Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Paranormal Lockdown – Waverly Hills Sanatorium – S02E05

image For this episode of Paranormal Lockdown, it’s time for a trip to Waverly Hill Sanatorium, a place many an investigator has tread with almost universal claim of apparitions and shadow figures. This will be Nick’s third visit, but a first time for Katrina.

Waverly Hills was constructed as a tuberculosis hospital and admitted thousands of patients most of whom succumbed to the illness. As it spread, more radical approaches were taken and experimental operations were performed, so they say. Although abandoned in 1981, it is believed spirits of patients and doctors haunt the corridors.

To start the investigation, Nick and Katrina check out some of the hotspots including room 502 where a nurse supposedly hung herself. They also bring out Ben Hansen, a paranormal investigator and former FBI agent. One of the main points is the body chute, a long tunnel that was used to load the many deceased onto trains so they could be carted away. This was to keep the death count away from these other patients. While down there, Ben describes that on his last visit he heard shuffling feet and heard the iron gate slam.

Ben has brought some test equipment and they set down an LED mat that responds to changes in the environment. If something passes over the field, the lights will shine. While talking, the lights begin to flicker and pulse as though something is there. At the same time, Nick says he feels cold.

Then it’s off to the fourth floor, which is notorious for shadow figures. Katrina says she has a feeling about one of the rooms and at the same time Nick goes running down the hallway chasing a shadow. Both he and Rob smell smoke, like a campfire.

To end the night, Nick sleeps in the body chute and Katrina sleeps in room 418. During the night, Nick puts the LED mat at the foot of his bed and it pulses and glows on several occasions.

At the start of the next day, Nick says he heard shuffling through the night. Katrina also got up during the night, looking around as though someone was there. She also make the interesting comment of how she can see how fear takes over for a lot of people.

While they look around during the day, Nick sees another shadow figure. They use the Wonderbox which gives them, "dead" and "morgue". With that, they head down to the morgue, where Katrina lays down on the storage shelf. Oddly, the Wonderbox gives off the word die, and Katrina acts as though she is a little disoriented. This is followed by Nick and Rob saying they hear footsteps.

They then move to the fourth floor and in the confusion of the space, Nick feels that Rob and Katrina were right in front of him, not off to the side, thus giving the idea of a doppelganger. Things get jumpy as there is a loud bang. And finally to end the night, Nick will sleep where they just heard the bang and Katrina will take the morgue.

The final day starts off with Katrina making an interesting comment. She goes outside to see vultures flying around. But notice how they cast shadows that Nick saw the day before.

Bringing out a new piece of equipment, Rob is at the helm of a thermal drone. He is able to get a wide view of the hospital while Nick and Katrina investigate. As they roam the halls, Rob says he sees something on the floor below them. When they review the evidence, there is a blue square that seems to cover a door then disappear. While not as pronounced, the same activity seems to happen in other sections of the same image. It’s interesting, but not indicative of shadow figures or doppelgangers.

Waverly has become quite infamous because of it’s traumatic past and when you add things like the body chute and experimental surgeries, the fear factor goes up a few notches. But when you step back and look at the captured evidence, Waverly Hills has a lot of the same misconceptions as other old buildings.

Many of the stories can be attributed to rumor such as the suicide of the nurse. Other items have a more earthly explanation as well. The daytime shadow figures were birds. The scratching sounds and even the shadow figures are once again due to the animals living there. The doppelganger idea is mere disorientation as demonstrated by Nick. The LED mat, while interesting, could be reacting to a slew of different things. And finally, the cold spot on the thermal image. Again, quite interesting, but other parts of the building seem to exhibit the same thing.

Waverly is shrouded in mystery and foreboding, but as Katrina herself said, it’s easy to let fear take over.

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