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Deep South Paranormal – Til Death Do Us Part – S01E02

So here is the second episode in this new series and it’s not really coming together the way I had hoped. I really don’t get the feeling these guys know what the hell they’re doing and they seem more intent on screwing around and playing in the mud than discovering anything. And to be perfectly honest, Hart is coming across as a senile old coot. He talks a good game, but he jumps at everything and as we see in this episode he tucks tail and runs for the hills at the most mundane of things.

This team begins their investigation at Mont Helena in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. The story goes something like this – Helen fell in love with Henry. For reasons I don’t believe they elaborated on, Henry gets into an argument with his friend. The argument is settled with a duel which Henry loses. Henry is slain and Helen is left a shattered woman.

What ends up happening in the house is activity seems to pick up when a play is put on that describes the tragic events surrounding Helen’s life. As part of the investigation, the play is put on while the team checks for evidence. Oddly they get a Rem Pod going off repeatedly during the singing portion. They don’t have any EVPs or thermal imaging going on, but the Rem Pod is indeed active.

A part that makes no sense to me is Keith plays his guitar to try and coax Helen to continue making contact and Jonathan loses his damn mind over a dead bird. Oh my goodness!!! A dead bird, out on a farm!! This has to be the work of the paranormal.

We’ll skip over the part where they go playing in the mud. Their goal was to get to the Vick home, to learn more about Henry. Still, very little is revealed about why this duel took place. Did I miss something?

They do get some trigger objects and personal items. Keith and Benny use these to try and make contact with Henry. While they don’t get any direct communication with him, Keith claims he feels an overwhelming sadness in the house.He’s almost brought to tears. As you may expect they hear a lot of footsteps. Considering how old the building is that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Kali sits with one of the dolls that has been collected by the Vick family. After making contact using the Rem Pod, it appears the spirit wants spend time with Kali. Over time it appears some dark shadow may be forming just above her shoulder. Randy takes this as an aggressive sign and has a bit of show down. Perhaps as a way of showing off his myriad of tattoos, he throws down the flashlight and pulls off his shirt. In a sign of bravado he asks the spirit to touch him, which it may have likely done. We see him jump and bend over as though something has happened. Right after that, Randy is packing up and running away. He says it’s out of respect because they understand each other. I’m not inclined to agree. I think Randy is making an unscheduled underwear change.

Speaking of underwear changes, in the old church, Hart is ringing the bell to try and summon Helen. He says bells attract spirits. Perhaps he’s watched It’s A Wonderful Life one too many times. To that end, he pulls on the church bell three times, giving it firm tugs to make sure it rings loud and clear. When physics takes over and the momentum causes the bell to ring a fourth time, he starts screaming a bunch of gibberish and runs for the door. This makes me wonder if these guys should really be doing this sort of thing.

By the time we get to the end, I’m shaking my head at how foolish all of this comes across. Sure, there does appear to be something happening during the play and that is worthy of more investigation, but taking thermal hits of a dead bird and claiming it’s the paranormal? Idiotic. And pulling on a rope three times then crapping yourself when it rings one more time is just stupid. It’s like Abbott and Costello doing a paranormal investigation. This team really doesn’t seem savvy enough to work with and understand the paranormal. Everyone has their own style, but this isn’t looking too good.

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Deep South Paranormal – I Fear That Train A Comin – S01E01


I’m not sure we really need to have any more paranormal shows, but SyFy keeps pushing them out. This time we have Deep South Paranormal, a bunch of good ‘ol boys that happen to hunt spirits. The group consists of Jonathan, Benny, Hart, Kali, Kevin and Keith. For their premiere episode the head out to Long Leaf Sawmill in Louisiana to investigate apparitions and activity at the old sawmill. Rumor has it that a man was pushed into the wood chipper itself, while another was suffocated from sawdust. The "Skidder" has also claimed several lives while in operation. There is no doubt that an old sawmill like this didn’t spend too much time or effort of safety measures, so I have no doubt there were plenty of accidents.

The team starts off the investigation in Planer Mill where they get several K2 spikes and hear quite a few bumps and scratches. Since this is an old building out in the woods, we should discount those noises as nothing but the animals. However, there is an odd glow by the railroad tracks and there appears to be shadow movement down in the basement of the building. Unfortunately, they really don’t pursue or get to the bottom of either event.

The K2 meter goes off again as they talk about the train in the machine shop. It’s likely this train would have transported dead or injured workers out of the city. Keith plays some guitar for the ghosts while they set up a laser grid. The grid doesn’t seem to lead to any results.

As they investigate the sawmill, they go to the location where the man was pushed into a wood chipper. The Rem Pod goes off several times and when ask if the spirit wants them to leave, they get a response of yes. Trying to be respectful, they pack up and move on.

In the train depot there is a board connected to the roof that starts to sway as Randy gets a little terse with the spirits. It’s an old building, it’s an old board, so why do we think this is paranormal? There is no other reason a rotted board would move in a trashed out building? But wait there’s more. Randy calls the spirits "sissies" and then the camera goes out. Are these two things really related or was the footage edited to make it seem a lot cooler than it was? Randy heads out of the building to investigate and may actually get a hit of a cloaked figure in the window. He doesn’t seem to react to it who knows what was there.

In the Furnace Room Keith and Benny get K2 hits and hear footsteps. There are also sounds on the corrugated metal roof. Again, are these to be taken as paranormal in nature or the sound of animals in an rotting building? The K2 does go off in response to the question of whether the man died in this spot.

For the final part, Jonathan sits on the Skidder with the FLIR and gets some quite unusual. There is a long lasting circular orb in the center of the screen. It doesn’t seem to move or pulse, but hovers there. It disappears and comes back. Are they getting some spirit energy off this thing or has the camera gone nuts? It looks compelling isn’t just a bit too circular and perfect? Hard to say.

This is an interesting crew and their first episode. They won’t score points for being the most eloquent of groups, but how are they at capturing evidence? Well, most of it can probably be traced to animals. Those scratches and footsteps don’t quite fall into the uniquely paranormal realm.

However, the orb on the FLIR is interesting. Again, camera glitch or real evidence. Since it didn’t move, but it did disappear, what should we make of that? There is also the odd figure in the window that looks like someone wearing a cloak. They didn’t really follow up on that one. And finally, what about the shadow in the basement of the Planer Mill? They seemed to skip over that one as well, but it does look like something streaking across the screen. Maybe they skipped it because it was a video glitch.

They want to claim the Mill is haunted and nothing says fun like a Haunted Mill, just ask Scooby-Doo and the gang. But I really can’t side with them on this one. They have a couple things, but I don’t think they should stamp this place as paranormal.

So what did you think of this new show, their evidence and their conclusion the place is haunted? Worth watching another episode or not?

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