Ghost Adventures – The Exorcist House – S08E07

So this is an interesting episode, the guys head out to St. Louis to investigate the home made famous by the movie, The Exorcist. Back in 1949, Father William Bowdern supposedly exorcised the demons out of the little boy that lived in the house. It is said the boy and his aunt used a Ouija board to commune with spirits which opened a portal for something evil to come through. And if you’ve watched the movie we all know what happens next.

Supposedly, the evil still lurks in the house, penetrating the very stone and wood of the house. Neither the owner, nor the previous owners actually talk about the house. However, a paranormal investigator claims to have been touched and scratched while investigating there. During their filming a neighbor comes over to say that people move into the house, but that it’s a bad place. They don’t stay very long. No details are given so we’re not entirely sure what he means.

After Zak, Nick and Aaron ratchet up the tension as high as they can, it’s finally time to go inside. You have to consult with priests and demonologists so they can tell everyone what you’re doing is dangerous and scary.

The main activity centers in the bedroom where the original exorcism was performed. Against the better judgment of everyone, Zak pulls out a Ouija board and places the Spirit Box on it. Everyone is scared for their meager lives as Zak stands on the precipice of opening the portal to damnation and bringing ruination to the world. Or he could just be messing around with a piece of cardboard. Take your pick.

When asked the name of the man the entity attacked in the room, the box responds with, "He needs help."

When asked, "What hppened here in 1949" the answer comes as "Ouija board" and "trouble". And it does appear to be two different voices.

When asked, "What is your name?" they get two responses, "Devil" and "Diablo".

The rest of the investigation involves messing around with the Xbox Kinect. Zak feels cold spots at the same time some sort of blue dot shows up on the screen. And there is much rejoicing as they can’t understand why Aaron can’t be tracked on the Kinect. They take both of these as signs of spiritual energy and a presence. In no way should this be taken as a malfunction of the device or it’s inability to track certain people under certain conditions.

As the investigation comes to an end the main evidence is the audio recordings. While they are interesting items, they certainly don’t add up to the Uber sinister and demon infested house the first 20 minutes of the episode tried to instill in us.

I’ve said it before, I don’t believe the Ouija board is a source of evil or a conduit or portal for demonic spirits. It’s simply a piece of cardboard with lettering. That’s the same as saying a blanket with letters you use to help your child with the alphabet is summoning demons into the room or that simply opening the bible will a holy spirit appear. It simply doesn’t work that way. Since everyone has their own differing opinions, we’ll just skip that debate.

I thought the EVPs were interesting, but I can’t agree with most of them. I certainly here Devil and Diablo as well as ouija board and trouble. So, does that make the house haunted? Is there something demonic in there? It really doesn’t seem so since no one got scratched, no one got threatened and no welts with a cross in the middle of them showed up on anybody. All in all the house seemed rather normal. Maybe there is something in there that wants to communicate and it would have been great for the guys to hang around for a couple of days and gather some more evidence. Going off the spirit box alone isn’t going to convince me a house is haunted. To me, it’s possible there is an energy there that should be explored further. As I said, it’s certainly not dropping with the evil that has seeped into the foundation like they want us to believe.

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Ghost Mine – Ghosts of the Geiser Grand – S02E05

For this episode of Ghost Mine, we have a whole lot of little evidence coming together that may all be related to the mine and how the Chinese immigrants were treated, or more to the point, mistreated as they worked in the mines. At least that seems to be the road we’re following for right now.

The focus is on the Geiser Grand Hotel, a prominent building during the gold rush. Land deals, mining deals, lumber and railroad deals were all made here. As with any mining town there was plenty of gambling as well and mines would have been won or lost on a game or cards.

Oddly, the Geiser Hotel is said to have it’s own paranormal events. And just as odd, there are tunnels down in the basement that would have been used by the Chinese workers so they could travel back to Chinatown. Why did they have to travel this way? Chinatown was open at sunrise and closed at sunset. Outside of those times, Chinese wouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets.

With all that in mind, Kristen and Patrick set about their investigation and when asked if the Crescent Mine was used by the Masons as a lodge, a glass tumbles off the shelf. Maybe tumble isn’t the right word, it might have been thrown. It doesn’t just land on the ground right in front of the shelf, but a few feet away. And when listening to the recordings, there appears to be a voice right before the glass hits.

Additionally, when Kristen asks, "Did something bad happen up there?" in regards to the Crescent Mine, she gets a response of "Yes".

While in the basement, they also get a motion sensor going off and the sound of someone tapping on glass. Up in the main dining room, they get the sound of chairs creaking and perhaps a slight shuffling sound as Patrick pulls out a deck of cards and some money. There are also spikes in the EVP, minor but spikes non the less, as they try to get a game started.

Aside from the investigation, the mine owner Larry has brought in a security guard to monitor the place since they feel a trespasser is wrecking the equipment and possibly causing damage to the mine. This new security guard also sees a trespasser and says he’s head right toward the camp where Patrick, Kristen and Stan are waiting. No one ever appears.

Patrick and Kristen then investigate and feel they may have captured a shadow figure in the woods. They’ve also made the claim they feel the old broken structure they stumbled on might be a burn house and there might still be bodies buried in the area. They can’t say for sure, but there is a possibility.

Lots of odd things are coming together with tons of strange noises like the rocks falling, the bangs against the cabin as they all talk about the evidence, some trespassing figure they can never catch and voices that show up on the audio. Seems like Patrick and Kristen either need to lean some Chinese or get someone who speaks the native language so perhaps they can bridge this language barrier. If there is a supernatural cause to these events, they might have better luck asking the miners in their native language.

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Ghost Mine – Wandering Spirit – S02E04

For this episode of Ghost Mine, the investigation and research continues into the history of the Chinese miners that worked at the Crescent mine. Turns out there was a lot of anger and prejudice towards the Chinese works. In fact, not only were they forced to work "dried up" gold veins, but when the overall amount of gold began to deplete, tempers flared and the Chinese were blamed. To that end, 3 dozen Chinese miners were massacred and their bodies thrown into the river. According to Gregory Nokes, it was a "savage act of racial hatred". The story is quite shocking, but sadly, I doubt it’s the only story like that.

Aside from the brutal murders, part of the Chinese culture believes that if you’re buried on foreign soil your spirit will never be at rest and will wander aimlessly. At first, the bodies of massacred miners were buried where they were found, some as far as 65 miles down river. However, over time their bodies were rounded up and taken back to China so they could be buried properly. Since so many of the miners were unaccounted for, did all of them make it back to their native land?

Gregory also discusses the remnants of the structure Patrick and Kristen found. While the symbols on the rock mean place of cremation, Nokes believes the building the found is a collapsed burner house, a place where prayer scrolls and incense would be burned. Since the Chinese were so segregated from the rest of the workers, this would have been their makeshift "temple". While not quite the burial ground the name would imply, it’s still "holy ground" and would have been of great significance to the Chinese people.

Nokes tells Patrick and Kristen of the separate Chinese cemetery and Chinese Walls where the miners were buried until their bodies were exhumed and taken back. The Chinese Walls contains tens of thousands of rocks the miners would have sifted through looking for gold. As they investigate and look around there is an almost constant sound of falling rocks. Now, that would perfectly normal since it’s a gigantic rock pile, but oddly, the rocks seem far to big and far too heavy to simply fall on their own. It just seems odd rocks of that size would just be crumbling all the time. Of course you have wonder, as do Kristen and Patrick, is this the residual sound of the miners continuing to work?

Meanwhile, within the mine things are little odd. The miners have finally broken through the "dog leg" they made to reach the backside of the tunnel. According to them it looks like someone collapsed the mine on purpose. They’ve brought this up multiple times with the notion that the mine was collapsed to keep something in. That just seems strange. Is there specific evidence? It’s a mineshaft, a cave-in could have just happened because of weak support. There doesn’t inherently have to be something sinister about it. Or, the season was over and the miners sealed off the entrance so a claim jumper wouldn’t sneak in there and steal their gold. Considering the hatred and prejudice those miners had for the Chinese, would it be any surprise for them to collapse or destroy the mine to make sure they never got a nugget? I agree there are some odd things going on, but not everything has to have a paranormal angle to it. Some times events happen for perfectly normal reasons.

We end the episode with Patrick and Kristen back at the Chinese Walls where Patrick’s camera goes dead amidst the sound of tumbling rocks and he declares, "something is with us". I guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out if he’s right.

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Insidious – An interesting tale, but not quite what I expected

image There is a lot of hype about this movie since the sequel is currently out in theaters. To that end I decided to watch the original and see what the fuss was all about. While I found the story of Astral Projection and ill tempered creatures trying to make it into our world, overall the movie left me flat like they cut corners and didn’t take full advantage of the story.

When their son Dalton falls into a coma without cause, his parents Josh and Renai are desperate for answers. Their new house is plagued with mysterious events from shadows, to music, to bumps, to wild and vivid dreams. Something is wrong so they move. But the problems follow them and soon they’re at their wits end to explain what’s happened to their son.

Along comes Elise Rainer who is quite familiar with this sort of problem and with the family itself. It seems Dalton has allowed himself to venture too far into "The Further" a region of Astral Projection where strange things live and feed off humans. Dalton has allowed himself to become a victim and needs someone to help get back home. With the help of Elise, Josh is able to enter the Astral Plane and search for his son.

It’s an interesting story, a bit far fetched but interesting none the less. The odd happenings and strange characters hiding in the corners, running down the halls and disappearing at locked door makes you wonder just what’s going on. Is there really a spirit? Is Dalton behind all of this?

But what starts off as an interesting plot begins to get a little silly. The "ghost hunters" and the use of the gas mask come across as ridiculous and detract from the otherwise moody elements of the movie. Then when we hit the final moments, the thrill is gone. It’s not tense. You’re not on the edge of your seat. It sort of just happens. Some may say it’s just a set up for the big twist at the end, but that really wasn’t a shocker either. It all seems so out of context that it doesn’t even make sense. Because of that I thought the ending was extremely flat and knowing there is a sequel I didn’t feel an urge to race out an see it.

Like The Conjuring, this had more potential than what we see on the screen. So much just never materialized. It was an interesting idea, but the characters and the story never really develop to the point where you actually care about what’s going on. It was able to hold my interest, but I wasn’t riveted. In fact, as soon as the movie was over it was dismissed. I’ll check out Insidious 2 just to see where they take the story, but I’m certainly not going to pay today’s prices to find out. This makes for a good rental and was enjoyable, but considering the excitement and all the reviews, I thought there would be a lot more to it.


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