Paranormal State S04E04 – Boy Pushed Me

This episode makes even less sense than the previous one.

Start off with a boy who falls out the second story window. He claims a bad boy pushed him and that he’s scared of him. Right off this sounds like a family who can’t cope with a stupid accident in the family. It wasn’t that I simply wasn’t paying attention, it was the work of an evil spirit.

The kids have bad dreams about dying and being stabbed (too much Xbox at a friends house). Further, they say there are cannibals outside in the woods. The parents think there is something evil in the house causing all the problems. Certainly no child in the school would make up stories about a haunted wood where cannibals live, that’s just silly talk.

Ryan brings in a medium who says she feels something about a "quick death" and that something is warning her about the woods.

During their first dead time Chad sees his normal shadow movement. This guy sees shadows every single time. Are we sure he’s not just seeing himself standing in front of the damn lights?

To get some history of the location they talk with a local reporter who says that a boy and his dogs disappeared in the woods where the house currently stands. The reporter says the name of a suspect which is also a name heard on one of the tapes another paranormal group captured.

Ryan and team move outside for their next dead time and low and behold they hear twigs snapping and things falling from the trees. Of course my first thought it’s nothing more than branches falling or squirrels running in the trees. They do capture some sort of movement on the camera but no one can make out what it is. Chad goes with fast moving fog. You see shadows in every room and you now say this is fog?

Again they pretty much have no evidence so they go with the idea that because the family cut down trees when clearing the land for the house that they pissed of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is looking for some payback so they plant some trees to make things right. Eilfie does a little chant in the woods and that’s the end of that.

Plant a tree, ward off evil.

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Paranormal State S04E03 – Dead Legends

Here we have a hotel where the clients have apparently captured a shadow of a little boy who died on the property. There are claims of knives being thrown around like it’s a hibachi kitchen. And spirits are supposed to roam the halls scaring the Dickens out of people.

Ryan and Chad claim to have experiences of their own as they wander around the hotel. They hear noises, claim to hear the squeak of a tricycle wheel and see a shadow or some other figure in one of the rooms. But as far as tangible evidence goes they find a whole lot of nothing. They don’t capture any evidence, no voices, no knife wielding entities of any kind.

Further, when they check out the history of the location not a single story or death can be substantiated. Even though there was a fire there, no one is reported as dying because of it. When Chip arrives though he gets the sense that there was an explosion and a death.

Since they have no real evidence of any kind, it’s time to dig into the bag of tricks and pull out one of their far fetched ideas; and this one is a doozy. There really is no paranormal activity, but people have been telling stories and now believe in them which actually created spirit energy and paranormal activity. Basically, they have a bunch of urban legends which people have now convinced themselves are real. And because they think they’re real they feel they’re having experiences.

So what do you do when faced with such a dilemma? Why make up your own urban legends which refute the original urban legends of course. Make up stories that state there is no paranormal activity and the paranormal activity will disappear.

This episode made no sense at all.

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Paranormal State S04E02 – Invitation to Evil

Ryan and team are called out to a house where a three year old claims she heard scratches and clawing at the walls and apparently has fits where she cries out for Jesus and spouts off some rather colorful language.

Michelle Bellanger comes out to get a sense of the house and says she senses clawing creatures and forces trying to dig their way out.

Since the activity came out of nowhere Ryan feels there has to be a trigger to it all. While having a conversation with the client’s brother Ryan hears a story where he dabbled in the occult and tried to summon a spirit. The brother created a summoning circle but before he could close it the rest of the group bailed on him and ran out of it. Ryan feels that since the circle is still open they have a created a gateway to the demonic. Man it’s easy to conjure up bad spirits. Too bad the good ones don’t answer the phone as readily.

Much to my surprise Ryan doesn’t call for an exorcism. Instead he feels they need to perform a closing ceremony to cut the spirits off. I find it amazing that someone can perform some half-assed ritual of the occult and you get possessed and open a doorway to hell right in your living room. But people spend their entire lives in hopes of getting glimpse of the divine and get nothing for it. And the people who do claim they have a conduit to the Almighty show up on TV in shiny suits. Just seems a little off balance to me.

In the end the closing ceremony is all they need to do. Gather around the kitchen table, hold hands, do a little chanting and viola, everything is right as rain. No more child hearing noises at night, no bumps, no bangs. I have to say, this one seemed a little weird.

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Ghost Adventures – Prospect Place

Whenever you have a location that has anything to do with slavery and the Underground Railroad there is bound to be death and negative energy. Prospect Place was a stop on the Underground Railroad where the wealthy landowner George Adams did his part to help the slaves. Many of the slaves they took in were too weak or ill to make it the rest of the journey and they passed away at the house. There is a claim a bounty hunter came to take away the slaves and turn George in, but he was driven off by George himself and farm hands. Legend has it that the farm hands followed the bounty hunter back to his camp, abducted him and hung him in the barn.

More deaths occurred when a train crashed a few miles from the homestead and the injured were brought to the house as it was turned into a makeshift hospital. Quite a few never recovered from their injuries. Hospital becomes morgue.

The Adams family is said to have had their own tragedies such as a child falling to her death from a balcony. Her body was stored in the basement until the ground thawed and she could have a proper burial. One family member is rumored to have simply disappeared one day. Eventually the family fell on hard times and during the late 60-80s the house was abandoned. During this time Satanic cults took over and practiced their craft inside. It is believed they held rituals and summoned demons to the mansion.

There’s lots of claims of shadows and apparitions and those interviewed claim they see something odd just about every day.

As far as captured activity goes there really isn’t a whole lot. They feel they capture a few voices and even a spirit laughing when Zak stumbles into a chair in the dark. Zak claims to feel a lot of energy when he’s in the barn where the bounty hunter was supposedly hung. It’s interesting that Zak and Nick take some time out to specifically address the issue of orbs versus dust. They explain they are well aware of the difference and that what they’re seeing is definitely not dust.

Aaron gets his usual feelings of being dizzy and nauseous. There is no outright moment of panic, but they say they’re feeling the tension of the past and cold, dark energy when in the room that the Satanic worship is supposed to have taken place in.

There is no doubt there has been some turmoil on the property with plenty of confirmed deaths. Are the spirits of the old South rising up? The eyewitness accounts certainly say it is, but it’s hard to say if the evidence supports it.

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