Ghost Adventures – Return to Bobby Mackey’s – S04E03

For this episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Bobby Mackey’s Music World which has been cited as having some extensive and aggressive paranormal activity. On their first visit they claimed to open a portal to hell where Zak was physically scratched. Years later, they return with a public ghost hunting event and multiple people have wild stories about what took place on that night.

Many claim they’re still having residual effects. A lot of people have trouble sleeping, they have nightmares, hear voices and Aaron admits that spirits from this place lead to the breakup of his marriage. Several people that Zak interviews admit to having violent thoughts and feelings of hostility. They feel this place has effected them just from being there.

But Bobby Mackey thinks it’s all coincidence. He isn’t sure what to believe, but he can’t believe his bar is somehow responsible. During the interview there is some suggestion that Bobby may even be a reincarnation of someone who used to live or perhaps died at the site. A wild proposition to be sure.

After the interviews it’s time to get down to work and right as the investigation begins there is a loud crash and the EVP of "I’m gonna kill Zak". A pretty bold start I have to say. I have to admit, that actually sounds like a legible EVP.

But that’s just the start of the threats. They’re followed up with "I’ma kill your wife" which could have been directed at Nick and "take the knife" which may have been directed at Aaron in regard to a pair of scissors near him on the table. These are less legible so I’m not quite on board with the message because the main problem, as with so many of these, is all the noise going on. They’re littered with pops, clicks, bangs, creaks, people talking over the sounds and all sorts of other noise contamination. Quite frankly you can pretty much hear whatever you want to hear in those recordings. But if they are real, someone could be getting ready for a fight.

And once again they break out two pieces of technology I find to be faulty at best. One seems to be scanning for voices in radio waves, which honestly could just be picking up a radio station or other radio waves such as people talking. And the other seems to be some variation on Frank’s Box, which I think is complete bunk and just annoys me whenever someone uses it. I’m sorry, but until someone provides some scientific or at least repeatable data or tests on how it works I will continue to scoff whenever that thing is used.

Of course if you want to believe in such things the guys feel they connect with Scott Jackson who is rumored to have been a Satanist and is responsible for the murder of Pearl Bryant. Confession from well beyond the grave?

Moving on from the EVPs, the team is joined by Bishop Long who has come to protect as well as cleanse the place. He certainly feels there is a lot of dark energy there and while performing his cleansing ritual the guys claim to get recordings of something growling. There’s also several more threats which are apparently laced with vulgarities. The bleeps cover most of the EVP and the little bit that’s left is garbled. Do other people hear something totally different?

The Bishop brings the night to a close with a cleansing ritual and feels that demonic possession might be right around the corner if they’re not careful. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see all that since the cameras are turned off.

In the end however, the guys gather for a bit of a public service announcement where they caution viewers about the dangers of what they do and the experiences they have. I guess that is fair warning that things could get out of hand. Don’t try this at home kids!

In the end they claim to get dozens of EVPs that have nothing good to say and lay down threats at every turn. Too bad we really didn’t get to see their last visit with the public ghost hunt (or at least I didn’t, it seems like one hell of a time).

So is Bobby Mackey’s haunted? Are there really bad spirits still roaming the halls just waiting to pounce on the patrons? The team certainly thinks so, but Bobby seems to dismiss it all.

Mysterious haunting or wild imaginations?

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Ghost Adventures – Rolling Hills Asylum – s04e02

Zak and the team head off to New York to investigate the Rolling Hills Asylum. Despite a deceptively tranquil name the asylum has a pretty sordid past. It’s been used as an asylum, orphanage, tuberculosis ward, poor farm and a home for unwed mothers. Sometimes it played all these roles at the same time. This unfortunately led to some bad situations where those with mental illness were kept in the same location as new moms and young children.

From the records, they have around 1200 people who were known to have died at the facility and many of those are buried on the property. However, there could be another 1700 "unrecorded" deaths where there is no record of the patients and the bodies were simply buried outside in unmarked graves. As is so often the case with these medical facilities, care could degrade and patients were abused, used for tests and in many cases were ignored. But there are reports of patient violence as well. Patients would lash out at each other, attack the staff or in some cases abuse the orphans and unwed mothers. Some of the patients may have ended up killing each other. I don’t think anyone could say the conditions were ideal.

There are three main figures that seem to move around the building. First there is Raymond who was violent toward other patients and may have even molested them. There is also Roy, a boy who was dropped off at the age of 12 due to a giantism condition. And finally there is Nurse Emmie who apparently abused patients and may have dabbled in the black arts. The new owners claim a group snuck into the asylum and performed some rituals possibly to try and communicate with Emmie.

Right as the team starts their investigation they claim to get an EVP about someone getting out of jail. They also hear some sort of squeaking which they attribute to a wheelchair just down the hall. A creaking wheelchair with no patient in it always sets the right mood for a place.

As the investigation progresses the team plays back multiple EVPs they’ve just recorded. They hear screams, conversations, knocks, the sound of a metal door slamming and even someone saying "Get Out". As they’re recording the EVPs they get out the temperature gauge and find the temp in the room is 66.6

It should come as no surprise that I’m not impressed by the EVPs; garbled and staticy as always. As for the temperature? Well, you have to go past 66.6 to get to 66.5 or 66.7. On it’s own that’s hardly impressive. Sure, it can make you all excited and tingly inside, but it’s just a temperature reading, it’s really not all that mystical.

Next, the guys bring out something new, a laser grid. Supposedly they get some footage of movement through the grid. I can’t say it was all that definitive. I think it could be interesting, but not sure what kind of results we’re seeing on this run.

Finally, they bring in Dave Shrader as the team splits up and goes into different rooms. Nick and Dave head to where Emmie was known to work, Aaron heads to the Christmas room and Zak heads off to find Raymond. They all claim to hear things and get more EVPs.

Just to check again, if you actually hear it, it’s not an EVP, right? Basically they keep reacting to all sorts of noises and then playing them back as whispers from the spirit world. I thought an EVP wasn’t something you would hear at the time, it would only show up on the recorder. Have I got things confused?

However, the big stand out pieces of evidence are the pictures Zak took of what looks to be someone standing in the doorway and the hall. And whoever it is, is big. Is this Roy, the boy who was dropped off by his family and spent the next 50 years in the asylum? Certainly looks to be something there.

Now, if you take the evidence at face value this is perhaps one of the most haunted locations in the country. Quite frankly this would rival Eastern State and Waverly Hills based on the sheer amount of evidence gathered in such a short period of time. Of course I gloss over the EVP sessions. I think they add to other evidence they capture, but they aren’t strong enough to stand on their own. As I keep saying, there is a sound there and it has cadence to it, but I don’t hear the same words they claim to hear. I’m certainly not hearing these big conversations. I guess I’ll just have to accept that as the nature of an EVP. I think they’re interesting, but they don’t convince me of anything.

But it’s those pictures that have me scratching my head. They really look like a figure standing in the middle of the room. You don’t have to struggle to make out features, it looks like a complete person. I really don’t know about that one. I would love to study that one some more.

This was a bizarre location and I thought a brand new one until I did a quick search and found out the Ghost Hunters did an investigation there back in 2005 (Season 2, Episode 9). Of course, I had to go back and see what they thought of the place. And in their investigation nothing happened. They caught no evidence whatsoever. The only thing they did prove was that bats (and probably dozens of other animals) live all over the place. Of course, as soon as I see that I have to believe that a lot of the noises people hear are nothing more than animals skulking around looking for food. It doesn’t explain everything, but it makes me dismiss quite a bit.

Another part that has me scratching my head are those power lines. They are right next to the building. Wouldn’t that give off high EMF which is supposed to make people feel something is happening when it really isn’t? It kind of seems like you add an asylum with a dark past, add high blasts of energy which give people odd sensations and the let their imaginations run wild in a dark, corridor filled building, you’re bound to get some odd stuff. It’s possible the external factors are having a major impact on this place.

But to jump back a bit, the Ghost Hunters didn’t capture anything, yet the Ghost Adventures team captures a seemingly endless stream of voices. Were the Ghost Hunters unlucky? Were they more critical of calling something an EVP back then? Were they not quite sure of what they were doing and just missed the evidence? Did something change to stir up the activity? Kind of interesting how things changed at the same location. Two groups, two totally different verdicts. What do you think is going on with this place?

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Destination Truth – Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa – S04E03

Josh and team head off to Japan to investigate the Ghosts of Haboro. This is a former mining town that may have turned into a ghost town. From the stories people tell, working here was no picnic. Many of the workers were slave labor who were literally worked to death. Many died from cave-ins and others from asphyxiation. They pretty much lived in squalor and there was little concern for their well being.

Many people report seeing spirits and hearing voices. Some are conversations while others are screams. The place is completely abandoned now and as you might expect most people think Josh and his team are crazy for going up there and quite possibly won’t make it back.

And there’s also bears up there. No Josh, you don’t get to investigate a haunted ice cream parlor. Although that would be cool!

Not stopped by the threat of real bears, Josh heads to the local outfitter to get anti-bear supplies. Leave it to Josh to go for the bat as his repellent of choice. I have to agree, sometimes the simple solution is the best.

But then it’s onto base camp and what a location it is. An incredibly dreary and run down set of buildings. The roofs are caving in, the floor is rotted out as we see by Josh falling through it, no electricity and no one around. Seems like this is the perfect place for filming a Halloween movie.

There’s lots of bangs and pops in the buildings, but keep in mind it’s raining and very cold. That could easily be the sound of rain and pooling water as well as boards creaking because of cold and stress. It could also be ice breaking off and hitting the floor.

Josh gets a hit on the thermal imager on the same floor as the girl who died. Is she looking out the window? Are we seeing some animals? It seems to have some body heat so I’m more inclined to think it’s an animal, but that is just my guess.

Bobby, Dan and Shawn are doing their own investigation when they hear what sounds like a girl sighing, perhaps even letting out a shriek. Hard to say what that noise is. Could be the wind, could be an animal, could something from the spirit world. There is a noise however.

I will say that this trio seems a little skittish. When they get worked up the bleeps go flying and so do the "Dudes!" I’m sure they’ll calm down as the season progresses. Being in a place like that can certainly freak you out.

We do have to stop for a moment and ask about all those stuffed animals in the school. What the hell is that all about? Who puts a bear in the middle of a classroom?

With their evidence in hand they head back and unfortunately head over to the Ghost Hunters for analysis. Jason and Grant don’t look at evidence on their own show, why are they looking at what Josh has? And do they really offer anything of value? "There’s definitely something there", thanks for nothing Jason. And just say NO to the K2 meter!

I think the evidence is pretty light and really doesn’t solidify the claims of what goes on out there. No doubt bad things happened and people lost their lives in a tragic way. The place is certainly run down and gives off plenty of noises and just the isolation alone will scare you. While spirits could be out there, I don’t think they showed up for this episode.

And anyone else notice they had no car trouble?


Africa is home to the Mngwa, a sabertooth cat looking creature that has been scaring the villagers for who knows how long. There are cave paintings and stories of it coming out of the plains and attacking people.

The good car vibe doesn’t last and their rugged 4×4 needs a bit of a push to get going before the investigation can start. But once they’re off, it’s out into the plains of Africa where the real wild animals roam.

Josh meets up with a guide who gives them directions on where they need to meet the nomadic tribesman who can tell them more about the mysterious Mngwa. Of course, directions is a loose term and Josh proves his map navigation skills could use a bit of work. After finding the big tree and circling the giraffes he finally runs into the tribesman who relay the story of a recent attack. They also get some lessons in how to defend themselves with bow and arrow. I think the team needs a little more archery practice. At least they didn’t shoot the truck, or themselves.

They get the investigation underway with a little help from the tribesman who have to help kickstart the truck again. And with the engine running they take Old Reliable out to scope out the area and see what animals are in the vicinity. Let me think for a minute, let’s take the truck that has a hard time starting out into the plains of Africa, at night, with the wild animals.

Luckily the team doesn’t get eaten but they come across plenty of animals and a set of huge footprints. Things get a little dicey as Shawn and Bobby gets themselves surrounded by animals in the tall grass. But Josh blazes a trail and gets them out of harms way.

They really didn’t come up with much, but what about those footprints? It turns out they’re probably from a lion, but a damn big one!

The story of the Mngwa has been handed down from one generation to the next, but it most likely is a case of mistaken identity. As we see, animals can grow to a massive size and when they catch you unaware, the stuff of legends is born.

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The Last Exorcism – Quick Review

I went and saw The Last Exorcism and wanted to share my thoughts. I won’t give away the movie or offer any spoilers since that would ruin the experience.

Last Exorcism is shot in the same style as Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. It’s a lost documentary and has that shaky, much of the movie shot in the dark, can’t see everything sort of style. For the most part I like this style. I think the darker scenes and not being able to see things outside of the camera’s vision is pretty fun.

We follow Cotton Marcus, a man who has been raised to be a Preacher since he was young. His father spoke of demons and performed hundreds of exorcisms. Cotton followed in his footsteps but admits that he’s been pulling the wool over the eyes of his congregation. He’s a showman and readily admits it. He says people all have the same problems so he dazzles them with the word of the Lord to cure what ails them.

To prove his point he asks a camera crew to come along and film him working his magic. He gets dozens of pleas for help from people who think they’re possessed. He says he’ll pick a letter at random and they’ll follow it wherever it takes them. Before opening the letter he gives the details on what it’ll contain because they’re always the same.

So off they go to the Sweetzer farm to perform an exorcism with the camera crew documenting the process.

And we’ll leave the plot there so as not to ruin anything.

The movie has a lot of twists and turns. There’s a lot of information coming at you about the series of events that has happened to this family. Nell, the young daughter, is obviously troubled. Caleb, the son, is angry and hostile. Louis, the father, is overly protective, suspicious, angry, is withholding a lot of information and may have a few dark secrets of his own. You immediately know something isn’t right.

The movie was a lot less scary than I had expected but it’s a moody movie with plenty of wrecked old houses, rusted cars, sagging barns and there is a sense of something lurking throughout. You’re drawn into this odd little world and these bizarre residents. And you know for damn sure everyone is lying. So it’s more of a drama, an unraveling of the clues to figure out what’s going on.

But right as you’re starting to get all the pieces, the movie is rocketing toward the final scene. And those final moments are hectic and somewhat confusing. I wasn’t sure what was going on and how we got to this point and then all of a sudden the movie was over.

In one way the ending makes sense and spins everything off in a whole new direction. In another way, it’s almost out of place from everything we learned up to that point. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Honestly I think it’s one of those things you have to watch again now that you have all the information. I guess that’s the point though, to leave you confused and wondering.

Personally, I like the movie but if anything I wish it had been longer and had more detail. There is a lot more they could have added to support the ending they chose. I had a good time though and think this sits well with movies like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch.

Who else went to see Last Exorcism? What did you think?

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