Ghost Adventures – Double Eagle Restaurant – S14E04

image The next investigation brings us to New Mexico and involves two locations. The first is the Double Eagle Restaurant where a double murder is believed to have taken place. The second is the Dona Ana County Courthouse where an investigator was scratched.

The Double Eagle Restaurant is the former home of the Maes family, built in 1849. The legend states that Armando fell in love with the maid, Inez, the mother found them together and in a fit of rage, killed the both of them. I say legend, because it’s preceded with, "as far as we can tell" and "the story is". This isn’t a substantiated story.

At the other location, the Dona Ana Courthouse, investigator Alex, after attempting to provoke the spirits, was scratched on the neck. Zak, as well as the other investigators, keep saying he was "shanked", "gouged" or "violently attacked". However, the scratch is barely noticeable. There is no blood, no raised skin, no welt of any kind. It looks like a mark you would leave on yourself scratching at a bug or spider.

It’s also said, that a woman died in her cell in 1951. The officers placed her in the cell and moments later found her dead from what appears to be fright. This is another "we believe" story as they have no records to support it.

Although nothing happens during their preliminary investigation, Zak senses that something is there, so that’s good enough.

Another story from the Double Eagle Restaurant is from Naomi, who believes she spoke with an apparition about her missing daughter. It’s said that other employees never saw the woman in question.

When they interview Jody, Aaron notices that her hands are colder than the rest of her body. This coincides with a blast of energy that Zak points out. Her cold fingers are proof something was there instead of being caused by poor circulation.

For the investigation, they decide to tackle both locations at the same time. Aaron and Jay head to the Courthouse, while Billy and Zak stay at the Restaurant.

As things start, Zak feels that a nearly imperceptible blip or flicker of light is a shadow figure. This is further supported when a plastic placard, with cracks at the base, falls over. And finally, Zak feels something pass through him. These are taken as evidence of poltergeist activity. And Zak hopes they are, because they happen in a line with the mirror he strenuously claimed was a portal. If the plastic holder fell over from something as simple as gravity, like other things do, his theory would be shot.

Zak and Billy sit down in Armando’s room and try the Paranormal Puck. Oddly, they get responses for Tom and Larry, which has nothing to do with the original story. They get another response of "Memories" and "tickle" which must mean Armando is here with Inez. And because they get "See" which they interpret as "Si" they have made contact. It doesn’t matter that none of the responses make sense in the context they are going for.

The final big piece of evidence is Billy’s shirt, which is untucked and unkempt, falls down slightly and this is seen as contact from Armando.

Back at the courthouse, Aaron dares the entity to scratch him on the neck, but nothing happens. In fact, nothing happens at all at the Courthouse. The big excitement is the word "hi" over the radio waves and Aaron getting lost.

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  • Ed says:

    It’s always interesting how Zak and crew interpret EVPs and spirit voices to have a meaning to past history, even if the line is circular or goes from A to B to Z. “Memories” and “tickle” – the spirits would be remembering the last things they experienced before they were killed in bed, reportedly having sex, they would be tickling each other! So obvious! Also, perhaps it’s coincidence, but it seems as if the majority of investigations (instigations) have taken places in business, where presumably being declared haunted would be a major draw.

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