Holmesburg Prison

Ghost Stalkers – Holmesburg Prison – S01E04

image John and Chad head to Philadelphia to visit the Holmesburg Prison to try their hand at locating yet another portal to the gates of hell. This prison is notorious for it’s riots, overcrowding, fights and for the murder of a warden and deputy warden. The prisoners staged a massive riot and used homemade weapons against their guards. Both men were killed in grizzly fashion. There is also an incident involving at least 4 prisoners who were cooked alive in the basement near the boilers. Story has it the men were locked down there on a hot day as the boilers were set to high. Both sides of the law were a little bit unstable.

As they hear talk of the murder and mayhem, their attention is brought to the Terror Dome which is a circular guard house that offered a view down each prison tunnel. The prison spiders out from this central hub, but John thinks it might be the other way around – the evil and negative energy is focused into the dome.

Like before, Chad starts off with the first solo investigation. And like before, it isn’t long before he’s screaming in terror saying something is out to get him. He’s on the verge of tears and every sound is confirmation they’re in the presence of an evil portal to the other side.

There are the usual bangs and clangs throughout the eerie and echo laden building and Chad’s experience reaches a fever pitch as he screams and jumps at the sound of a cell door and is so stricken with fear, he’s not sure which way to run. Before his solo investigation is over, he’s once again on the verge of hysterics. He may have even crossed over it.

For Jeff’s investigation he’s more calm and sedate like we normally see him. But that doesn’t last for long as he feels something reach out and touch him. He says it feels like the prison is still filled with people. The energy consumes him and soon he’s clutching his chest and stumbling while saying he feels like he’s having a heart attack.

Chad comes to his aid and helps him negotiate his way back out of the dark corridors. Once back at the RV things seem to settle down. But like before, the evidence is shockingly slight. As mentioned, there are the usual bangs one would associate with such an old and large building. They hear footsteps, but that could be anything. The big evidence, is of a cell door closing. Or at least what they feel is the cell door closing. It’s far too heavy to close on it’s own, so it must be the work of evil forces.

There is of course the on cue bang when Chad asks if this is a portal to hell. Take that for what you will. And finally, we have the chest crushing experience Jeff sustained. Did he experience something? Did dark forces reach into his chest? Did lunch come back with a vengeance? Did he really have an issue and he needs to see a doctor? I guess we’ll never know.

Once again we are to ask if this prison has a portal to darkness locked within it’s walls and does the Terror Dome contribute to and perhaps even focus this negative energy? Has the years of suffering and even death culminated in a gateway where evil can easily manifest itself? Was Jeff the victim of one of the prisoners or perhaps even a guard? Did Chad get confirmation to his questions as he was sitting in the vertex of a portal?

Or is this just a creepy and old prison that echoes and creaks in the night? Do the sordid stories of days gone by play tricks on the mind and body? Are these experiences what happen when you let your imagination get the better of you?

Without more evidence it’s hard to say anything sinister is going on here. Sometimes a dome is just a dome.

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