and objective. I have no problem with that… but this episode was an amateurish at best and over the top ridiculous at worst.

  • Keith says:

    Hello there

    My name is Keith. I’m the house occupant. The 1 hour show felt very rushed and does not live up the calibar of other GA shows. I say that and I’m the house occupant. The information I provided GA be it hard drive, names and witnesses, etc just never made it to the show. The native american woman on the show was not even local to this area of region. GA got wind of our story in October and came in November. So that might explain some of the shabby editing and thorough investigating. But that doesn’t excuse how they portrayed us. They made us look like fakers and made us look stupid. We are not stupid. Our ordeal started in 2012 and people who know Poltergeists know the Poltergeists is not going to come out of nowhere just because you(being Zak) tells it to.

    So if you equate the short prep time and the possibility that GA wanted to get some extra points credibility wise from the Paranormal community. Keith and Tina were sort of made to look like people who fake and stage evidence when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Teams before, during and after Ghost Adventures has left have left with evidence.

    UK teams are investigating the house now and they wouldn’t be traveling across the Atlantic ocean-if they thought we were fakers.

  • Monajean Cruz-Moreno says:

    I feel the girlfriend Tina is the one doing these things. She is very strange, and instead of calling this couple names, and making fun of them someone who has seen the show that is a professional Therapist offer the couple counseling, especially Tina. Why doesn’t Ghost Adventures team offer her help, instead of making fun of her, and Keith. G.A. Show has a lot of money they need to start offering help to all their clients. Therapy or a Cleansing, or blessing by a priest that cost nothing for a blessing by a priest.

  • Keith says:

    Hello, thanks for the true, sincere and warm comments Monajean. My name is Keith (one of the house occupants, Tina was my girlfriend). I truly believe a case can made that at od times Tina and myself both at times played a unknowing role in the heightened activity of the demon or Poltergeists. But its must stated here since GA didn’t state it it on the show. Two previous families had similar activity while living in the house. I through thorough researching was able to get in contact with previous tenants. The owner of the house also admitted an angry spirit occupied the house (possibly) None of this was revealed on the show and like I said (see link above) in my interview I think the investigation was handled poorly.

    Yes they did make fun of us in order to save face and please goofy fans. And in doing so did not advance the science of what a Poltergeist or demon infestation is. An opportunity was severely lost.

    find more about or case here
    Washington State Poltergiest House (On facebook)

  • Having conducted a full investigation at Keith’s we can confirm genuine activity captured, the update will be on FOX prior to the X-Files. We can’t conclude on happening prior to our visit as we were not there at the time of the alleged incidents. Both Fox crew heard “we are the spirits” very clearly. We collated many vocal responses from the Linder house and heard vocals from the air on x3 occasions. Keith has the backing of The Scientific Establishment Of Parapsychology and our testimony coupled with scientifically analyzed evidence to what happened during our stay. I have been asked to comment on the GA investigation, the response is a simple one. They do their thing the way they choose as we do ours. Thank you…

  • full documentary on the way

  • Keith L says:

    Since the only person in a position to judge both investigations I’m without a shadow of a doubt can say the investigation carried out by Steve Mera and Don Philips was indeed more thorough. More concise. And more scientific. Please understand. This is not bitter talking this is fact talking. A TV is constrained to a format, to a schedule, anchored to its fan base to produce results and if no results are obtained still provide an audience with some soft of resolution. That’s how entertainment works. If there is no Ghost found then the only culprit can be the girlfriend, or outright fakery. No ghost is strong or smart enough to avoid Zak Bagans. That’s not science. That’s entertainment. What’s detriment about that formula is the audience and by audience I mean those sincerely interested in paranormal research leaves worse off than they were before watching an episode.

    Contrary to popular belief their our groups, organizations sincere, and intelligent about furthering the dialogue about the existence of Paranormal Activity.

    Mankinds biggest weakness is not the entity’s they seek but more so the deficiencies mentally of the human species.

    ….”never hurt the people….that come to you seeking help…”

  • Phyl says:

    Keith, Have you reached out to Bob Cranmer, the author of The Demon of Brownsville Road?

  • Ashlie Aydlett says:

    I’d like to make a comment about this
    At times the spirit won’t allow its pressance to be known
    Let’s say they caught things on tape then the thing could be excavated excersised.

  • Keith L says:

    So precisely true Ashlie. The law of self preservation applies to everyone including spirits. I’m forever amazed how some people can leap to the idea of hoax or fabrication based only on the fact that GA found 0 evidence. Steve Mera said it best “The absence of evidence does not mean that the evidence is absent.”

  • steve says:

    Seriously Keith SHOW US SOME PROOF NOW, this is so pathetic it screams BULLSHIT. You need to get new hobby.

  • steve says:

    Seriously Keith SHOW US SOME PROOF NOW, this is so pathetic it screams BULLSHIT. You need to get new hobby. Nothing is CAPTURED on camera….THE WORST FAKE IVE EVER SEEN

  • Keith L says:

    Wow! So good he had to type it twice talking @ Steve. You know when this all started I like how some people were screaming “show us the evidence” “where is the evidence?” “Ghost Adventures found no evidence?” Well its very interesting how now with the massive amount of evidence coming out and from multiple paranormal teams, I mean the UK, Scotland, the US, Seattle, Bothell even and even evidence from tenants next door. People( few mind you ) are still screaming BS. Granted some detractors have faded into the abyss once the evidence got revealed and to them – thanks. But some of you-Steve included are stuck on attacks and out right denial. You’d think someone was asking you to convert to a new way of thinking. Maybe you are. maybe this evidence is forcing you to believe something you are not ready to believe? Wouldn’t be the 1st time. Friends, family, GF and the teams helping me have vindicated our situation, at best learn from it, gain knowledge in how the paranormal works. Doesn’t increase your IQ being a zealot for Zak and Ghost Adventures. Be a zealot for the truth and advance the dialogue and question. Is the paranormal real? Outside of what stop occupying valuable space and let the real think tanks decipher what others have uncovered. STOP SHOOTING THE MESSENGER (US) FOR BRINGING THE TRUTH out. In short grow up.

    I’m not done sharing the evidence by a long shot. More is coming. Trust me

  • Sam says:

    Keith: One question I have about the episode: The video in which you heard the glasses being thrown and went to investigate, why were you video taping the tv you were watching, to begin with? Thanks.

  • Keith L says:

    Hi Sam

    Prior to the candles being thrown the lights in the office and hallway were going off and on. Usually when the lights begin to flicker that means something major is about to happen. Its like a precursor. We never know what that precursor is until it happens. one time the lights went off and on and a apparition female form walked right by the office. I had my cell phone out to catch the unexpected. I didn’t know the candles would be thrown. If you watch Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 (on my youtube channel) you’ll see make mention of candles now missing. There are also recently discovered EVP on all 4 videos.

  • Keith L says:

    click on my profile name “Keith L” my channel has countless video evidence. Some GA even had and never looked at. Had they , they would’ve been more successful in their investigation.

  • wally says:

    I think its fake. People who are really struggling with demonic activity would not likely be so calm, or say to the demons, as Keith said ‘be at peace, become one with the Father, go to the light’ – first of all demons are not capable of being one with the Father (God) since they were part of the rebellion, they made a choice to reject God and rebel, and any theologian (or religious, bible reading man) would realize that offering demons should go home to the light and God is ridiculous. They chose rejection. Sorry, I am struggling to accept to truthfulness of these incredible claims. Genuine demonic activity speaks for itself, without an explainer. I wish the house renters the best in their lives going forward.

  • anna says:

    i agree with you wally.

  • Keith Linder says:

    You know it amuses how some are quick to throw the word “fake” or ‘hoax” around minus not knowing all the facts. #1 Who said the activity was demonic. Truth be told the activity mimics a Poltergeist, something your beloved Zak hinted on his drive up to the house. The title “Demons In Seattle” is a unfortunate misnomer. But I digress. If you prefer truth about the case then read up on the facts. If innuendo is what you prefer then continue as you once were. and

  • KEITH B REAL says:

    All the facts have been presented and everything has been proven fake. You’re a hoaxer who’s been revealed. Nothing will change that, THAT’S A FACT.

  • Keith L says:

    “All the facts have been presented and everything has been proven fake. You’re a hoaxer who’s been revealed. Nothing will change that, THAT’S A FACT.”

    That’s Hilarious. Sounds like u have a great BIG dose of “wishful thinking.” I see you running for President of the Zak Bagans fan club. Good luck with that.

  • Sarah says:

    Strange question but as I watched the programme my opinion is both sides not sure if this is real or clearly impossible. I thought with watching it that your partner seemed very strange like she is hiding something. my only question is has she acted strange towards you at all? been aggressive? Also I felt maybe she could be connected to something demonic from where she lives and possibly brings it back to the house your in which may bring up some strange activity.

  • Keith Linder says:

    Paranormal researchers return to look into ‘haunted’ Bothell home again

  • Vonnie-sue Daniels says:

    Is it Tina the girlfriend?? Get rid of that bitch

  • Soham says:

    Keith, could I buy the house from you?

  • Soham says:

    If you really want help let me buy it from you and I’ll burn it down.

  • Keith Linder says:

    I like you believe the house should be torn down. Current and future tenants spared from what we went through. Previous tenants went through hell as well. Even their children.

    email me at

  • George Bush says:

    I’ve been to your home, you invited me in.
    There was no action.

  • Don Philips says:

    If a person visits a house and gets nothing that means there’s nothing there, never was and its not haunted ? The official documentery which be available very soon, I can assure everyone regardless of their current opinion the evidence recorded is genuine and there is alot of it. Synics will always be synics and people will be people! but I’d reserve judgemet on the claim Keith’s home was haunted until the official full investigative footage is made available. Cetainly what I encountered and recorded during the time at keiths is not easily dissmisable and neither is it what you would expect in a normal house… Alothough I can offer no conclusion on burning bibles etc as this was all prior to our own investigation based on what we uncovered, there is more than enough real evidence to warrent the claim that the house was haunted. The fact Zac did or didn’t attain any evidence during the GA investigation is neither here or there, often phenomena can be elusive and difficult to capture depending on who you are and being in the right place at the right time.

  • Don Philips says:

    dismissible even, been a long day…

  • Keith K Linder says:

    Ah there goes that word “action” such a relative term. Never knew a George Bush. Only GB I know was once Pres. of the US, former governor of Texas. The amount of evidence captured at this house by S.E.P and others is so vast makes this case academic. Google is your friend, try it out. Don Philips through a prudent technique captured some of the strongest EVPS ever.

  • RottenOne says:

    But keep in mind, a “Synic” isn’t a Cynic. And a Zac isn’t a Zak.

    That aside, what did you encounter and experience during your time?

  • Keith Linder says:

    Don’s documentary on what they captured will be done soon. His channel has various updates and info about the evidence captured.


    Steve and Don return to the house Part2. April 2016

    One should visit Don and Steve Mera’s site for date, and future updates on the case.
    or email me for specifics about the evidence they gathered.

    Tina and myself thank Don and S.E.P, Steve Mera for their involvement.

  • alec j. says:

    Omg Dude.

    Seriously Keith the only paranormal thing going on in your house is you sitting at your computer being obsessed about what people think about your experiences. I look at all of these posts and all I can say is that you need to stop defending yourself and find a better outlet for your time.

  • Keith Linder says:

    excellent advice.

  • Jamie says:

    Keith you ans your creepy ass girlfriend are FRAUDS

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