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Ghost Hunters Halloween Live 2008

In case you missed the live Halloween episode of Ghost Hunters at Fort Deleware, here it is in 4 parts. There are a few audio and video quirks, but that is due more to live television than the file itself – at least I hope so. The quality is good and there is plenty of fun to be had watching this massive 7 hour event.

I haven’t watched the entire thing yet, but in a similar vein as last year, there is a little too much goofing around and trying to be amusing rather than investigating the Fort. Again, I’m disappointed in Kristen and her antics of trying to showcase the ECW wrestle “The Miz” rather than focusing her attention on the investigation. I had the same complaint for the Halloween episode last year where she seemed to spend more time trying to show how smart she was and belittling the “Hunt for the Hunter” contestants than doing her job as an investigator.

Josh is great as usual as host, adapting to the live scenario with good humor and clever wit. I’m glad they got him again; he keeps everything moving and keeps it interesting in the quiet times.

It’s fun stuff to watch, so if you missed it live the other night now is your chance to get you downloadable copy.


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Ghost Hunters – Waverly Hills Sanatorium

It’s about time this damnable DVD came out. It was supposed to be released on Sept. 2nd, but I haven’t actually seen it available until this weekend. Which is of course why I bought a copy.

For Halloween last year, Jay, Grant and the team went out to the Waverly Hill Sanatorium for a 6-hour Live broadcast of the show. The DVD is only 3 hours from the program with Josh Gates and the host and presenter.

For mood and ambiance the show is great. They crawl around in the dark in a location that couldn’t have a more turbulent past. As a tuberculosis hospital the death count is as high as 63,000 with dozens of stories about sick patients, employees would couldn’t take the strain and of course the infamous “body chute”; a tunnel which was the main route of taking the deceased patients out of the hospital and to the crematorium. With 50 or more people passing away each day, the chute was used hourly and the turmoil is easily understood.

As far as activity goes, it’s a little more hit and miss than the Stanley Hotel. They have plenty of personal experiences, but there isn’t that much tangible evidence. Everyone sees shadows and figures moving, as well as hearing noises, but they aren’t caught on tape for the rest of us to see. In fact, The Reveal is only a few seconds long as they have almost no evidence to show after all the time they spent. So it is haunted? The raw data says no, since nothing was captured, but the personal experiences make the place seem active with unrest. Hard to say on this one.

On the whole this extended episode is fun and entertaining. There is plenty to see and look for and just the general atmosphere makes the place creepy and unnerving. There are only two segments which threw me off.

This Hunt for the Hunter contest is something I was completely lost on. Where did these people come from? I didn’t see a single episode that related to this contest in anyway. Confusing, but not that big a deal. A few new faces on an investigation on that size is fine. But the little segment of Kristyn and Heather interrogating this guy Patrick was just plain awful. They are rude, and condescending and turn the investigation in a childish bout of Sorority hazing. They don’t even know who this guy is and they start talking crap to him about how he only wants to be on TV and he doesn’t even understand the paranormal. When he does make a slight mistake with the video camera, they mock him and treat him like a complete idiot. Even though it only goes on for about 5 minutes it’s so distracting I wish they would have left it out.

Overall the show is pretty entertaining even if there isn’t that much paranormal activity. I’m sure I’ll be watching it again as we get closer to Halloween.

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Ghost Hunters and GH International

I don’t know why the guys at TAPS keep releasing their DVD in two separate parts, but I did get the second part of season 2 and found it pretty entertaining. Some pretty cool locations and the Halloween episode at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium looks like it will be fun.

The show has definitely changed since the first season, and for the better. They are a lot more focused and a lot more professional. They aren’t taking themselves any more seriously, they still have plenty of fun and are still very enjoyable to watch. If anything, maybe they know what they’re doing now more so than before.

If nothing else they deserve full credit for bringing some validity to a field that really only existed in the paranoid mind of Fox Mulder. Although that was a different kind of paranormal, these guys have actually brought a sense of legitimacy to the idea of spirits and the supernatural. So much so that they have spun off Ghost Hunters International. I have only been able to catch one episode which was at Frankenstein’s Castle, but although Grant and Jay aren’t at the helm the team did seem to do pretty well on their own. By not watching the episodes as they air on TV I have missed something since I didn’t know this show was coming up, have no idea who these two new “head honchos” are, and missed all the pieces that lead up to the “Hunt for the Hunter” episode.

But anyway, GHI has a lot of potential with Donna, Andy and Brian still part of the team. Even in Castle Frankenstein, Brian is still a nutball. Barry is still skittish of things that go bump in the night, but that’s what makes him loveable. I hope GHI stays around, it looks like they get to visit some fantastic places and ruins. If nothing else it’s a haunted travel series and who doesn’t like that idea?

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Ghost Hunters – Live From The Stanley Hotel

Ghost Hunters – Live From The Stanley Hotel

On Halloween the Ghost Hunters went to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado which of course is the hotel Stephen King based his book The Shining on. So this was their first live investigation which went on for six hours. Season 3 has the TV episode which shows their tour, a few highlights from their investigation then their “reveal” at the end. This disc is a three hour episode that has a lot more footage and shows each one of the teams investigating multiple rooms, plus they were taking advice and information from the audience who was watching it live.

They investigate the room Stephen King stayed in while he wrote The Shining as well as investigate several rooms which have unusual activity. There are plenty of bumps, sounds, shadows, cold spots and even some voices that seem to want to communicate.

Jason and Grant are their usual excited but reserved selves waiting for something to come out at them. Brian and Steve are joined by Tango, Dustin, Lisa and Donna who scour the hotel looking for signs of the paranormal. For this episode they are also joined by wrestler CM Punk. He seems like a normal guy who behaves himself pretty well and keeps himself from getting tangled up in the wires and hurting himself. I was a little confused why they would have him on the show, but he actually blended in with the group just fine.

So out goes the Scooby Gang in search of the restless spirits. There is supposed to be a maid who makes the bed even with guests still in it, puts away the clothes and bags without being asked, a little girl who used to play at the hotel and Mrs. Stanley who doesn’t like her piano to be touched. They go from room to room asking if anyone if “anyone is in here with us” and waiving their EMF meter all over the place. A few suspicious moments come to light, but for the most part the show is made up of Steve and Brian seeing their own reflections and educating “Punk” on the finer details of ghost hunting.

Grant and Jason spend a lot of time in the basement or “Employee Passageway” talking to something which might be the spirit of a little girl. Grant gets to the point of almost losing it he’s so tense and worked up over seeing a spirit. He wants the entity to show itself so badly he’s almost cussing at it.

Brian seems a little off his game in this episode since he’s yawning a lot and seems a little disinterested in what’s going on. He’s still in the game but he doesn’t have the same enthusiasm I’ve come to expect from him. He gets a little more animated when they show them analyzing the evidence when he exclaims, “That’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life dude!” Now he’s all animated and ready to deal with the spirits.

Not quite as humorous or eventful as other episodes but it’s still fun to watch. Considering there is some element of truth to the stories behind The Shining the fact that they’re out there investigating is pretty interesting. The DVD is $10 for 3 hours of entertaining so it’s a pretty good value. It lacks some of the chemistry of other episodes and doesn’t have Brian yelling “Dude, what the hell is that” every few minutes but it’s still fun to watch.

This is good pumpkin carving material to keep things light and entertaining.

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