Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special at Pennhurst State School and Hospital

For those that are interested the Ghost Hunters team will do a Live investigation of the Pennhurst State School and Hospital on October 31st at 7pm EST.

Special guests include Ghost Hunters International team members: Barry Fitzgerald, Kris Willams and Joe Chin. As well as Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files investigators: Ben Hansen, Jael De Pardo, Devin Marble.

The Ghost Adventures Crew went there in 2009 and the Pennhurst episode was the kickoff to their new season. The evidence came across as a little light to me, but they didn’t get to dedicate nearly the amount of time the place deserves. I also think they barely scratched the surface when it comes to covering the grounds.  You can read all about that episode and the location here: Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Let’s not forget that Josh Gates will be hosting this episode and he does a fantastic job. Hopefully this is actually a live investigation and not just a recording of a live event.

Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special 2011 at Pennhurst State School and Hospital on SyFy

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