Ghost Mine – Supercharging the Supernatural – S02E08

image When we last left the miners things were heating up, quite literally. Jamol finally got to have his turn on the mucker and things turned to disaster. After all the other malfunctions of the equipment, this one catches on fire with Jamol still at the wheel. Dingus hauls him out of there while Mikey goes for help and a fire extinguisher. Luckily everything is brought back under control in mere moments and no one is hurt. They later discover the hydraulics caught fire and shot fluid onto the hot turbo. A plain mechanical failure, but the last in a series of about half a dozen for the day.

Kristen and Patrick return from their visit to the site where the Chinese miners where reported to have washed up from the river. When told of all the odd events, Patrick feels it might be to their advantage to give the entity all the energy it can handle. To that end he pulls a Tesla coil out of his pocket and sets it up in the mind. Seriously, where the hell did that thing come from? Was he just waiting for the right moment to spring it on the group?

Anyway, he fires it up inside the mine and the sparks begin to fly. It’s a beauty of a machine and Tesla would be proud. It releases 500,000 volts into the mineshaft so whatever is in there can "feed". In actuality, that sounds a little ominous and dangerous.

While the device is pulsing away, Kristen sees what she feels is a shadow figure on the monitors. It moves from one location to the other. There does appear to be some black blog on the screen so they turn off the device and head in for a look. The tunnels are silent but then ring out with what sounds like miners tools striking rock and metal. This is the same set of sounds that Duck and Greybeard heard previously. Again, there is some sort of tinging sound that makes you feel there are workers still in the mine. Additionally, there is a rumble that travels from one end of the mine to the other. It seems to pass right through Kristen and Patrick.

Kristen and Patrick show this evidence to the guys along with some footage they took while they were out by the river. They have thermal imagery of something moving across the screen. They also have a recording of something growling in the mine. Stan and Eddie both agree this is something they’ve heard before.

In trying to gather more evidence, Kristen gets a meeting with the Mayor of Sumpter. He explains that most people don’t want to talk about the Chinese immigrant and the Chinese influence because of how badly they were treated. Then goes right into yet another story of abuse, this one details 18 miners being chased into a cabin and the cabin set on fire. All 18 miners died in the fire. He also said it was common to take the Chinese miners, walk them into the mine and blow up the entrance so the owners wouldn’t have to pay them.

Armed with this new information, Patrick and Kristen head to the location where this cabin would have existed. During the night the ask questions in Cantonese and Kristen feels something is tugging at her back and leg. Is she making contact or is she feeling the touch of pine cones, leaves or pine needles?

Meanwhile, back in the mine, Mikey, Jamol and Dingus keep working on the raise and make their final blast to push things higher in search of gold. This exposes a new "shaft" that Jamol might fit into. He’s incredibly nervous and says it doesn’t feel right. So much so that he hears a growl and bails out.

In an attempt to see what’s in this space they bring in RIPA. Everything seems to be going well and they hoist the beast into position. But just as they do, it once again goes haywire and throws itself into motion. Patrick has no control as the thrashing device threatens to break it’s harness and cause harm to Jay who’s got it right next to him on a makeshift platform. So we have to ask, is RIPA under the influence of some force or was it just not quite ready to go back to work? Either way, they have another malfunction on their hands that could some serious injury.

Other than the fact that Patrick just happened to have a Tesla coil laying around, things are getting pretty weird in the mine.

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Ghost Adventures – S08E09 – Mustang Ranch

image Right off the bat this comes across as a rather dubious investigation as the team heads out to the Mustang Ranch, just outside Reno, Nevada. And the overly dramatic and incredibly cheesy reenactments don’t do anything to deter that thought.

But the guys have been asked to check out the Ranch because of multiple claims by the working girls who have been grabbed, touched and held down by an unseen force. Even the Madam claims to have felt a hand reach in and squeeze her heart. Oddly, on the day the guys show up, one of the housekeepers quit her job not being able to take the spirits any more. A coworker confirms that she has seen spirits and then identifies the spirit as the boxer when shown a picture. Several of the girls have also said they’ve gotten bruises on their chest from something grabbing them

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Ranch has a sketchy past, the most notable being the affair between boxer Oscar Bonavena and the madam of the Ranch. Regrettably, the madam was married and the husbands body guards shot Oscar dead just outside the gates.

As the investigation begins the guys get plenty of EVP responses talking of a cleansing, burning, an affair and references to the gun shots. There are even responses that "Oscar" feels everyone is going to hurt him. Strange, since he’s a boxer.

There is also a comment made that "Paul" is the one touching the girls’ shirts and also claims there are 7 spirits at the Ranch.

The big EVP is the response to the question, "were you killed?" The answer is "demons … Go to sleep". It’s a very garbled answer and doesn’t really make sense. Zak is certainly looking for a demon explanation so perhaps this is his validation.

Besides the EVPs there are two physical pieces of evidence. One is a mist Zak believes he sees in the hall and the second is the fluttering Do Not Disturb sing that hangs on the door. This is the same room, same door, same sign that actually flew off the knob and then slid back under the door.

Some of this evidence is interesting, while most of it seems irrelevant. I will agree that most of the EVPs sound like intelligent answers to questions, which is actually quite interesting, but many of the "demonic" phrases are so garbled as to be questionable. I really don’t think there is some sort of demonic presence at the Ranch and all this talk of Oscar haunting the place is total speculation. They’re trying to make a story out of nothing. They do the same thing with the Ovilus. They capture some words and then try make it fit into a story that makes sense for the environment. They’re filling in huge gaps with ideas that are "plausible" but completely fabricated.

I don’t want to be rude, but considering the type of work these ladies do, bruises would be part of the job and the idea of being held down could easily be a night terror, sleep paralysis or just vivid recollection of something that happened earlier. There’s really nothing to suggest there a spirit wandering around trying to hurt these girls.

What about the housekeeper? Maybe she did see something. Maybe she couldn’t take the job. Perhaps the nature of the job got the better of her. Maybe it was a real person and unwanted attention that she needed to get away from.

There was some interesting evidence, but I don’t think we have demons running around that’s for sure.

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Ghost Mine – Massacre at Hell’s Canyon – S02E07

  image What a fascinating episode! While the "evidence" may be a little light, this episode was full of events that leave you wondering.

First of all, we have the mysterious fire from last week. It’s odd that the roads they’re using show as a bit muddy and wet, yet a fire breaks out. They of course have to abandon ship and head for town or else get cut off. That lull in the work schedule means they can spend time with family, but it also means they’re losing daylight as to finishing the work and collecting the gold.

And with that lull, Patrick and Kristen head down to Hell’s Canyon to the site of the Chinese massacre that look the lives of over 30 miners. It’s a bumpy boat ride, but they make camp to investigate the area and see if the can make some sort of contact. But you have to keep in mind, this place isn’t called Snake River for nothing.

What I think is awesome if that they’re finally asking questions in Cantonese. I had a feeling this was coming and it’s great to see Patrick working to make contact in their native language.

Meanwhile, with Patrick and Kristen gone, the miners experience a slew of mechanical problems. The generator malfunctions multiple times, the compressor won’t operate correctly, they’re all plunged into darkness, they’re falling behind in their work at a rapid pace. Further, when Duck and Greybeard are in the mine, Duck says he can hear someone working, and low and behold, if you listen carefully you can hear the ting and bang of what sounds like a hammer hitting metal and rock. Obviously that’s not an EVP so what’s making that noise?

Then we have two final major malfunctions. First, as Patrick and Kristen are investigating during the night they’re woken by the motion sensors Patrick put out. They don’t want some wild animal to spring up on them. Oddly, it’s not just one sensor going off, but all of them. It’s like they’re surrounded. And then, as though Patrick has been bitten by something, he becomes short of breath and looks like he’s going to pass out. Is this the work of an animal that may have bitten him or have they finally gotten a response? Either way, they’ll have to tough it out until the sun comes up and their guide comes back for them.

Next, we have an outlandish situation at the mine. Jamal finally gets his turn on the mucker and seems to be doing well. The team is making progress and looks like they might be on track. That is until the mucker actually catches fire inside the mine! With all the other malfunctions and all the other problems, things turn dangerous when the back of the rig bursts into flame with Jamal still in the driver’s seat. Dingus hauls him out of there and the two make a run for it. But where are they going to go?

Things have gone horribly wrong. Not only have the work team been split into two to try and make up lost ground, but Patrick and Kristen have split from the group and have a possibly medical issue on their hands. Now the equipment is catching fire putting the guys at serious risk.

Wow, things are out of hand! Knocks and bumps are one thing, but egad, this looks bad. So the obvious question, is this the work of the paranormal or a saboteur? I can dismiss a machine breaking down, that happens with that kind of use and those filthy conditions, but this much carnage comes across as something else. Either someone has vandalized the hell out of the their equipment while they were away during the fire or there is one pissed off set of spirits stopping them from getting the gold.

Vengeful spirits or jealous claim jumper? What do we have going on here? Things are getting kind of serious.

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Ghost Adventures – Alcatraz – S08E08

In their latest outing, Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to the infamous and notorious Alcatraz island to investigate what many feel is a presence that stalks the grounds. It’s been reported that a pair of red eyes can be seen in multiple places and that there is a presence in some of the cells.

As they make their way around to different locations, they hone in on Cell 14 where they feel their equilibrium has been thrown off. They feel a presence and that something is odd. When they come back to this spot during the night, pretty much everyone on the team, including Billy and Jay see and feel something odd in there. Zak feels he sees two red eyes and later, Jay says the same thing.

They also use the Ovilus and get several different words such as Fire, Threshold, Doctor, Opening, Touch and Mist. Interestingly, when the words Touch and Mist come across, Aaron feels something touch him and they capture what they thing is a mist on camera.

While the EVPs are incredibly poor in quality, they feel they get, Come Back, Get Naked, He’s Here and Dear God. It’s really, really hard to agree with those. They are so garbled and so scratchy.

Since Zak felt so uneasy in Cell 14, he had Jay and Billy go check it out for themselves. While in there Billy becomes absolutely lethargic and can barely move. He claims to see something swirling in the corner of the cell. Jay takes dozens of pictures with a real 35mm film camera. When they’re developed there two pictures that show light streaks. Those pictures were taken in Cell 14. But the question is, why just Cell 14. It’s only inches away from Cell 13. It’s not like the spirit would be stuck in one location and couldn’t shift over just a touch. The fact it’s so localized leads me to believe it’s something else.

And why is Zak so focused on these orbs all of a sudden? Ok, maybe they are balls of energy, but they look more like random balls of dust or reflected light that are just swirling around a place like that. Saying it’s energy inhabiting their bodies seems a bit more of want than a reality. They’re so eager to make them spirits to enhance the haunted nature of the place. They just seem so fixated on them these days, I’ve just never given much credence to them.

So many people claim that Alcatraz is haunted. It’s true that several people have died there, both prisoners and guards. And not to mention that thousands of people have committed suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge which is right up from the prison. Violent members of society were housed there and I’m sure there was plenty of misery and suffering. But is it really haunted?

Are the red eyes simply a misinterpretation of the lights from the harbor? Is that vertigo feeling from the tightness and confined space of the cell? Is it simply off angle with an uneven floor or walls? Can we really trust what those EVPs are saying the quality is so awful?

It’s really hard to say that spirit energy still lingers in Alcatraz. Maybe, as Zak says, the water and the material of the prison act as a battery. But to be honest, the evidence they captured is quite mild. It’s not very abundant and most of it could be easily explained by earthly means. To me, Alcatraz is still an old, rickety prison with lots of man made ghosts based on legends and myths. It seems the creaking of building makes a lot of the noises they hear. The lights from the harbor may look quite unusual from those cells. The crash of the ocean can make for sound interesting sounds. Poor building construction can make people feel uneasy in an enclosed space.

So what do you think, is Alcatraz haunted?

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