Michael Jackson speaks from beyond the grave… Yeah right.

Derek Acorah, a celebrity “medium” well-known to British TV viewers, held a televised seance on the Sky 1 network over the weekend during which he alleged that he was able to make contact with Michael Jackson from beyond the grave.

Fair warning, you’re probably going to scratch your head over this one wondering what’s going on. It’s so far fetched and confusing all at the same time. I don’t want to burst a bubble, but I hope no one is falling for this…

British TV medium claims Michael Jackson is ‘furious’ that he’s not buried next to Marilyn Monroe

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Ghost Adventures Live Halloween Special

Congratulations to the guys for not spewing expletives all over the place on live television! Well, except for that one part. :)

What better place for a Halloween show than an asylum? And Zak goes in with his usual excitement and enthusiasm. And Aaron goes in with his usual concern and trepidation and raised eyebrow to the camera. Come on Aaron you should be used to this stuff by now.

Overall the investigation was very entertaining to watch. Zak and crew kept things moving along nicely even when they ran into a few glitches.

But let’s get down to the business of discussing some of those crazy devices and the guests they brought on.

Chris Fleming and his spirit box:

Ok, what the hell is this thing? Chris seems like an interesting guy, but his gizmo seems to be tuning in radio stations more than anything else. And does the Spirit Box always sound like that or was it just a TV thing? That pulsing was incredibly annoying. Again, I can’t say I really heard anything and the little bit I did hear sounded like radio waves just as much as the paranormal.

The Constantinos and live EVPs:

First off, ease off on the eye makeup Debbie. Under the IR camera that comes across as, well, scary. The words demonic raccoon come to mind. But moving beyond that, I was pretty underwhelmed with this segment. Again, I’m not hearing the voices and I don’t see how these two have mystical insight into EVPs. As far as their special technique for EVPs? It looks like they’re pressing Record and then Play. Not sure how "specialized" that really is.

It was still interesting to have new people in there. Their part wasn’t too bad until they got to the medical center and then Debbie got a little moody. Maybe that is her style of provoking but she seemed a little out of it all of a sudden.

The Guest investigators:

Who picked these three to be on the show? Kelly looked like he was ready for the challenge, but the other two looked like they were scared to death. However, Kelly barely said anything during the whole segment. And when they got locked in the solitary rooms, they just stood there. You had recorders right? Why not start investigating? You would think they’d have some idea of what to do since they were fans of the show and you would think they’ve at least watch a few paranormal shows on TV. But yet, they pretty much just stood there. Can’t say they offered anything of benefit to the show. It was a neat idea to bring them, I was just expecting a little more. I thought that one girl was going to soil herself when they locked her in. Zak sort of had to break the mood and let her know it’s just for effect.

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Ghost Lab – Episode 4 – Chicago/Texas

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this show or not. While I like the locations they visit and the stories behind them, their methods and conclusions seem highly suspect and dodgy to me.

In their latest exploits the Ghost Lab team is in Chicago at a Tattoo parlor and then in Texas at a brothel. Again, their captured evidence is extremely light. To me, personal experiences don’t mean anything since they can’t be documented. You can say something is cold or you saw a shadow or you felt something watching you, but that isn’t evidence. That’s a feeling, an impression, perhaps even the mind playing tricks. And static on a recording isn’t evidence either. Other people may hear names or responses to questions, but all I ever hear is static.

As for their experiments, it seems like it’s an excuse to goof around. The Brothers claim they’re raising the energy in the place so they can promote more spirit activity. I can’t say it actually accomplishes anything. Really, getting a tattoo brings out the spirits? Scaring people in the basement of a Halloween haunted house makes ghosts appear? Where’s the correlation? By that token, the more people you put in a room the more spirit activity there should be. They don’t actually have to do anything, their energy is enough. Not quite buying into that one.

When in Texas investigating the brothel they look into a tub that makes people feel they’re being watched. The immediately see that there is a high EMF surrounding it. Sidestepping the notion of looking for the source they press on and have someone get in the tub. Well, yeah, they should feel weird with all that going on around them. That’s not paranormal, that’s being affected by your environment.

In both cases the Brothers give it their paranormal stamp of approval and say proudly their experiments are a success. Excuse me? They barely found anything at either site and they feel confident they found conclusive evidence of the paranormal. I can’t agree with you there. From where I stand you haven’t found anything.

Here’s a thought, maybe they could investigate for the entire night and stopping running back to the trailer every couple of minutes to see if they found something.

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