Ghost Adventures – Lechtworth Village – S05E06

Letchworth Village, an institution for the care of the mentally ill. And like so many of these places, it had great intentions and then it all went horribly wrong. Patients were abused and outright neglected. They were left without clothes, they weren’t fed, medicines were mixed up and ultimately patients were left to fend for themselves. The footage is horrific and all you can think is, thank God they closed this place down. Some of the stories, especially the one about the collection of brains is shocking to say the least. This is the sort of thing you dream up when writing a horror story.

As the investigation is underway, they claim to hear staticy voices and feel the presence of trapped energy all around them. Zak feels that something is following him around. He even feels that a dark energy is clinging to him. On the digital recorder, he feels a voice says, "pray your god". It’s because of this he tries to separate himself from the rest of the group. As they continue on, they feel they capture a dark figure wandering around the building. Is this the person that spoke to Zak? Is he just seeing a trick of light?

The building is horribly decrepit and is coming down around them. There is no way you could be in there and have a feel of dread or even doom. The EVPs they capture are a mixed bag. Some you can actually make out some words, while others sound like the usual static. The shadow figure is interesting. I can’t quite jump on board with it though as car headlights or some other "trick of light" could cause the same effect. Perhaps there is something there, heavens knows the place has enough malicious energy.

This episode was downright depressing. I hope the place isn’t haunted. The idea that people would be trapped in such a shit hole is hard to imagine. I don’t know what to make of the evidence they did capture, but out of all the places they been, I think this ranks as one of the last places I would like to visit.

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