Ghost Adventures – Tintic Mining District – S17E04

ga-tintic-occult-tedWhile still out West, Zak visits Eureka, Utah to investigate the Tintic Mining District, an area where large deposits of gold and silver were found in the 1890s. The mayor has extended an invitation to investigate many of the old and abandoned buildings and offers up a bit of history.

Back in 1917 there was a Spanish Flu epidemic where 500 people died and were buried in a mass grave. Additionally, a Marshall was shot and killed in 1915 by his prisoner. To be honest, those are pretty mild events considering the time period. But fear not, Zak will do his best to make link to these events.

And opportunity presents itself when they visit the Gatley building and see a water well inside. When the rumor is presented a gun was thrown down there, Zak immediately says it’s the gun related to the Marshall shooting.

Another opportunity presents itself as they are told about the Fitch mansion and the mysterious events going on. An investigator named Zackary explains that he has been to the mansion and seen terrible things he can’t explain. There was a book of witchcraft, occult objects, and some human hair. These are working of devilry and Zak is determined to know more.

Billie, the owner, explains she has a roommate who studies the works of Aleister Crowley and does Cabalistic readings. He is very intuitive and sensitive. Zak is very quick to call out and denounce these “rituals.”

The investigation starts at the Gatley building, where they have brought along Julie Jordan of People Magazine. As they begin, Julie feels a cold “breeze”. The fact she keeps saying “breeze” forces them look around and they find a crack leading into the building causing a draft. Too bad they don’t do this with other “cold spots.”

Billy does some investigating on his own, and after trying to provoke the spirits, he trips over something in the dark, but claims it was a dark entity leaping off the wall at him.

They shift gears and head up to the Fitch Mansion where they sit down to a summoning ritual with Ted. You can immediately tell this is a load of nonsense as Ted says, “We need this mirror, but I don’t know why.” He then proceeds to make a mess of things to the point where Jay, being the conjurer that he is, interrupts to explain how things should be done and tries to get back on track.

Instead of calling BS on these shenanigans, Zak says Ted is making things more dangerous as he is performing the ritual incorrectly and making the entities mad.

Despite this obviously being a hoax, Zak claims his name comes across on the recorder. This is followed by a mass of static he claims is a demonic entity screaming at them from the great beyond.

There is really no need to go into more detail about this episode as it was such a nonsensical farce. Ted and Billie were obviously hamming it up for the camera and trying to put on a good show to scare the locals. The other buildings are nothing more than neat looking, old, abandoned buildings-relics of an old mining town. This episode seems nothing more than a way to drum up some tourist dollars for a town that probably has interesting things to see, but needs a hook to draw a crowd.

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