Ghost Adventures – Ohio Reformatory

It started off as a more middle of the road institution, where inmates could learn a trade and then be released back into society. But as time and overcrowding went on, it took in more violent and troubled inmates. The Ohio Reformatory has a history of violence with inmate riots, death row murders, inmates being driven mad by poor conditions and solitary confinement and even an inmate who set himself on fire. Former guards and prisoners agree violence was a daily occurrence.

But is the place haunted? Many tour guides thing so. They claim to have been touched, had their hair pulled, been pushed, see shadows and hear footsteps. Most of the claims have been by the female guides, but even some men feel they are being intimidated by the inmates.

So what do Zak and crew come up with?

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Ghost Adventures – Poveglia Island

The team heads out to Poveglia, a location that is literally an island built on the ashes of Plague victims. The island is basically banned to tourists and locals, but beyond that no one wants to actually go near it fearing the island is cursed. Even their guide won’t venture too far in to certain parts.

Once they get inside the activity starts with noises and voices. You can also see a lot of stuff stirring around in the air. Zak says the orbs he’s seeing are just dust, but then turns right around, changes his mind and claims these are energy orbs entering them. His makes this claim right after Nick says the entities should use their energy. Zak also uses this to support his idea of an orb passing in front of the EMF detector. Then they show some slow motion footage. During this you see a pulse of light heading toward them and then hitting them in the neck. How is this anything more than a dust speck hitting them in the dark? Then you see a speck fly across the screen in front of the detector. Again, how is more than just dust? There is the coincidence of a reading as well, but are they truly related? I can’t say what actually happened, I obviously wasn’t there, but I find some fault in their connection of events. Continue reading

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Ghost Lab – Episode 5 – Nottoway, Louisiana /Metro Club, Chicago

It’s hunting for the paranormal using quack science.

These guys are just absurd. I said I wasn’t going to write about each episode, but I keep doing it because each one is more outlandish than the previous one. The Ghost Lab team goes to the beautiful Nottoway plantation to investigate the apparitions that have been spotted.

Apparently the theme of this episode was water as they become fixated on it. In their minds water is causing the paranormal activity and to prove it they take samples of the Mississippi. Then, as though they completely forgot their high school chemistry classes they had to call in a professor to confirm that water can conduct electricity. Further, the more polluted the water is the more it will conduct. Are there really people watching the show who don’t know that? I guess they forgot about those warnings that say not to use a dryer near the bathtub. Continue reading

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Ghost Adventures – Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Ghost Adventures kicked off the new season with a visit to a place that seems particularly disturbing.

Pennhurst was a hospital for the physically and mentally disabled. It opened in the early 1900s and over the course of its history degraded to the point where patients were abused, neglected and even killed. The rumors of violence start early, right when the place opened, and continued up until it closed in 1986. So many reports came to light that eventually news stories were aired and former patients sued the institution for violating their rights.

After a 32-day trial and an immense investigation, prosecutors concluded that the conditions at Pennhurst were not only dangerous, with physical and mental abuse of its patients, but also inadequate for the care and habilitation for the mentally retarded. The State of Pennsylvania also concluded that the physical, mental, and intellectual skills of most patients had deteriorated while in Pennhurst.

Obviously this place has a troubling past, but does it have strong paranormal elements? Former employees certainly think so, with lots of reports of noises, bangs, people looking out the window, figures and footsteps.

Almost half the episode is taken up with documenting the site and quite frankly I was a little disappointed when they started the investigation. The narrative is fascinating albeit shocking.

The investigation came across as a little tame this time around. Considering how large the place actually is versus the evidence they found, it feels like they either didn’t get to go everywhere or there just wasn’t that much activity. Zak and team say they hear a few voices and footsteps, but as always I find it hard to hear them. Is it me or does it always sound like there is just as much static as anything else?

I wish they would have broken this up into a two part episode. I would really have enjoyed more on the history on this location and a much longer investigation. The place is so large and there are so many tunnels it seems they just barely scratched the surface.

Pennhurst State School on the Travel Channel
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