Ghost Adventures – Lizzie Borden House – S05E05

Well now, this episode should shake some things up shouldn’t it? Zak and the team head over to the Lizzie Borden House to see if they can make contact with the victims and possibly identify the real murderer. As I mentioned before I’ve been curious about this episode since the Ghost Hunters went there and didn’t feel it had any activity. Right off the bat Zak has very different thoughts on the matter and puts out the idea that demonic spirits may have been the cause.

We start off the investigation with a lot of history and a tour of the house. Maybe it was just for show, but Zak looked a little nervous about the tour guide having a hatchet in her hands and it looked like he got the heeby jeebies from sitting on the same couch Mr. Borden was killed on. I suppose sitting in the middle of a crime scene could upset the balance in the best of us. It’s interesting how many people claim activity in the house though. The girls have felt that something was there. People feel an oppressive force is lurking around. A couple of mediums have been there and thought something was off about the house. Is there some support for dark forces at work?

Jeff Belanger brings up that there have been murders at the house long before Lizzie came along. A mother went mad and killed her child then slit her own throat. That’s some pretty gruesome business right there.

So we have several murders and a checkered past, do we have any evidence? Zak brings in several people for this investigation including a medium and they work to contact Mr. and Mrs. Borden. The medium claims she knows additional material about the murders. She puts out the idea that Mr. Borden was killed because of an improper relationship with daughter Lizzie. Mom was killed because she allowed it to happen. I’m sure it’s not the first time the idea has been brought up, but she claims she was told this from the spirit world. While the medium is bringing this idea up, they get some voices coming through the spirit box. They feel they get the phrase, "Tell them about the girl", possibly confirmation of the relationship. They also get some other words that lead them to believe they’re talking with the victims and that Lizzie may indeed be the culprit. The voices may also be saying Lizzie is evil. I have to say those EVPs sounds pretty dodgy to me. I didn’t make out any of the words they claim to have heard. I heard a lot of pops and squeaks and static. I personally think a lot of their confirmation was wishful thinking.

Then there is Zak, Nick and Aaron all feeling sick while talking to the spirits. That’s interesting, but I don’t think it’s indicative of anything. They also claim to get goose bumps when all of this is happening. Is this an evil spirit trying to make itself known or just them getting caught up in the moment of the gruesome murders?

There is also a flashlight that turns on while they’re talking. That would certainly make you jump, but is that proof someone is there? Using the flashlight as a means of communication has been used before, but I don’t feel it’s very reliable. I just feel there are too many earthly things that could cause that. The timing is very interesting though.

Further on in the investigation, Zak hears a drawer open on its own. That was pretty interesting because in the previous shot it does look like the drawer is closed. Too bad we didn’t capture something coming out of the drawer, but it does look like something is going on there. Is something rifling through the belongings? Perhaps something was being hidden?

When all is said and done, I don’t know how I feel about the Lizzie Borden House. I can’t say I latch onto the idea of demonic forces causing the events since people have lived there and spent the night plenty of times. I think there has been a lot of opportunity for a repeat performance if that were the cause. I can’t say I put too much stock in the EVPs either. Like so many of these, I’m just not hearing it. I don’t know if the guys captured solid evidence to prove it’s haunted, but then again, they didn’t disprove it either. I think this is another one of those situations where a multi-part investigation would be in order.

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My Pumpkin Buddies

pumpkin2 pumpkin3 pumpkin1

Check out these little guys! They were made by a friend of mine who works with polymer clay. It seems he had a few moments to spare over the weekend and made himself a pumpkin patch. I can only assume this was done while he was waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. I’m not sure if these were an offering or a presentation of a standing army. The Great Pumpkin can be fickle you know. Either way, they are cute as hell and each one is unique. As you can see, some have small mouths, some have jagged mouths, some have teeth, some are smiling and some look scared. You can even see the vines have differences between them. I hope he’ll sell these on his Etsy store, but even if not I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you can leave a comment and persuade him to sell a couple.

Pretty neat aren’t they?

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The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Disney Gold Classic Collection) (1949)


This 1949 Disney feature has never been available on video in its original form until now. The 68-minute film contains two shorts: The Wind in the Willows and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The former is a lively version of Kenneth Grahame’s book of animal adventures, including Mr. Toad, a rambunctious sort with a passion for motorcars. Basil Rathbone narrates the story. Sleepy Hollow is the Washington Irving story of a stuffy schoolmaster and his ability to win the love of the fair Katrina from the brutish Brom Van Brunt. Many fans will see a resemblance to Disney’s masterpiece created some 40 years later, Beauty and the Beast, in style and story. The end is still scary enough to send youngsters under the table. Bing Crosby supplies the narration, character voices, and songs. The opening number in a library including two stories has been included in this good-looking restoration. The shorts were made in Disney’s prime, a year before Cinderella, and the look is wondrous. The exaggeration of Ichabod’s skinny frame and his slumping horse is a glorious example. –Doug Thomas

Product Description

In the great tradition of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and CINDERELLA, Disney’s 11th animated masterpiece, THE ADVENTURES OF ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD, introduced two literary classics to the screen. Through award-winning Disney-animated wizardry, these unforgettable children’s stories come together as one fabulous adventure. THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS follows the wild ride of J. Thaddeus Toad, squire of Toad Hall. Smitten with motorcars, the wealthy and reckless sportsman soon drives his close friends Mole, Rat, and Angus MacBadger into a worried frenzy! Then meet Ichabod Crane, the spindly schoolteacher who dreams of sweeping the lovely Katrina off her feet — until Brom Bones, the town bully, gets involved. Their comic rivalry introduces Ichabod to THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, the fabled Headless Horseman, and a hair-raising, heart-thumping climax. Narrated by legendary stars Basil Rathbone and Bing Crosby, THE ADVENTURES OF ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD is brimming with high-spirited adventure, brilliant animation, and captivating music — now available for the first time in keeping with Walt’s original theatrical vision.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

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Speaking of Crystal Skulls

I just had an encounter with Dan Aykroyd and the local beverage shop. He probably knows more about spirits than anyone, both figuratively and literally. Here was down here for a signing of his Crystal Head Vodka so naturally I had to go. The shop was about 10 minutes down the road and I’m a sucker for drinking liquor out of a skull.

The line was massive, Dan was very pleasant and I hope the vodka is equally so. Anyway, here is my collection of spirits, all of which are signed (except the tiny ones, they are just too small) with two of them being personalized.


Crystal_Skull_007 Crystal_Skull_003

I had a million things going on yesterday so I barely got to say anything about this event. Here is a news article that gives some of the highlights, including several fans dressed as Ghostbusters. I actually got pictures of these guys and their car. Nice job guys!

Actor Dan Aykroyd greeted by hundreds of fans in Fort Mill

So what was it like?

I showed up at Frugal’s just before 12:30 and there were already well over a hundred people in line. It took nearly two hours just to get inside. I thought I was waiting for some damn ride at DisneyLand. We were right across the street from Carowinds, so … Once inside it took another 30 minutes to actually meet the man. But, once I got up there I found he was very generous and seemed genuinely excited to be there. (why does this sound like I’m meeting Santa?) There was a lot of chaos as his staff kept unboxing and chucking bottles at him to sign. He’d sign one, toss it to the side, then wait for another. Amidst all this confusion, he had no problem taking pictures, saying movie quotes and signing other things besides bottles (you would not believe how many Blue Brothers DVDs showed up). As you see in the picture, I bought two of the big bottles and two of the medium bottles (I got the mini bottles as I left the store). He signed all of them and took a moment to personalize the big bottles. One is signed for me and one for my father in-law who’s also a big fan.

By the time I got out of the store with all my bottles and back to the car it was 2:30. He was only supposed to be there until 3, but there was at least 300 people still standing in line (there might have been more, I didn’t want to go wandering around with all that liquor and get mugged). I can only guess he stuck around and signed some more bottles. The article states they sold about 600 bottles that day. I think that might be a little low. I saw dozens of people walking out of there with a case of 6 bottles. It was rare for someone to buy just one bottle. After standing in line that long, you need to make it worth the effort.

But it was a good time and Dan was a very friendly guy. I’d love to sit down and talk with him about making vodka and the paranormal.

So how is the Vodka itself? Well, I’m not a huge Vodka drinker. I went down there to meet Dan, get an autograph and get some bottles that cool as hell. That being said, I thought the Vodka was very good. I put it in the freezer to chill it down and drank it straight. It was very smooth and was quite enjoyable as a sipping Vodka. I have to say I’m impressed. It’s not just some crap liquor he’s put his name on, it’s actually an enjoyable drink that’s worth the price. Even Donna thought it was smooth and drinkable.

Standing in line was boring as hell, but overall it was a good time. Like I said, Mr. Aykroyd was very pleasant the Vodka was quite pleasing. It was certainly worth the effort. If you’re in the Carolinas, you have one more chance to meet him today. If not, he’s got several more stops on his tour (damn he does sound like Santa Claus doesn’t he?) so maybe you can catch him at one of those.

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