Ghost Adventures – Maysville Slave House – S04E25

The Ghost Adventures team head to Kentucky to investigate the Maysville Slave House. A house that started its life as a slave home but then became part of the Underground Railroad helping to free the salves it once sold. And now sits as a museum to those dark times.

William Phillips built the home complete with slave jail and dungeon. Slaves were bought and sold on the property. And I would think there is little doubt that slaves were beaten and killed there as well. The blood stains on the wall make it hard to ignore.

Jerry, the owner has seen several apparitions. He has seen a figure down in the tunnels where slaves would wait to make their escape. He’s seen the figure of a man with a brimmed hat. Many visitors feel a strong presence when they visit.

There is even rumor that a man shot himself in the head in one of the rooms. But the details as to who he was and why are somewhat vague.

But what does the team turn up? I first have to say I’m not really thrilled with their entrance. Showing up in a police escorted hearse and doing a parody of Ghost Busters seems a little inappropriate for a slave house. I don’t think these little comedic follies add anything to the investigation.

To summarize the guys claim to get lots of EVPs on their recorders. They have very few experiences other than being cold. But there seems to be a lot of voices coming through. They capture fragments in the white noise but the Ovilus has even more to say. When asked of Mr. Phillips the voice says they need to beware and that he’s a wolf. They hear the words kill and bone as they ask for more details. If they really are communicating it paints a pretty grim picture.

While sitting in a tunnel with multiple voices being recorded, Nick gets the chills and feels someone is close by. Even the recorder seems to agree as they capture the words "close".

I’m not a fan of the devices they use to capture these EVPs but the sheer abundance of them makes you wonder. It seems like plenty of voices are asking to be heard and not everyone made it to freedom.

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Ghost Adventures Hales Bar Marina & Dam – S04E24

For this episode the Ghost Adventures Team heads down to Tennessee to investigate the Hales Bar Marina and Dam, a location that is said to be under the curse of Chief Dragging Canoe. The Cherokee land was taken away by white settlers so the Chief put a curse on it to make it unproductive and uninhabitable. Ever since, many people say they feel the effects of his curse. For example the Hales Bar dam has never worked properly and was even torn down. People claim it interfered with the natural flow of the land. There are also claims by investigators of being scratched, hair being pulled and of being touched in general.

One of the legends about the dam is that if a worker died while on the site they were simply added to the concrete and added to the structure. But the main source of concern is the underwater burial ground. When the area was flooded to make the damn it covered a cemetery. None of the bodies were removed before the water came in. The bodies were left in place and are still down there today.

Before the investigation begins the team tries to head out and see the refuge of the Cherokee Chief, but a massive storm comes ripping through knocking over several buildings. Of course they attribute this to the Chief and that the spirits are taunting them.

So how does the investigation work out? As Aaron is investigating he has his usual meltdown and fit of hysterics when he claims to get touched. He says something grabbed him. When they analyze the footage they claim to get a figure moving on the catwalk and believe they hear people chanting. Aaron also starts claiming something entered his body. These guys make this claim a lot. Unless I’m mistaken each one of them has claimed to have been taken over by an entity at some point. Who knew it was so easy to interact with the living?

After this incident Aaron is basically ranting like a ferret on speed. His mouth is racing a hundred miles an hour and nothing he says makes any sense. His wild monologue is interrupted by claims of more sounds and another EVP of "I’ll shoot you all". Unfortunately all the EVPs the guys get sound like garbled mess. Supposedly the entities are spewing vulgarities at Zak and team but of course you can’t hear that one because it sounds like a mess and gets bleeped out.

When you take into account the back story of the place and their playing around in the rain this investigation is only around 20 minutes long. Quite honestly I don’t think they walk away with too much. Aaron having a fit while standing in the dark scared out of his mind is nothing new. We’ve been down this road dozens of times before. The figure they claim to get near him is somewhat interesting but that really could be anything moving there. It’s a pretty big leap to say that’s an Indian figure or something else moving in the shadows. The EVPs are static and the rest of the team doesn’t experience the hair pulling, touching or scratching.

There is no doubt the Hales Bar Marina has some turmoil and makes for some wild and spooky tales but the evidence we get from this episode isn’t bringing any of those tales down to earth.

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Destination Truth S04E14 – Ghosts of Antarctica

Josh and the team head out for one wild ride as they head down to a true frozen wasteland, Antarctica. There are reports that people who visit these outposts and do research out there are still feeling the presence and hearing the sounds of explorers long since gone. They see shadows, hear footsteps within the old research buildings and see strange lights. The team bundles up and heads out to see what they can find.

As you expect, getting there is half the battle. But this time it’s not a faulty car that is Josh’s nemesis but rather a broken down transmission on their chartered boat that leaves them stranded at the dock for 5 days while a replacement is shipped in. That certainly puts a damper on things doesn’t it?

But they do manage to get the boat fixed, using a used transmission (they spare no expense) so they head off and spend a lovely few days seeing icebergs and getting seasick. None the worse for wear they do come across some lonely Russians who invite them in for a feast and tell their own stories about how they feel a presence and don’t feel alone even though they’re completely isolated.

Their first stop is Deception Island where they investigate several of the abandoned buildings. Josh gets something on the thermal but not enough for a positive ID. Josh and Ryder end up in some sort of warehouse where they hear plenty of bangs coming from all around.

Gabe and Shawn see lights and hear noises in another set of run down shacks and feel someone is trying to talk to them. They aren’t able to get anything definitive though.

There is no doubt this location is eerily still and creepy, but when it comes to evidence they don’t have much in the way of hard facts. The wind and cold could be making all manner of noises and light could be reflecting off the snow in all sorts of ways. But it’s desolate and lonely and for those who lost their lives it would have been a miserable passing. Starvation, bitter cold and lack of supplies could make for some negative experiences that might still linger.

But the team can’t stay so they move on to the next location. And the tribute to the Titanic by Josh and Erin is something to be seen and experienced. However, don’t trying drinking through this piece lest something come shooting out your nose.

The next stop is Wordie Hut, but first it’s a trip to the bar. Yes indeed, there is a bar in the Antarctic (which is worth the price of admission) and if you’re willing to part with a bra you get drinks for free. Sadly, Josh is informed it only works for the ladies. I think he was robbed.

The barkeep has the keys to Wordie Hut so they set out for another investigation where they find a journal. As they read some passages about the freezing cold temperatures and miserable conditions they hear what sounds like a light switch being flicked. Is someone offering them some light so they can read the journal better?

There is also an isolation session where Erin distinctly feels a presence and Josh swears he sees something and gives chase. They all feel as though something is there but that it’s just beyond their reach.

This has got to be one of the coolest investigations they’ve done. Regardless of the paranormal aspect the idea of going to such a remote location is absolutely staggering. It’s both beautiful and haunting and is most certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The team walks away with some odd sounds and experiences but it’s hard to say if they have anything truly paranormal. That’s not the point though. This was a wild ride and was a truly fascinating adventure on so many levels.

The season has ended far too quickly. Just when I was getting back into the swing of things we’ve come to the end of the journey. Hopefully Josh and the team will be back in a few months with all new adventures and great locations for us to visit. I think they’ve done a fantastic job of exposing us to different lands and varying cultures. In some cases they’ve actually risked their lives to bring it to us. Ryder has certainly taken a few knocks in the process.

Thanks for DT and Syfy for the wonderful adventures and I can’t wait see more.

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Destination Truth – Naree Pon/Aiya Napa – S04E13

Naree Pon

For this part of the adventure Josh heads to Thailand to investigate a creature that sounds too wild and fantastical to be true. Part animal and part plant, Josh is looking for the Naree Pon. It’s a legend that is turning into reality. The Naree Pon has been blamed for several disappearances and some claim it’s actually capable of attacking people. There have been many eyewitness sightings and there is even some physical evidence in the form of mummified remains.

Josh heads to a monastery to have a look at the remains. They do indeed look like small little animals. At first they almost seem like tiny monkeys. Josh isn’t able to take any samples so he does his best by taking photos.

To get to where the Naree Pon is supposed to live Josh enlists the help of some elephants. The adventure continues with Josh and team doing some impromptu repelling. It all looks pretty rough and dangerous, but at least Ryder didn’t fall down the mountain.

The team sets up base camp and heads out into the night. They find a slew of statues, a poisonous snake and a massive cave that Josh has to investigate. The cave looks like it used to be a shrine or perhaps even the focus of a small village. They don’t come across any real evidence but Josh takes quite a tumble on the slippery rocks.

At the end of the investigation they take the photos, the only evidence they have, to Jim Dines. It turns out he’s not actually sure what the creatures are. They’re certainly odd, but he’s not really ready to say what they are. For now the whole thing will still remain a mystery.

Aiya Napa

For the next adventure Josh heads to Cypress to track down a mysterious sea monster that is said to live in the caves surrounding the area. Fishermen claim to see it and also report that it’s chewing up their nets. There are also several local eyewitness accounts.

The team heads out to the caves where the creature may be hiding and decide the fastest way of getting to them is by jumping off the cliff. Josh is on a roll! He’s jumping off everything!

The caves are too small to hide a sea monster so they charter a boat and head out into the open water. They do a late night dive with the help of an ROV. While searching Josh swears something massive goes swimming by. At the same time Ryder loses control of the ROV. Is there a massive shark circling around them?

They don’t get any confirmation so they head topside and continue on from there. They’re unable to capture any more evidence even within the wreck of an old ferry and soon call it a night. In the end they think this is a case of mistaken identity and that more than likely people are just seeing sharks.

All nautical cities have legends of sea creatures to account for disasters, bad fishing days and accidents that happen. Those legends still hold true today. As long as we have fishing we’ll have stories of sea monsters. But as with so many DT episodes, it’s not about finding the creature it’s about going to the markets and taking in the nightlife. Watching Josh and the team race around in taxi motorcycles and having Josh handcuffed was hysterical. That’s why I love this show!

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