After Dark Horrorfest on sale at BestBuy for $4.99

BestBuy is having a huge sale on their After Dark Horrorfest DVD collection. They have 7 of them on sale for $4.99 each. Just in time for Halloween! Looks like “The Abandoned” didn’t make it on the list and is still regular price. Bastards! :)

Dark Ride
The Gravedancers
Wicked Little Things
The Hamiltons
Penny Dreadful

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Masters of Horror – $4.99 at BestBuy

BestBuy is having a huge sale on their Master of Horror DVD collection. They have over 20 of them on sale for $4.99 each. Just in time for Halloween! I grabbed several of these. I just watched “The Black Cat” which I thought was quite good.

The sale will probably end pretty quick so you might want to pick these up while you’re getting your hands on SpiderMan 3.

Master Of Horror: Cigarette Burns
Master Of Horror: Dreams In The Witch House
Masters of Horror: Chocolate
Masters Of Horror: Incident on and off a Mountain Road
Masters of Horror: Deer Woman
Masters of Horror: Sick Girl
Masters of Horror: Homecoming
Masters of Horror: Jenifer
Masters of Horror: Haeckel’s Tale
Masters of Horror: Imprint
Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up
Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child
Masters of Horror: Pelts
Masters of Horror: Right to Die
Masters of Horror: Family
Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution
Masters of Horror: The Black Cat
Masters of Horror: We All Scream for Ice Cream
Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs
Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians
Masters of Horror: Sounds Like
Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing

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The Visitation – Rating 2 out of 5

The small town of Antioch gets all excited when mysterious figures enter their town performing miracles and saying “He is coming” as they depart. What follows is a pretty predictable story of small town good, overcoming outside evil influences. As the small time tent evangelist heals the townspeople, more and more are drawn into his power. Only a few strong willed remain to fight the devil.

Hardly a movie speaking of the prophetic end of the world, what follows is a predictable story of evil taking over the minds of those who want to believe and being cast out by those of pure faith. A pretty Ho Hum story with a typical cast of characters such as the fallen priest, the new comer to town, the renegade law man, and the soft spoken preacher.

Overall the movie was mildly entertaining, with a better than expected ending, but again there was no tension, no fear that the wrath of evil was invading this small town, no sense of dread or moments that really grip you about the battle of good and evil.

There is nothing new in this story and it ends pretty much the way you would expect. I can’t even say this is a good rental because of how cliché and predictable the movie is. It’s hard to imagine Fox put this one out. It has the look and feel of an independent movie funded by religious groups. This movie won’t make you a believer and movies like “Emily Rose” do a lot more to stir up religious convictions and debate.

Thr3e – Rating 3 out of 5

Taking its queues from Fight Club, Three tries to weave a web of confusion and deception to keep you guessing up until the end. That’s all fine and good, but the plot isn’t substantial enough or riveting enough to make us want to go along for the ride.

Kevin Parson’s (Marc Blucas) is tormented by a childhood bully who he thought he trapped in an abandoned building years ago. But the boy is back for revenge and wants Kevin to repent where the whole world can hear it. Will the torment stop once he confesses his crime or does the revenge run deeper?

Some interesting aspects to this but overall, I wasn’t drawn in and the twist ending seems thrown in after the fact, not a subtle underlying part of the story. It has elements of Saw and Speed, but lacks its own driving force.

I didn’t find the movie particularly thrilling from a psychological standpoint, not very action oriented from a drama standpoint. Things just seem to happen and Kevin does everything he can to exclude the police and make things worse.

An interesting movie in some parts, but unlike Sixth Sense and Fight Club where knowing the ending makes the film even more fun to watch, I see no reason to go back and watch this one again. Full marks for using new faces in making this film, but it’s more cheesy and camping than thrilling and spellbinding. Hardly thrilling or tense, but not too bad.

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