Ghost Adventures – Season 1 and some Season 2


It would seem all the really cool kids have their own ghost hunting show on TV these days. They have become the crime dramas of a decade ago; every network needs to have one. Even though it’s been on for two seasons I just discovered Ghost Adventures on the Travel channel. With so many shows on the air each one needs a gimmick and these three investigators, Zak, Nick and Aaron lock themselves in with the spirits so there is no escaping. Further, they take a more direct approach to the spirit world with a lot of provoking and daring the spirits to touch, hit or slap them. It’s all fun and games until a spirit punches you right in the balls. Their locations are a little different too, they have chosen locations which seem to have a turbulent past, prisons, asylums, murder sites and battlegrounds, not just the cozy house down the street, so their methods may be somewhat appropriate.

Surprisingly, Zak is a rather good narrator. He seems genuinely interested and excited about the past and his voiceover work brings the story to life. He seems ready to jump into that demon hole, climb that rickety-assed staircase, or find out what’s behind the locked door. But I have to say, when they begin to find evidence, things take on a whole different atmosphere and the members of the high school AV club show themselves.

I have never heard the words “Dude!”, “I swear to God bro!”, “Oh my GOD!”, “What just happened”, or “Did you just see that?” yelled so frequently. After a few minutes it becomes comical. Isn’t this what you were expecting to happen? Why so shocked?

Further, as with so many of these shows now days, everyone is all badass to call out the spirits and dare them to do something, but when something happens, they completely soil themselves and go running out the room like a stuck pig, the camera shaking like a scene from Cloverleaf! If you’re going to taunt and mock the spirit world, it’s not a good idea to gasp, scream and completely lose it when you think you get some sort of response. Way too many times these guys go into hysterics when they hear noises or think they see something. If you are sitting in a junk filled attic and something behind you falls over, like say a doll or birdcage, calling for Jesus and hauling tail is going to make me laugh and shoot soda through my nose, not make me believe in the paranormal.

Even Zak has a tendency to jump like he got a cattleprod to the buttocks and practically falls over when he feels something. Try to keep your cool, it looks better on film.

And the evidence gathering? Well, that’s seems sketchy at best. Their methods are pretty goofy, the evidence is questionable, and I sure as heck don’t hear what they hear. I’m not saying they aren’t capturing something; I just have no idea what it is. Cold spots, orbs, flashes of light, or something falling over really isn’t evidence to me. You’re outside, there are flashes of lights from cars. Bugs look like orbs and make weird patterns on camera. Cold spots could just be a draft. Doors opening and all those pops and creaks could just as easily be the building settling. To me, the paranormal is something can’t be explained through normal methods. Everything I’ve seen so far has perfectly valid alternate explanations.

All of that aside, I still like the show and have fun watching. I watch these sorts of shows because of the places they get to visit not because I expect them to actually find anything that would be considered credible. I can’t say they’ve found anything noteworthy, unusual or even something that makes me scratch my head; it’s more they’re adding to the urban myth of a place. But they have style, so it’s all good.

So why do I keep watching these shows? Because they make me laugh, and I think it would be a great job to go running around abandoned buildings in the middle of the night with the chance you might get something creepy to happen. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice to come along on one of their adventures.

They’re still entertaining and I’m still watching Season 2 and the upcoming Halloween Special. I’m pretty excited these guys will have their Halloween Special, then Ghost Hunters will have theirs. At least I assume Ghost Hunters is having one since I haven’t read anything about it yet.

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Zombieland – The Review

It’s another classic love story involving an awkward boy, a street-wise girl (in tight jeans), shotguns, killer clowns, zombies and roller coasters.

A virus has ravaged the country turning normal people into flesh eating zombies (I hate it when that happens). Our story is told through the eyes of Columbus who gives us all we need to know about fending off the zombie horde and avoiding danger. He is soon joined by Tallahassee who always knew he would be good at something, but didn’t know it would be zombie killing. In their desperate search for Twinkies they meet up with Wichita and Little Rock a couple of con-women who soon steal their car and their guns. Either one is enough of an insult, but both? Dirty pool ladies!

Not to be stopped, because stealing a man’s Caddie will not go unchallenged, Tallahassee and Columbus get themselves another vehicle, more guns and by coincidence meet up with Wichita and Little Rock whose car is abandoned in the middle of the road. Once again, they are ambushed by these tricky girls and their plans change to head out to California where Pacific Playland is supposed to be zombie free. After much debate at gunpoint the crew agrees they should stick together so off to California they go. (The discussions they have while driving are hilarious!)

Of course Pacific Playland is not the paradise they hoped (who would have thought?) and yes, it gets overrun with zombies and one hell of a shoot-out ensues where the body count rises like an old Sylvester Stallone flick.

This is one of the most expensive B-movies I’ve seen and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There are plenty of one-liners, ridiculous situations, lots of zombies getting bashed in the head and tons of headshots with sawed off shotguns. While the movie isn’t gory per-se, there is a lot of “bursting” and “splattering” if you get my meaning. Lots of things hit the ground, hard. And lots of things get hit in the head, hard. It’s a mixture of Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead and How to Survive a Zombie Attack.

Woody Harrelson is just great as Tallahassee and this is the type of role he should be playing. His crazy antics and outbursts work so well for him. You really wish you could just give him a Twinkie.

No awards will handed out for this film, but it’s still fun as hell to watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll yell “Booyah!” Seriously, who doesn’t want to ride a roller coaster with a machine gun in their hand?!

artrojasdesign says go see this one.

And that f-ing clown deserved what he got!

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Tallahassee – A tribute to Zombieland

I’ve added a new character to the Flaming Pumpkins picture gallery! Oh yes, one a weekend from now until Halloween!

It seems only fitting to make a flaming pumpkin tribute to that most noble of Zombie Hunters – Tallahassee. With some help from Zombiepumpkins I was able to carve this figure in just a few minutes. I was originally going to go with another pattern but this one was too good and timely to pass up. I have to say he looks cool as hell and he let out some wicked flames.

Click on the picture to check out the full gallery!

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Kids vs. Zombies – Free in the App Store

Fight zombies in the dark!


“A terribly addictive game with enormous replay value.”
— Game Vortex

Kids Vs. Zombies is a very addictive game.
— appVersity.com

Unique concept with great execution and challenging game play. – Gamedroid.net

“One heck of a good zombie game that we can recommend to every shoot-em-up lover” — Slide To Play


You control 3 kids attempting to survive an army of undead monsters. To defend your fort, you must effectively use their unique abilities:

– Dexter: demolitions expert
– Scarlett: long-range sniper
– Marcus: close combat specialist

Every level begins as dusk fades to the pitch black of night, making it difficult to know where the attackers will come from next! Survive the night and you will be rewarded with a trip to the Hardware Store to upgrade your weapons and defenses, in preparation for the next assault.

Each night offers more challenges, zombies and surprises. Survive as long as you can!



– 45+ Levels
– 3 characters with unique abilities – use them together to survive
– Over 10 different zombie types
– Boss fights!
– 3D Gameplay – Tilt your iPhone/iPod to adjust the view
– Store containing 12 unique items to upgrade
– 4 difficulty levels — “Nightmare” will have you begging for mercy!
– Auto-save anywhere for easy on-the-go gaming

NEW!! Update 1.1 contains these improvements:

– 5 more nights to survive!
– Settings page allowing tilt, vibration, and aiming customization
– Sound effect improvements




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