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Ghost Adventures – Waverly Hills Sanatorium – S04E04

Waverly Hills is perhaps one of the most recognized names when it comes to spirit activity. Countless shows and teams have gone there to investigate. It’s got a long history of death and disease and we’re all familiar with the high death toll, the body chute, the nurse who supposedly hung herself after getting pregnant and the boy who still plays in the halls. Zak, Nick and Aaron take their turn at this massive building to see what kind of evidence they can capture.

Things get moving very quickly with multiple EVPs (or static as I like to call it). They also bring in something new which I believe Aaron called a Rempod. He sets it up in the location where the nurse supposedly committed suicide and within a few seconds it starts going off. Zak is able to ask the entity to move around the room and trigger the device almost at will. Something certainly seems to be there and appears to be communicating with them.

BUT, before we get too excited, let’s take a step back and think about this for a moment. What exactly does this device going off mean? What does it detect? What does it measure? How much is enough to trigger it? What are the baseline readings? Is there any sort of scientific merit to what it’s recording?

Sure, it seems insanely exciting that Zak is talking to an entity with this new device, but I really have to ask what that device does. Why should I believe it? Just saying it detects spirits is not enough to convince me of anything. That device could be remotely triggered off camera. It could be detecting the camera or audio equipment they use. It could be reacting to changes in humidity or temperature for all I know. Setting a box on the floor that lights up and makes noise is certainly theatrical, but unless you provide some details on how the thing works it’s all pretty meaningless.

With that science experiment over the guys move on to the morgue and laboratory. Zak spends some time lying on a slab where he begins to feel lethargic and as though he has people lying on top of him. Is he feeling the spirits of lost souls or is he just getting sleepy because he’s lying down? He is in the dark you know.

Next, they split up and start working their way through the halls. Aaron seems to get some activity going on around him. He basically scares himself to the point of peeing his pants. Are the spirits coming after Aaron because they think he’s bait or is he just scaring himself senseless? He nearly works himself into a panic.

Moving on the guys head out to find "the Creeper", a shadow entity that apparently crawls along the ground and might even crawl across the ceiling. They set up a full spectrum camera and actually capture what appears to be something moving along the wall. Is this the creeper? Is this a patient? Is it one of the nurses? Or could it be a shadow cast from car headlights? Is it something passing in front of the light of the full moon that’s outside? What do we have here?

Zak and the guys pick up dozens of EVPs, but I’ve just come to ignore those. They’ve become meaningless. If people hear words in that mess then good for them. I still think they all sound like static and I certainly don’t hear these big long phrases that Zak supposedly hears.

I was really excited the guys were headed to Waverly Hills since it has such an unusual past and lots of other teams have investigated there. However, I’m not sure the GA team really walked away with much. The place is certainly creepy and makes your hair stand on end, but did they capture solid evidence? For those that love the EVP they got a lot of them. There seemed to be quite a bit going on with the Rempod and the nurse, if you’re willing to believe it. And there seems to be a shadow moving up the hall in the video footage. Some interesting stuff, but truthfully, I found it a little lacking. I’m not sure what I was expecting or hoping for, but I didn’t find this evidence all that compelling. The episode was certainly entertaining, its just that everything seems to hinge on those EVPs and they just don’t sound like anything to me.


The Rempod (or whatever it’s called) seems interesting. I’d like to learn more about that. I can’t find anything on it so far.

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Ghost Adventures – Return to Bobby Mackey’s – S04E03

For this episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Bobby Mackey’s Music World which has been cited as having some extensive and aggressive paranormal activity. On their first visit they claimed to open a portal to hell where Zak was physically scratched. Years later, they return with a public ghost hunting event and multiple people have wild stories about what took place on that night.

Many claim they’re still having residual effects. A lot of people have trouble sleeping, they have nightmares, hear voices and Aaron admits that spirits from this place lead to the breakup of his marriage. Several people that Zak interviews admit to having violent thoughts and feelings of hostility. They feel this place has effected them just from being there.

But Bobby Mackey thinks it’s all coincidence. He isn’t sure what to believe, but he can’t believe his bar is somehow responsible. During the interview there is some suggestion that Bobby may even be a reincarnation of someone who used to live or perhaps died at the site. A wild proposition to be sure.

After the interviews it’s time to get down to work and right as the investigation begins there is a loud crash and the EVP of "I’m gonna kill Zak". A pretty bold start I have to say. I have to admit, that actually sounds like a legible EVP.

But that’s just the start of the threats. They’re followed up with "I’ma kill your wife" which could have been directed at Nick and "take the knife" which may have been directed at Aaron in regard to a pair of scissors near him on the table. These are less legible so I’m not quite on board with the message because the main problem, as with so many of these, is all the noise going on. They’re littered with pops, clicks, bangs, creaks, people talking over the sounds and all sorts of other noise contamination. Quite frankly you can pretty much hear whatever you want to hear in those recordings. But if they are real, someone could be getting ready for a fight.

And once again they break out two pieces of technology I find to be faulty at best. One seems to be scanning for voices in radio waves, which honestly could just be picking up a radio station or other radio waves such as people talking. And the other seems to be some variation on Frank’s Box, which I think is complete bunk and just annoys me whenever someone uses it. I’m sorry, but until someone provides some scientific or at least repeatable data or tests on how it works I will continue to scoff whenever that thing is used.

Of course if you want to believe in such things the guys feel they connect with Scott Jackson who is rumored to have been a Satanist and is responsible for the murder of Pearl Bryant. Confession from well beyond the grave?

Moving on from the EVPs, the team is joined by Bishop Long who has come to protect as well as cleanse the place. He certainly feels there is a lot of dark energy there and while performing his cleansing ritual the guys claim to get recordings of something growling. There’s also several more threats which are apparently laced with vulgarities. The bleeps cover most of the EVP and the little bit that’s left is garbled. Do other people hear something totally different?

The Bishop brings the night to a close with a cleansing ritual and feels that demonic possession might be right around the corner if they’re not careful. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see all that since the cameras are turned off.

In the end however, the guys gather for a bit of a public service announcement where they caution viewers about the dangers of what they do and the experiences they have. I guess that is fair warning that things could get out of hand. Don’t try this at home kids!

In the end they claim to get dozens of EVPs that have nothing good to say and lay down threats at every turn. Too bad we really didn’t get to see their last visit with the public ghost hunt (or at least I didn’t, it seems like one hell of a time).

So is Bobby Mackey’s haunted? Are there really bad spirits still roaming the halls just waiting to pounce on the patrons? The team certainly thinks so, but Bobby seems to dismiss it all.

Mysterious haunting or wild imaginations?

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Ghost Adventures – Gettysburg – S04E01

A slew of evidence in this episode, some of it came across as compelling, some came across as complete bunk.

Soldier’s Museum

Gettysburg, famous for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which are its battles. And not easily won, decisive battles, but extremely bloody and costly battles. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the battlefields of Gettysburg to immerse themselves in the lives of the soldiers who fought and died there. But it’s not just the soldiers, but also the children who were sent there as orphans who were beaten and punished for the most minor of infractions.

Stories tell of Rosa who used to stick the children in the pit as well as chaining them to the wall. There are claims that she ordered the older kids to beat the younger children to keep them in line. There’s even speculation she may have even killed some of the kids in her care.

The team jumps right in and heads down to the pit to see if they can talk with the children. They start off with offering some candy and almost immediately get an EVP of "You’re wonderful. Thank you" which sounds surprisingly clear. But seconds later it seems like rocks are being thrown around the place and a warning to "Watch your backs". There are some bangs and thuds (you don’t actually see anything) but again another respectable EVP.

Another EVP they get are the words "Betcha won’t untie me" which I think is a bit of stretch. I can see where that phrase fits, but I don’t quite hear those same words. Anyway, it’s an odd thing to say. Is someone asking for help or throwing out a taunt?

The other EVP that’s odd is the one recorded by Aaron as he’s talking about the display cases and the money in the museum. They hear "Pass all the Morgan’s" referring to the money. That EVP is nowhere near as clear as the others so I have a hard time hearing their translation. It would be interesting that they have activity from multiple time periods. There verdict is still out on that.

As Zak is still in the pit they claim to get "Kill the girl" as they provoke Rosa. I don’t hear that at all. That sounds like nothing but static and some wishful thinking to make up that phrase. I think that’s a throwaway as is the "I want the bowl of money" they claim to capture. Those are so garbled and come across as background noise. The first two sounded quite distinct, but the rest aren’t worth paying attention to.

Jennie Wade House

Not the word database box again! How can you even say that thing works? Taking it at absolute face value how could a spirit possibly know what level of energy it needs to form a specific word? Where’ the instruction manual? Is there a class on how to work it before the lockdown begins? That thing is a farce!

It all sounds great and exciting to get words like Pass, Property, Helpful, Teen and Drink, but there is no way to validate the finding so it should be completely discarded.

But the big EVP moment is a voice from beyond saying, "I’m pregnant". That static in the air does not equate to "I’m pregnant" to me. If that’s what you hear, fine, but to me, that could be anything! I’m going with another example of wishful thinking and hearing what you want to hear to make it fit the story.

And then we have Zak hovering over the body of Jennie as he does some provoking. Perhaps he’s taking too many liberties with Jennie, or perhaps someone is getting frisky, but Zak claims he was grabbed on the ass. It was more amusing than anything else, almost an excuse to keep saying the word "ass".

Engine House

We start off with a trio of EVPs which sound like their plotting against Zak. Once again, nothing but static to me so I think it’s a pretty big leap to make a conversation out of all that. I hear noises, but there is no way I agree with what they hear.

As soon as I saw Zak with the pistol I said, "Zak will fire it, then they’ll capture a figure of a soldier at the end of the tracks". And low and behold that exact scenario played out. That was way too damn predictable to believe, way too coincidental for me. I’m not saying anything one way or the other, but I just can’t get excited over that. It would be far too easy to artificially recreate that…

I applaud the effort of bringing in the voice pathologist for the "I’m pregnant" clip, but I’m not really sure she proved anything. I’m still not a fan of EVPs as evidence. I really like the first two Zak and team came up with, the rest however, don’t add up to much.

A nice season opener though, and in a pretty interesting place. I don’t agree with most of the evidence, but I still enjoyed the ride. It was a little over the top in silliness at times. That happens sometimes I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

What do you think? Do you think they found some compelling evidence? Did they capture Jennie giving a message about her baby? What do you think about the season opener?

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Ghost Adventures returns tonight with a marathon!

Don’t forget, tonight is the return of the Ghost Adventures crew, and it’s not just a single episode, but a marathon of episodes for this Friday night. Things kick off with "Best Evidence So Far" and then the season premier with the team in "Gettysburg". After that is a rerun of "Washoe Club" and then a re-airing of "Gettysburg". That’s a pretty good kickoff to a new season.

Don’t forget, the action starts at 8PM tonight.

Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel

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