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Paranormal Cops Series Finale?

It looks like Paranormal Cops may not have struck a chord with audiences. The A&E site is listing a Series finale for February 16th rather than a Season finale. Further if you go to their Facebook page there are several entries of “Comments welcomed at AE.VIEWERRELATIONS@AETN.COM”. Perhaps their investigative style just wasn’t enough to pull in the ratings. I can’t say for sure if this is the end of the show, or just the end of their short season, but from the way I read things, I think Paranormal Cops is going away. I’m actually surprised a paranormal show could get cancelled right now.

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Paranormal Cops – Dead Man Walking – S01E04

The CPD team investigates a firehouse where the firemen feel a strong presence on a regular basis. This investigation centers around Moriah who feels the entity is looking for someone named Dan who is more than likely a Sherriff. As luck would have it, there happens to be a Dan, who’s a Sherriff and he recently lost his father. (You know what the skeptic would say about such coincidences) It seems "Dad" wants to get the message through that he’s sorry for all the financial mess he left behind and that he’s proud of his son Dan.

But wait, we don’t have just one spirit running around. There is another entity who is watching over the men, the former owner of the building. Irwin is still tightly connected with the building and is in no hurry to leave.

The investigation is pretty different this time around. Don’t expect flashing meters and asking questions. Moriah does all the talking on this one.

Of course, right at the beginning nearly the entire team becomes ill as they investigate the firehouse. At first it seems like a carbon monoxide leak or bad fumes of some sort. They run some test but find no cause for the bad feelings. Are they victims of spirit activity or bad takeout? The verdict is still out on that one.

Right at the very end the team whips out their EVPs. I’m just going to skip those results.

It’s a really cool story, but does CPD have the evidence to back it up? I’m not convinced.

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Paranormal Cops – Stirring Up The Dead – S01E03

As another group that claims they need hard evidence before they’ll label a place haunted, Paranormal Cops is sure handing out the Paranormal card pretty regularly.

The Stag’s Head certainly has the background for some interesting happenings; a former brothel where a patron may have been shot and killed to multiple claims of footsteps, cold spots, shadow figures and the sound of someone crying.

As Ron and the team investigate the claim to hear loud footsteps on the stairs. And multiple times during the night they claim to hear a woman’s voice. The voice is either mumbling or perhaps humming.

While investigating near the women’s restroom upstairs they get hits on their EMF meter which tells the story that someone did get shot and killed up there. Yes, the EMF meter goes off, but it really doesn’t seem to go off with enough certainty to match what they’re asking. And as for all the other sounds, is it going to come as a shock when I say I don’t hear them? Seriously, does anyone else actually hear the voices and footsteps when they’re watching? I never hear the noise that comes before the question, "Did you hear that?"

As you might expect, the EVPs sound like garbled static. Certainly nothing that would come across as solid evidence to me. Like so many other cases, I just don’t feel their evidence supports the paranormal claim. There’s nothing in there that can’t be explained by some other means.

But what about the EMF? A blinking light that shuts itself off as quickly as it turns on doesn’t mean much to me.

I also have an issue with the phrase “A grove of trees”. That simply isn’t a phrase someone from Chicago would use. Comes across as a little too convenient for my liking.

I like these guys, but I really think it should be harder to convince people there is something paranormal going on. What happened to being skeptical and debunking? Seems like every sound and every bump is flagged as a haunting.

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Paranormal Cops – Victims Revenge – S01E02

Ron and the Chicago Paranormal Detectives are called in by a former student of a women’s college to bring some closure to some of the events she felt when she attended school there. The school is scheduled to be torn down and she wants some answers about her experiences before it’s gone.

While she was a student, Danni felt and experienced some odd activity. When she was in the school after hours she felt like she was being watched. Danni also says that when she would play in the music room, she would hear a bang, go to investigate it, and find her sheet music arranged differently.

There is also the story of a young girl who died and her body was left on the front lawn of the school.

As soon as Ron and team begin their investigation they start to see shadows and see someone moving. Not to discount what these guys are doing, but it’s an abandoned building, how do they know it’s not just kids vandalizing the place or a homeless person trying to keep from getting caught? Bangs, bumps and other noises like that would be pretty common in an abandoned building.

Moriah, the medium, begins to feel a very strange presence as she’s walking around. A male begins to taunt her and make some odd comments about how she should be on the lawn – a reference to the previous victim. There is also the comment about hydrochloric acid and apple seeds. Kind of an odd combination but the connection seems to be about how the girl was murdered. She was poisoned.

Ron and team continue to see shadows and figures move around the building. They aren’t able to catch up with anything, but they’re convinced something is going on.

As they do more research they find the girl that was found on the lawn was poisoned with cyanide and the main suspect was her boyfriend. He claims she committed suicide after they broke up, but there is strong suspicion he was behind it.

So did the CPD team meet up with this murderer in the old school? It’s a really interesting story, I’m sure someone will make a movie about it, but I can’t say the evidence supports it all. The actual captured evidence doesn’t seem that strong. Again, the EVPs are pretty weak, and the thermal images aren’t too solid. They have quite a few personal experiences and the medium gets some interesting information, but when all is said and done, I don’t really feel they walked away with anything tangible. They feel there is paranormal activity, but I’m not really sure the evidence supports that.

As you would expect, Danni feels that everything they’ve found supports what she’s believed all along. It’s a wild story and certainly worth more investigation, too bad the actual location may soon be gone. But if it does get turned into housing we might be back to investigate what the new residents experience.

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