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What movies are you watching for Halloween?

What Halloween movies are you going to watch?

So what is on your agenda for movie watching on Halloween? I think the big movie at the box office is going to be Paranormal Activity (which I thought was pretty entertaining). I was a big fan of Saw and its sequel, but Saw III was just plain dumb so I haven’t bothered with the rest in the series. Saw VI certainly doesn’t hold any interest for me.

Zombieland is a good choice. It’s pretty damn funny and if you’re into blasting zombies, this is the way to go!

For home entertainment, I’m about to put on Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake and carve some pumpkins. I have quite a few to get through before tonight. I got Drag Me To Hell from Blockbuster so we’ll see how that goes.

What are you watching? Drop me a comment so I can go rent something! :)

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Paranormal Activity – Movie Review

First off, the jittery camera work and swinging camera motions made me somewhat motion sick. About halfway through the movie I felt queasy and light headed. Just fair warning if you’re susceptible to motion sickness you need to prepare yourself.

I went and saw this movie last night and for a low budget film this kicks ass! To get a sense of what you’re in for it’s a movie length episode of Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. Toss in a little Blair Witch action and you’re good to go.

I won’t go into any of the details of the movie since that would spoil it, but the premise is simple: Micah and Kate are experiencing something odd in their home and Micah goes out and buys a video camera to document what’s going on. He puts the camera on a tripod lets it run through the night. We are watching the footage that has been found after all the events have taken place.

It starts off mostly as a game, Micah wanting to capture something and make his girlfriend feel better about living with him. But something is happening, and the lack of sleep and helplessness starts to take its toll and soon the couple is tired, scared and desperate. They begin to lash out at each other which seems to feed this entity and soon it’s all spiraling out of control.

We’ll leave it there for the details of the movie. Half the experience is seeing it all unfold. I had a great time watching this, despite the motion sickness caused by the jerky camera motions. I’m not thrilled with the ending though, I thought it would have been done better. We won’t go into the details, at least not yet, but I think it went a little too Hollywood and broke with the spirit of the rest of the movie. But that aside this is good stuff and it shows that if you have a worthwhile story you don’t need $100 million in special effects.

If you have any interest in the paranormal, enjoy Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures or thought The Blair Witch Project was good then you’ll have a fun time with this one. Lots of bizarre things going on and you’re constantly scanning the screen to see what’s coming.

Definitely worth seeing!

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Zombieland – The Review

It’s another classic love story involving an awkward boy, a street-wise girl (in tight jeans), shotguns, killer clowns, zombies and roller coasters.

A virus has ravaged the country turning normal people into flesh eating zombies (I hate it when that happens). Our story is told through the eyes of Columbus who gives us all we need to know about fending off the zombie horde and avoiding danger. He is soon joined by Tallahassee who always knew he would be good at something, but didn’t know it would be zombie killing. In their desperate search for Twinkies they meet up with Wichita and Little Rock a couple of con-women who soon steal their car and their guns. Either one is enough of an insult, but both? Dirty pool ladies!

Not to be stopped, because stealing a man’s Caddie will not go unchallenged, Tallahassee and Columbus get themselves another vehicle, more guns and by coincidence meet up with Wichita and Little Rock whose car is abandoned in the middle of the road. Once again, they are ambushed by these tricky girls and their plans change to head out to California where Pacific Playland is supposed to be zombie free. After much debate at gunpoint the crew agrees they should stick together so off to California they go. (The discussions they have while driving are hilarious!)

Of course Pacific Playland is not the paradise they hoped (who would have thought?) and yes, it gets overrun with zombies and one hell of a shoot-out ensues where the body count rises like an old Sylvester Stallone flick.

This is one of the most expensive B-movies I’ve seen and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There are plenty of one-liners, ridiculous situations, lots of zombies getting bashed in the head and tons of headshots with sawed off shotguns. While the movie isn’t gory per-se, there is a lot of “bursting” and “splattering” if you get my meaning. Lots of things hit the ground, hard. And lots of things get hit in the head, hard. It’s a mixture of Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead and How to Survive a Zombie Attack.

Woody Harrelson is just great as Tallahassee and this is the type of role he should be playing. His crazy antics and outbursts work so well for him. You really wish you could just give him a Twinkie.

No awards will handed out for this film, but it’s still fun as hell to watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll yell “Booyah!” Seriously, who doesn’t want to ride a roller coaster with a machine gun in their hand?!

artrojasdesign says go see this one.

And that f-ing clown deserved what he got!

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