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In looking through iTunes I came across a decent collection of stories and there is an abundance of Edgar Allan Poe in the mix. If you have a want for some tales from the master and want to read those on the go then iTunes is the right place.

Each application contains multiple stories so you aren’t just getting one story, but complete works. Further, they’re only $0.99! It would be impressive to just one story for $0.99 let alone an entire collection! But check out these applications. They make reading and scrolling through the text very easy.

Seriously, $0.99 for a whole collection of Poe? And you never know when you will have the need to break out some horror classics.


Complete Works by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Collection

Edgar Allan Poe Collection (Classique)

Stories include:
The Black Cat
The Raven
the Fall of the House of Usher
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Pit and the Pendulum
The Cask of Amontillado

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The Mummy’s Revenge $0.99 – iPhone/iPod Touch

Good graphics and easy upgrades to bigger and better weapons give this game a huge amount of potential. And with the upcoming update that should address the lag issues you have a low priced games that should give many hours of entertainment.

A lot of people are comparing The Mummy’s Revenge with Zombieville, so I guess I will too. Indeed, the games are very similar; grab your weapon of choice, aim it at the undead and blast them all to hell! While Zombieville looks “cartoonish” (which gives it it’s charm), The Mummy has more rendered graphics. It’s neither a benefit or a hinderance, just a difference in how the two games look.

But the gameplay is simple, but effective, shoot the mummy’s, duck into the tombs to find the scarabs, toss grenades at the evil doers who are chasing you, and then when it’s all over, go shopping for bigger and better weapons. Oh yeah, and don’t crack a smile, you lose cool points for that.

The graphics look good, and I really like the ease at which you can upgrade your weapons and buy ammo once the level is done.

Reviewers have raised the issue of lag within the game, and I ran into that myself. There is an update in the queue which should address this problem and add more gameplay. It’s awaiting Apple’s approval from what I can tell.

There are some noteworthy differences to Zombieville. I would like to see a different layout to the controls. Currently, the weapon and how much ammo I have is covered by my right thumb. I ran out of ammo and didn’t realize.

The animation of your character shooting is a little slow. In Zombieville, when you fire, he blasts a zombie. In The Mummy, he moves into position before firing which adds a slight pause. When there is a lot of undead on the screen that slight pause can get you into a whole lot of trouble.

But overall, there is a lot to like about this game. I look forward to the update which should take care of the remaining issues. For $0.99 there is really no reason not to support and encourage the developer to keep adding to the adventure.

Screenshots and notes from the developer himself
The Mummy’s Revenge in the App Store
The Mummy’s Revenge on Apptasticapps

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Zombieville USA for iPhone and iPod Touch

This game is hilarious! I’ve been playing it all weekend so far! I actually had to turn it down to Easy since I was getting swarmed and getting my ass chomped to death. I also had to give myself 3 lives so I can figure out everything you need to survive. Damn this game is fun! I finally worked my way up to the bigger guns including the ass kicking shotgun, chaingun and rocketlauncher. I like the shotgun better than the chaingun since it can kill with two shots versus the dozens of bullets the chaingun takes. Of course the rocket launcher just blows everything to hell!

As a side note, what in the hell is wrong with people who review the Lite version and say it has limited re-playability? Are you people stupid or something? Of course it has limited re-playability, it’s the demo you idiot! If you want to play for hours on end and reach level 99 stop being a cheapskate (and an idiot) and get the full version!

This game is great in every sense of the word! I got to Level 23 and blew away over 500 of the undead devil before they finally ate out my brains.

Zombieville USA in the app store

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Alone in a Haunted House

This spine-chilling and deeply thought-provoking documentary follows the exploits of paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, who, in an attempt to prove or disprove once and for all the existence of apparitions and spirits, spends a night in a home known to be haunted. What transpires is positively spooky as Warren (who wrote How to Hunt Ghosts) uses tools such as infrared scanners and electrostatic generators to arrive at the truth.

At a run time of 25 minutes this show is about as riveting as watching paint dry. And the ending is just as predictable.

There is nothing “positively spooky” or “spine-chilling” and there is absolutely no “truth” to be arrived at. How and why this was turned into a DVD is a complete mystery to me; it’s absolutely horrible.

Joshua Warren builds up the drama by saying he will spend the night alone in a haunted house. An interesting premise and could be the lead in for something quite unique. But that’s not what happens. For a place that is supposedly haunted where he documented activity previously, absolutely nothing happens. While his Shatner-esque delivery of dialog is mildly amusing this story goes nowhere.

You hear a couple of creaks and bangs (in an old house that’s a shocker), see a lot of dust (who would have thought you would see dust in a house from the 1920’s which has been vacated for months) and that’s about it.

It’s not interesting, it’s not entertaining, it’s not even long enough to get a tour of the house. A complete waste of time and I’m not going to spend more time writing about how bad it was than the length of the show itself.

Alone in a Haunted House

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