Boston Can’t Handle the Flaming Pumpkin!

It would seem some residents in Boston are fearful of the power and might that comes with lighting pumpkins. Or perhaps they don’t use some good old fashioned common sense and thus have a tendency to set themselves on fire at the most inopportune time.

But let us not forget that even though Boston makes a damn fine chowder, they do have a tendency to overreact.

But fear not, just because they have been told they can’t do it doesn’t mean I’m going to listen. I have plenty more pumpkins waiting in the wings. If the weather holds one of those baby will meet it’s maker tonight!!

With Halloween less than two weeks away, you may be in the design stage of your planning for a jack-o-lantern, but weekend suggestions from the Boston Globe had the State Fire Marshal’s Office on phone with editors at the paper.

The pumpkin design in question called for decorators to create a pumpkin with a three-foot flame.

Flaming Pumpkin Scrapped By Globe

The article did have this handy dandy image of the lighting instructions:


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