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Ghost Lab – John Wilkes Booth

Let’s jump right in.

To put it bluntly, the Klinge brothers claim they have a recording of John Wilkes Booth speaking from beyond the grave. This show has now risen to an all new level of idiocy overshadowing all the other absurd claims and shoddy evidence they have presented before. And if you’ve watched the previous episodes you know that’s a pretty hefty claim.

The Klinge brothers are hot on the trail of John Wilkes Booth and what conspiracy theorists believe really happened to him after he got away. They claim he actually lived his life on stage under different names and lived for many years until he took his own life.

The investigation starts in a Texas opera house where Booth, under the name John St. Helen appeared on stage for many years. Setting up their cameras the brothers hope to get Booth to appear on stage for all to see. Working off their "era cues" idea they enlist the help of many of the town citizens to sit in the theater and be part of the audience to see if Booth will come out. Not surprisingly nothing happens.

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Ghost Lab – Episode 5 – Nottoway, Louisiana /Metro Club, Chicago

It’s hunting for the paranormal using quack science.

These guys are just absurd. I said I wasn’t going to write about each episode, but I keep doing it because each one is more outlandish than the previous one. The Ghost Lab team goes to the beautiful Nottoway plantation to investigate the apparitions that have been spotted.

Apparently the theme of this episode was water as they become fixated on it. In their minds water is causing the paranormal activity and to prove it they take samples of the Mississippi. Then, as though they completely forgot their high school chemistry classes they had to call in a professor to confirm that water can conduct electricity. Further, the more polluted the water is the more it will conduct. Are there really people watching the show who don’t know that? I guess they forgot about those warnings that say not to use a dryer near the bathtub. Continue reading

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Ghost Lab – Episode 4 – Chicago/Texas

I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this show or not. While I like the locations they visit and the stories behind them, their methods and conclusions seem highly suspect and dodgy to me.

In their latest exploits the Ghost Lab team is in Chicago at a Tattoo parlor and then in Texas at a brothel. Again, their captured evidence is extremely light. To me, personal experiences don’t mean anything since they can’t be documented. You can say something is cold or you saw a shadow or you felt something watching you, but that isn’t evidence. That’s a feeling, an impression, perhaps even the mind playing tricks. And static on a recording isn’t evidence either. Other people may hear names or responses to questions, but all I ever hear is static.

As for their experiments, it seems like it’s an excuse to goof around. The Brothers claim they’re raising the energy in the place so they can promote more spirit activity. I can’t say it actually accomplishes anything. Really, getting a tattoo brings out the spirits? Scaring people in the basement of a Halloween haunted house makes ghosts appear? Where’s the correlation? By that token, the more people you put in a room the more spirit activity there should be. They don’t actually have to do anything, their energy is enough. Not quite buying into that one.

When in Texas investigating the brothel they look into a tub that makes people feel they’re being watched. The immediately see that there is a high EMF surrounding it. Sidestepping the notion of looking for the source they press on and have someone get in the tub. Well, yeah, they should feel weird with all that going on around them. That’s not paranormal, that’s being affected by your environment.

In both cases the Brothers give it their paranormal stamp of approval and say proudly their experiments are a success. Excuse me? They barely found anything at either site and they feel confident they found conclusive evidence of the paranormal. I can’t agree with you there. From where I stand you haven’t found anything.

Here’s a thought, maybe they could investigate for the entire night and stopping running back to the trailer every couple of minutes to see if they found something.

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Ghost Lab – Episode 3 – Chicago/New Orleans

After three episodes of this new show I have to say it’s leaving me feeling pretty cold. Their methods, correlations and findings seem shaky at best. While in Chicago they basically come across nothing but feel that negative energy is trapped there. Based on what; that silly mood device you put your hand on? Come on, that’s your science?

Then in New Orleans it’s all fun and games as they spend their time playing pranks on each other. Now, one of the brothers does get a scratch on the neck while talking trash to the spirit of a young woman who died of a drug overdose right after Katrina. I’ll give you that it’s interesting, but that alone doesn’t mean anything. They’re having a great time playing in the Haunted House in the basement, but I don’t think they’re actually proving anything. I admit fully, a Haunted House in an old Mortuary, now that’s cool.

But seriously, I’m not sure where this show is headed or what they’re hoping to accomplish, but so far, this viewer is completely underwhelmed.

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