Paranormal TV – Which shows are coming back?

I’m getting my desktop ready and I’m looking forward to some new seasons of investigations. It looks like we lost a few shows along the way, but to be honest, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A few of those shows needed to go and a couple more still need to go. So which ones do I think are coming back?

Shows on now:

Right now there is only one show back on the air and it’s GHI. I really liked the first season of this show but there have been dozens of cast changes and the way they break up the season is just maddening. I can’t say how much longer I’ll be on board for this one.

Shows coming soon:

I know two shows will be starting soon, Destination Truth on September 9th and Ghost Adventures starting up in September as well. These are the two I’m looking forward to the most, I just have a great time watching these and they look like they’re having a great time making the show.

Shows on the fence:

Paranormal State: It has no start date listed but the fact it’s still on the books leads me to believe it will be coming back. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last year for Satan seeking, Holy water throwing, seeing shadows in every corner, Ryan Buell and the PRS team. Ryan has become just way too damn melodramatic and quite honestly the show just isn’t that interesting anymore. Every single thing about this show seems staged and fake. The stories are weak, their reactions from the PRS team are WAY over the top, nothing is ever discovered and in the end Ryan buries a couple of medallions, tells the “spirits” they aren’t welcome, says a blessing and then heads home. And that “Director’s Log” crap is really wearing thin.

Shows that probably won’t be back:

Ghost Lab looks like it got the axe. Nothing is listed on Discovery and no new listings on IMDB. A Wikipedia entry sites they’re coming back for a second season but there is no actual confirmation of that. Their own websites lists two upcoming investigations this year, but no mention of the show. They may have had some of the coolest equipment, but their crazy antics and experiments may have done them in.

Looks like Paranormal Cops didn’t make it either. It has no return date listed in IMDB and the show has been pulled from the roster on the A&E website. There were some interesting aspects to this show, but overall it needed some work. They had procedures and guidelines which was great, but some of their fact checking seemed a little off and they made far too many connections that seemed to be huge leaps at best.

Shows that should never come back:

Ghost Hunters Academy. Please tell me we’ll never have to see or hear of this stupid show again… I can only hope.

Ghost Hunters will air again sometime this year, but really, who cares anymore?

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Did anyone go to Comic Con?

I’ve been reading a bunch of Tweets from Josh and Zak about their time at Comic Con. Looks like they dove right in and hung out with lots of fans and stuck around for pictures. Did anyone get a chance to see either of them?

As usual it looks like the place was packed. Zak was taking pictures of the huge lines of people waiting to come up to their booth. Looks like a lot of fun though! They even took some time out for an impromptu investigation:

Haunted Hotel Spooks ‘Ghost Adventures’ Stars

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Some sort of crazy paranormal showdown

Personally I thought this little incident was behind us, but it seems Robert Bess is calling some folks out. He claims he can capture paranormal activity and wants the Ghost Adventures team to be a part of it.I’m not really sure why he needs them to prove his parabot works, but apparently Bess has issued the following challenge:

The challenge involves a live capture of a ghost and to produce real evidence on the spot.

"I’ve told them anywhere," Bess said. "They can even pick the location and bring as much help as they need."

"If I win – meaning, if I deliver real proof of paranormal existence in the location of their choice right then and there as it happens – I request that they cancel the next season and tell the public exactly why."

"If they win, it’s up to them what they want in return." he added.

I think there is a lot of innuendo going on in that statement. What’s the deal with this line? -"I request that they cancel the next season and tell the public exactly why." Is he saying there is fakery afoot? Did something else happen during the investigation that hasn’t been brought up? Is there some claim against the Ghost Adventures team he’s thinking of making at some point? I’m really curious what he means by that. Do we have another jacket pulling incident in the making here?

Paranormal Showdown

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Using the paranormal to drum up business

Ghost hunting has become big business with lots of foot traffic coming to places that can support claims of hauntings and possible TV fame for those who can bring the "truth" to light. Celebrity fame and increased business can be yours if you have the right spin. And that appears to be what’s going on with this article and it seems a little to self-serving to me. If a town wants to start up a ghost walk, ghost tour or whatever, then great for them. Spin yarns of the past and nefarious citizens, but this seems like they’re trying to make the place haunted so they can drum up business. They’re pretty blatant about wanting to get more business downtown:

They see it as a way to draw people to downtown, with an attraction that has been popular in historic large cities like London and New Orleans — and even smaller ones, such as St. Augustine and Savannah, Ga.

Stanford said she hopes the ghost tours would bring more people to downtown Titusville on weekend evenings, and that those people would become more familiar with local restaurants and other merchants.

And even the people coming in to investigate are pretty clear they want a TV show out of the deal:

Pettit is doing the work in Titusville for free, and he hopes to use video from the investigations for a television reality series he wants to market. Among cable-TV series with the ghost-hunting theme are "Ghost Hunters" on Syfy and "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel.

If you have a haunted location or want to share some interesting historical facts about your town then by all means, but I’m not sure I agree with the motivation behind this.

Titusville hopes ghost tours scare up some business

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