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Ghost Adventures – Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum – S04E22

The guys are in their home town of Las Vegas to investigate Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which now stands on the same location as the old Sands Hotel. The Sands was one of the original casinos from the day featuring Sinatra and the Rat Pack. It was also the time when the mob ran just about everything. If people tried to cheat or cause trouble they were taken out and dealt with sternly. Guests were well to do and only the rich and famous got to play here.

So what kind of energy is here? Why are they investigating this place? It seem that even though the actual Sands is gone, having been demolished in the 90’s, the party and gambling are still going on and people claim to hear the sounds of glasses clinking together, people laughing, music and even Elvis himself may still be performing here. The building may be different but the band may still be playing on.

Some things people have seen are a figure dressed in green pants and wearing a white shirt wandering around the building. Also, Kurt, who works in the Scream House has seen apparitions and has been touched on the head by something.

Even guys from the early days of Vegas feel there are still spirits lingering around. One of the guys actually feels a little nervous about the spirits. He feels he’s made a few enemies so maybe some of those guys are going to come back and get some vengeance.

Robin Leach makes a brief appearance to say that he believes the spirits are still roaming around and may be coming back to see their likenesses in the museum.

It’s pretty interesting that so many people believe the spirits are there in the building. They really have no problem with the idea that the old guests are still there with them.

So what about the investigation? As they start off they think they hear laughter from one of the side rooms.

Zak puts some old Sands Casino chips on a table and invites the spirits to take them. An alarm goes off while their heads are turned as though someone reached out for them. As a viewer that is hardly convincing. That could easily be faked since someone could have just put their hand near the chips and then disappeared into the darkness while the guys were looking away. I’m not saying it was faked but paranormal means something has happened that is outside the normal realm of understanding. Considering we just saw Zak make the device go off with his hands this is some pretty weak evidence.

They break out the Ovilus II which is another voice dictionary. The machine starts showing the words, Play, Corner, Tied and Contract. They jump to the conclusion about the words meaning someone got caught cheating and the mafia killed him. He was then taken to a cave out in the desert and strangled around the throat. Sure, you could jump to those sorts of conclusions if you wanted to.

It does come up with some odd words with Cave, Dig, Throat, Lash. And finally Alive. These words are being said in the same place where people see apparitions. It’s interesting, but I think that device is pure bunk. There is no proof to show how or even if that device works.

As Nick is wandering around he captures an extremely grainy picture which they believe has a figure standing by the rail. Yeah, it does look like there is some sort of blog in the photo.

For a final piece of evidence they capture a voice saying "singing in the rain" which they conclude to be Judy Garland or Debbie Reynolds. Ok sure, if that works for you.

I think the location they chose was really neat, but I’m a little surprised by it. Overall I think this episode was a little on the cheesy side. Once again, I really think the guys are just reaching for evidence. They go into a place firmly convinced that it’s haunted so they’re certainly not going to walk away empty handed. I think the evidence in this episode is interesting but hardly conclusive of anything. A pixilated photo isn’t very convincing and a woman’s voice saying "singing in the rain" really doesn’t add up to much.

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Ghost Adventures wants to investigate Idol Mansion

After recent events at the Idol Mansion, Zak and the team feel compelled to go out there and investigate. Zak feels the spirit activity may be bordering on the demonic.

But considering everyone else is fake on Idol why would they put any stock in the paranormal activity? Anyone ele smell publicity stunt on someone’s part?

The crew from "Ghost Adventures" believes there may be DEMONIC activity inside the haunted "American Idol" mansion … and they want to investigate the place ASAP … TMZ has learned.

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Paranormal Challenge?

From the Twitter account of Ghost Adventures own Zak Bagans… Something is afoot…

Zak_Bagans: Get ready for a brand new competition series "Paranormal Challenge" hosted by Zak Bagans to premiere June 17th on Travel Channel!!!

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Ghost Adventures – Yorktown Hospital – S04E21

Zak and the boys are down in Texas to investigate the Yorktown Hospital for what they claim are a series of demonic events and vengeful spirits. I sort of think that claim might be a touch exaggerated. Every hospital experiences death, but 2,000 of them in the course of 40 years actually seems pretty reasonable. As they say that’s only 50 a year or 1 a week. Considering the time period and the work people did, oil drilling, that really doesn’t seem that bad.

But there are quite a few claims to go with their visit. For example, nuns are supposedly choking chapel visitors who happen to have tattoos. There are also reports of people being hit and scratched. Mike, the caretaker, tells of reports of people being punched and abused when they come to visit. Mike has no doubt the place is haunted by ghosts. He also tells Zak that there was a murder in the basement – a crime of passion that left two people dead.

Unlike other hospitals there aren’t reports of bizarre experiments and poor treatment to the patients. There was no doctor that abused people or got the nurses pregnant. There was no epidemic or massive outbreak. There was no catastrophic accident or huge loss of life. We also don’t hear any reports about workers being abused and working in unnecessarily dangerous conditions. Not to discount anything, but overall the hospital sounds pretty tame.

To learn more about the oil workers they head outside of town to try and film some of the work being done on a local oil derrick. Things look like they’ll be cut short when one of the workers comes out and gets them to move along. Zak really needs to work on his introduction skills. He fumbles all over the place with what they’re doing and seems to take forever with saying who they are and what they’re working on. But it does work out in the end and the oil worker is actually a friendly chap who knows quite a bit about the hospital. He got stitches there and his uncle actually passed away there. He says everyone knows about the ghosts inside there and he firmly believes the place is haunted. He goes even further and says he’s sure his uncle is haunting the place. His uncle was stabbed and he doesn’t feel he’s at peace.

And then on with the investigation. They start by setting up the POV camera on Zak’s shoulder. I still think it should be attached to his head so you can actually see what he sees when he sees it. But right as they start, Zak asks for a name and the meters start going off. They also claim to get the EVP of "You wanna play?" An interesting way to start things off. They don’t stick around here very long though.

Then comes out my least favorite device, the PX. As they are setting up, Aaron claims to get chills and Zak is snapping photos. Zak claims he captured a shadow figure in the photo. When they bring it up on screen there is lots of distortion and pixilation in it. That could easily be "matrixing" tricking the eye into seeing something. I can sort of see a blob, but to say that’s an entity is too much of a stretch for me.

Down in the basement the recorders capture what sounds like a scream and the phrase "it must be told and I’ll tell them you did it". I think that’s a bit of stretch considering how garbled that is, but if accurate it’s a pretty creepy thing to say. But it’s interesting that no one was around asking questions when this was spoken.

Zak decides to take the nuns head on and goes to the chapel to show off his tattoos. Supposedly the nuns don’t like this behavior at all, but I can’t understand why they would start choking people over it. Doesn’t seem very nun like if you asked me.

With Zak taking off his shirt they set up the PX to see what they can capture. A voice supposedly says "Soul" which doesn’t really answer any relevant question. There is also a voice that says the tattoos are "sick" and that he should "suffer" for them. Perhaps some words from the other side, but certainly no choking. There is also the claim that Zak should "listen" and "think" about "Jesus".

They move on to the nun’s quarters where Zak says he feels cold spots. Aaron is down in the basement where the murder took place. Zak says he feels an energy enter him and points to an "orb" floating around as confirmation. Aaron claims to hear someone moving around during his investigation. He also says he captures "hurry, hide" and then "the killer is coming, get to the hallway". Its one hell of a warning, but it’s not followed up by any sort of activity or event. It warns of imminent danger but Aaron escapes without incident. With that sort of lead up I was expecting Aaron to get knocked down or some explosive noise.

Another interesting investigation even though it doesn’t have the usual background of their previous hospital visits. I don’t think they caught too much or experienced very much that support the claims. There was no choking, hitting, scratching or punching. There were some garbled voices on boxes I’m not thrilled with though. Some were interesting, but I don’t think they lead to an overall conclusion that the place is infested with demonic energy. And even though there were 2,000 deaths the place seems pretty normal. However, the locals feel differently and plenty of people they talked with believe the hospital has its own energy. Hospitals are great locations and can lead to all sorts of events. Does the evidence support this one to be haunted?

This has been one heck of a season and more episodes than I expected during a single run. They’ve been to some fantastic locations and I’m looking forward to where they end up next. It’s hard to say if the places they go are truly haunted, but it’s a great adventure.

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