‘Ghosts’n Zombies’ – Vatican Ghostbusters

It’s not all about Paranormal Television, sometimes you just want to go running around laying waste to Zombies and other diabolical creatures of the night. I haven’t downloaded this one yet, but as you well know, I’m a sucker for these types of games. It looks pretty interesting and for $0.99 I hardly think I’m losing out on anything. So give it a try and let me know what you think.

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In Ghosts’n Zombies you play as a bushy-eyebrowed, cigar-smoking, shotgun-toting monk who apparently was dispatched from the Vatican to investigate a mysterious haunted chapel. Upon your arrival, you discover the church is absolutely loaded with rats, ghosts, zombies, and other demons. So, as an agent of the Vatican, what do you decide to do? Shoot everything that crosses your path of course.

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2012 Zombies vs. Aliens

Can you ever have enough games featuring Zombies and Aliens? And for $0.99 this is some serious, mindless entertainment. And just in time for the weekend! Blast way Zombie Hunter!

2012 Zombies vs Aliens falls into an action/strategy nook that pits you, as either the alien or zombie race, in trench warfare versus the other side.


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Zombie Pizza – Free for Today only

It involves Zombies and Pizza, what more could you ask for?

Zombie Pizza is a fast-paced, light-hearted horror puzzle game where lighting-quick reactions are all that stand between you and a grisly fate at the hands of the ravenous undead. Play it safe and just try to survive your night shift, or whip up high-value recipes to rack up dollars, earn gold medals, and advance through the Zombie Pizza ranks. Sort ingredients from the fast-moving conveyor-belt and onto your pizzas, and then flick completed pizzas through the slot to feed the zombies pounding on your door. Watch out for the Zombie Rage meter — it if gets all the way to the top, it’s game over!

Pizza Chef Zomboni has been bitten by zombies and will soon become one of the walking dead! He has a scant four weeks to train you, his apprentice, in every aspect of the dark art of making Zombie Pizzas. Beneath Zomboni’s stern eye you will race against the clock to combine disgusting ingredients like eyeballs, hearts, bones, guts, and (of course) brains into grotesque Zombie Pizzas like The Roadkill, The Split Dog, The Gut Buster, and the Stink Eye. Fill your orders fast enough and you live to see the dawn. Fall behind and the hungry undead smash through the door and put YOU on the menu!

With twisted sound effects, original music, and stunning hand-drawn art — including twitching ingredients and goofy zombies banging on the glass — Zombie Pizza is a darkly charming game sure to satisfy lovers of zombie cinema, puzzle games, and tasty pizza alike. Whether you’re just working a single night shift or pursuing a career in the most hellish kitchen of all, place a special order for Zombie Pizza today!


Zombie Pizza free for today only

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