Ghost Adventures – The Domes of Casa Grande – S12E09

image For this episode, we have Zak, Billy and Aaron, literally losing their minds and running scared because they think the devil is after them.

Out in open spaces of Casa Grande, Arizona are the remains of what has been dubbed, "The Domes" – the relics of a tech company that never opened it’s doors. These strange buildings give off an other worldly appearance with shapes that resemble a caterpillar and a UFO. But it’s not fun and games as Zak weaves his sinister sounding tale of Satanic rituals, dead bodies, blood drinking and human sacrifice. That’s quite a villainous cocktail!

As part of his cavalcade of witnesses who back up these rumors, we once again meet someone who’s had such a shocking experience they vowed never to return – until the cameras show up. This poor chap says something latched onto him and followed him home. This caused aggression and suicidal thoughts. And while relaying this story, both Zak and his guest feel pressure on their chest and a strong need to exit the dome.

Another witness, a US Marine Veteran, says he has seen a huge black shadow haunt the mountain edge. He also claims to have found the remains of a dog. Well, the collar and skin of a dog which must clearly be the work of Satanic evil doers! He also states a body was found in the dome, wrapped in black plastic and chucked off to the side. No real connection to Satanic rituals as wrapping someone in plastic isn’t normally how that sort of thing is done.

Additionally, he claims hundreds of chickens were found dead in the dome with blood scattered with reckless abandon. It was a busy night for the forces of darkness if they needed that many chickens. Or perhaps it was a BBQ that went terribly awry. Either way, he only heard about these incidents, was not part of them first hand, so we’re clearly getting solid 12th hand knowledge of what took place.

But the piece de resistance is the former satanic priest turned co-pilot to the powers of light, Pastor Jesus Gonzalez. Jesus claims he participated in multiple rituals and even saw a man stab himself in a demonic fit. Not to be rude or cruel, but I’m not sure how that’s possible since he’s vision impaired. He also claims to have been attacked by demons now that’s he spreading the word of the Gospel. And to prove the point, the devil shows up to the interview to belch.

We also need to keep in mind, that according to Jesus, there is a Native American curse on the land.

The investigation starts with Zak, Billy and Aaron in the dome together. Billy says he hears a growl off to the side, while Zak says he feels something touch his left arm. At the same time there is some garbled mess in the recorder.

Things turn pretty zany as Jay says he sees something happening near one of the static cameras. The motion sensor goes off and the image gets blurry. Jay then claims someone is knocking on the RV door even though the other three are still in the dome together. At least it’s a polite intruder/demon that knocks before entering.

Armed with the full spectrum camera, Zak takes several photos, of which one has a large shadow figure on it. Or more to the point, one picture has a big, black blob on the left hand side. Clearly that’s the side of the devil, therefore, a demon made an appearance.

For the next part, Aaron goes into one dome, while Billy heads off into the other. Zak stays behind because Jay needs a chaperon.

Aaron sits with his Ovilus and gets the words, Sit, Jesus, Disaster and Demon. He also feels the cold presence of something or someone.

Meanwhile, Billy, who has worked himself into a paranoid fit begins to recite the Lord’s Prayer he found on a card next to Aaron several hours before. This is clearly a sign, and while saying said prayer, he feels a tight pressure in his chest, pains in his stomach and runs for the RV where he nearly gives Zak and Jay a heart attack.

Additionally, Aaron is having his own issues and busts out of the dome. As we catch up with him, he reveals to the static camera that he just saw a shadow with horns and everything.

A pretty entertaining episode to say the least. But I have to ask, with all these wild stories of the Devil, the demonic, the bodies and the trouble, why hasn’t the current owner just destroyed these buildings and cast the demons out? Oh wait, that would impact profits, can’t have that.

Was it me, or was the owner a pretty jovial sort of a guy? I mean he comes out to politely ask Zak to sign the waiver and then gives him a tour of the place. He also says Zak is more likely to get hit on the head from falling concrete than from something supernatural. He doesn’t seem too concerned about demonic forces does he? I guess he has the same idea, that all this satanic talk is just a bunch of stupid kids acting like idiots, getting drunk, doing drugs and telling each other bullshit stories.

So this just goes to show, that when you head out to the quiet plans of Arizona where sound can travel for thousands of feet, sit in a circular room with wild acoustics and think about the devil too hard, you’ll make yourself believe in anything.

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9 Responses to Ghost Adventures – The Domes of Casa Grande – S12E09

  • Kayla Ahumada says:

    I can assure you this place is filled with evil spirits. I was living in Casa Grande in 2001-2002 when my sister-in-law talked me into going out to the domes. We were driving my 2001 Ford F-150 and pulled up in front of the first dome. I shines my lights into the dome and saw multiple satanic symbols on the walls & floor. I put on my bright lights so I could see better. A large black blob came at my truck, though my truck was still in drive this blob pushed backward into a footing that had not been finished. Being stupid we got out of the truck to figure out how or if we could get out. Something growled and my sister-in-law was bitten on the back of her right calf, the marks were multiple pointed, like teeth. Our cell phones wouldn’t work. Thank goodness we got back in the truck cell phone worked & we were helped out. I will NEVER return. Since then the domes have been closed off by fences.

  • Palmer R. Miller IV says:

    My name is Palmer Miller and I was the gentleman on Ghost Adventures who they said was us and when they accidentally got it wrong I was the United States Army for one and the stuff that I did talk about I did have not just secondhand knowledge not have 12 hand knowledge but first-hand Knowledge from the police officer that was a retired cop in Casa Grande that had been party to these incidents he was sent on calls where he had to handle these situations as I said this is not second-hand knowledge of 12th and knowledge and that hundred pounds slab of concrete that was thrown across floor that was actually thrown at me on one of my investigations. I am the founder of Casa Grande Paranormal investigations or C.G.P.I you can find me on Facebook.

  • RottenOne says:

    I’m not quite sure I’m following, but I will ask this. Do you happen to have a link to the story where the bodies were found or where the hundreds of chickens were found? I venture something of that scale would warrant some sort of new article, but I can’t find one.

  • ADK says:

    I used to work for the company who’s large natural gas pipelines run eastto west, just north of the domes. I’d spent hundreds of hours in and around those domes. I was always drawn to them for some unknown reason. Believe me when I assure you that there are no ghosts there. There are many different powerful demonic entities that set up shop there. Largely to do with the amount of electrical energy in the ground near the location. Even in your footage, you show a cathodic protection station outside the largest dome. Catholic protection stations put large amounts of electrical energy in the ground to polarize the pipelines to a homogenous negative potential. Demons tend to like large electrically conductive paths to work around and near, it allows them to easily draw energy and carry out physical disturbances. I suppose one of the demons liked me, it followed me home and it terrorized myself and my wife for 2 years. It even followed us when we moved to another state. Thankfully, it is at least dormant or under control now, but those 2 years tested everything about us. If you ever find yourselves around that location again, understand that it does have the power to mess with you on very serious levels. They also will not hesitate to follow you when provoked.

  • ADK says:

    Also, know that the above references to cathodic protection refer to electrochemistry and that my post had nothing to do with Catholicism dispite what autocorrect may prefer haha.

  • RottenOne says:

    One of the things I find interesting is how easy it is for “evil” or the “demonic” to show up and latch on to a location. There are claims of Satanic rituals out in the domes and lots of Satanic symbols. Because of that, evil must exist and it manifests itself. Let’s take that argument and turn it around. You take a structure and hold religious ceremonies in it on a regular basis. You place iconography in that location and hold rituals to a “good” and “holy” entity. Do you now get the exact same effect in both places? Do you see and feel evidence of the good? Are you able to hear the voice of the holy whispering to you? Does the divine reach out and touch you? Does the divine give you a pat on the back or pull at a crucifix to let you know someone is there? Does this mean good entities will latch onto you, follow you home, clean your house and bring you good luck?

    I find it really hard to believe that all you have to do is mumble a few words, scrawl a pentagram on the floor, write 666 and the devil will appear. Just write it anywhere, including a run down, wreck of a building and evil just comes running. Not buying it.

  • Angela says:

    So what happened at the domes? The show just ended with them running out of the dome and seeing a large shadow.

  • Mizzy says:

    @ Angela..
    That is exactly what I want to know. It just stopped! Where’s the recordings (proof) Aaron would have caught? .. these guys need a to be continued…. lol

  • Katherine says:

    When it comes to demonic hauntings it depends on the person experiencing it or asking for it to happen. Not the symbols or superficial things that humans use to make things tangible. Symbols drawn on walls or ground don’t increase activity in my opinion, it’s the person drawing them. It has to do with intents and purposes, the spiritual/mental status of the person causes things to manifest based on their own interpretation. Something in our spirit connects with something in this plane that has either similar intelligent energy or a similar spirit like being. That’s why we experience things at hauntings and the human body is the best barometer to “feel” what is out there that we can’t see. It’s a natural defense mechanism we’ve had for thousands of years. That barometer leans towards bad or good, just like people. Someone opened themselves up to the negative unknown at this place and the energy residue is still being experienced.

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