Exorcist III – Ranking 3 out of 5

Exorcist III – Ranking 3 out of 5

I don’t really see this as a sequel to the Exorcist and don’t think it really fits in with the rest of the story. We have a serial killer on the loose a cop trying to figure out what’s going on. Our cop has lost his faith and his ability to believe in the goodness of man and he’s also confronted a suspect who seems to be possessed by the devil. Although there are repeated elements from the Exorcist, I don’t see the two as part of the same story line.

It’s a good story on its own and shows the work of the devil as he interacts with the world through a serial killer. And what a crazy serial killer he is. Full of wild stories on how he handles the bodies, drains their blood and removes their organs. Quite the monologue with plenty of gory details. Brad Dourif as the Gemini Killer is worth watching the movie for.

Exorcist III is a fun haunt in its own right with some loose ties to the original Exorcist story.

Buy Exorcist III for $9.98

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Exorcist II – Heretic – Ranking 3 out of 5

Exorcist II – Heretic – Ranking 3 out of 5

As far as sequels go this falls into the same category as most, it doesn’t live up to the original. However, this sequel has a confusing plot, and really seems to be a forced story to capitalize on the success of the original. We really get no insight into the previous events and we go no advancement of the story. There are a couple of decent scenes but the past life dealings with Pazuzu lead to a fairly bland and uneventful ending.

Linda’s back and she’s more confused than ever. Some of the dialog comes off as laughable and some of the medical “procedures” just seem dumb. There aren’t really any tense moments like we get in the first film and we don’t have the same sort of tense showdown. In the original we have Regan battling with the devil himself, in this one, who knows what’s going on.

The movie is worth watching because there are a couple of scenes of note, but on the whole you don’t get anything out of this one.

Exorcist II – Heretic

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The Exorcist

The Exorcist – Rating 4 out of 5

You know the Exorcist, or if you haven’t you have no business reading the movies on this site. Even though the movie came out in 1977 it still has plenty of disturbing imagery and a creepy soundtrack.

In conjunction in with the debate on good versus evil and the strength of faith we have the scenes of pain and suffering Regan as she not only undergoes the doctor’s tests, but the physical contortions of the possessions. Although some of the scenery and costuming will seem dated they are easily overlooked as you get hooked into the story.

And yes, the spiderwalk scene is pretty creepy looking. And no matter how many years have gone by the final scene of Regan spewing vomit, cursing, spitting and destroying the room in the final showdown is still pretty un-nerving.

This is still a great movie and definitely worth seeing, again.

The Exorcist – $7.99

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Exorcist – Dominion/Exorcist – The Beginning

Exorcist – Dominion
Exorcist – The Beginning

Rating – 3 out of 5, but if you watch them together 4 out of 5

Who can forget the Exorcist? A movie that can still scare us decades later. But how did it all start? Here we have not one, but two ways to try and explain that. And honestly each movie has flaws and well as its good part and while the plot between the two movies is similar they do go in separate directions.

Quite frankly, had they combined these two movies together and removed the overlapping scenes it would have made for a pretty good movie. So even though each movie is somewhat weak on its own, watching both of them back to back makes for a pretty good story.

Father Merrin goes to Africa on an archaeological dig after a church has been uncovered. We get the sense the church has a sinister past which may be caught up in voodoo or tribal legend. There is trouble in the land of the dig and a mass burial and cover-up seems to going on. And the more of the church that is discovered and uncovered the more mysterious happenings begin to take shape.

If nothing else we learn a lot of Father Merrin and his dealings with the Nazis. We learn of the horrors he has had to witness and the sacrifices he has made to survive. We learn how his faith has been tested and his somewhat shaky relationship to the church.

As stand alone movies they are somewhat hit and miss, as both movies have their flaws, plot holes and different story lines, but as a background pieces they work quite well. As I mentioned, it’s best to see both of them to get the real story of this movie. One movie is too Hollywood, while the other has an under whelmed horror theme. Pick and choose the best pieces as you watch and it makes for a good story.

But look at this way, they are both on sale at Amazon and you get both for less than the cost of the Exorcist.

Dominion – Prequel to the Exorcist
Exorcist – The Beginning

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