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Cauldron of Serial Killer Ed Gein sold to Ghost Adventures Host Zak Bagans

Well now, this is pretty unusual stuff. I just came across and unusual article about an auction item that Zak just recently acquired. We’re aware Zak has an eye for interesting trinkets and has been diligently working on building a dungeon for him home. Well, it seems he is now the proud owner of a cauldron. But why is that unusual and what makes it special? From the paperwork submitted, this is a cauldron previously owned and use by serial killer Ed Gein.

I’m not sure what uses this cauldron had when it was in Ed’s possession, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything good. For a short period it was turned into a flower pot, a small tribute to those who have passed.

Zak says he’s going to use the cauldron to try and contact the spirits. Interesting story and good luck with that.

Serial Killer’s Cauldron Sold to “Ghost Adventures” TV Host

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I’ve been reading a bunch of Tweets from Josh and Zak about their time at Comic Con. Looks like they dove right in and hung out with lots of fans and stuck around for pictures. Did anyone get a chance to see either of them?

As usual it looks like the place was packed. Zak was taking pictures of the huge lines of people waiting to come up to their booth. Looks like a lot of fun though! They even took some time out for an impromptu investigation:

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