Destination Truth – Vietnam’s Bigfoot – S05E01

So here we are with a brand new season of Destination Truth and I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what kind of adventures and chaos, Josh has in store. Right off the bat we notice the team has been shuffled around and it’s a crew of new faces. Except for Ryder of course, who’s come back for more. (As a side note, did anyone else notice Erin Ryder is listed as Co-Executive Producer?)

But anyway, on with the show. Josh and the new team head over to Vietnam to investigate sightings of a creature similar to Bigfoot. As expected, we find the team in the market sampling the wares. This happens to include escargot, which doesn’t look appetizing at all, and shots of snake bile and snake blood. I don’t see how they do it. I really don’t.

Moving away from the market, we do learn it’s very likely that an unknown animal can live in the jungle. It’s reported that more than a dozen new species of animal are discovered in the jungle each year. In fact, the world’s largest cave was just discovered. Considering the satellite imagery and photos of just about everything under the sun (Area 51 not included), it’s amazing to think that the world’s largest cave just popped up.

The team heads deep into the jungle of Kai Bang. And getting there is quite an adventure of it’s own. Using motorcycles they forge rivers, catch a couple of boats and then Josh gets the wild idea that he’s The Fonz and tries to jump his motorcycle across the river. It doesn’t end well. It’s hilarious mind you, with Josh going over the handlebars and sinking, but the motorcycle doesn’t fair to well.

But that isn’t the end of just getting there. There’s plenty of cliffs to descend, water buffalos to use as transportation and inflatable canoes. Where the devil do they get this stuff?

It all seems to be worth it as they come across some massive footprints in a cave. They are massive caves where you could turned around and never find your way out again. Just ask Richie, he almost become the red-shirted ensign of Destination Truth.

Josh and the team make a casting of the footprint, make very wide sweep of the area, but don’t get sight of the creature itself. I didn’t hear them mention any bones or animal "scat" in their findings so who knows if there was a food source to be had.

We do get to see that there’s plenty of undiscovered country out there and you could pass right by Bigfoot and not even know it. Is there some ape-like creature still living out there that’s very adept at staying out of the path of humans? With that massive cave system is it able to eat and dwell without being disturbed?

Well, something made those tracks and based on the terrain, they don’t seem to be a man-made hoax.

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

image I went to go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last night and without a doubt that is one of the more outlandish movies I’ve watched. We have Abe Lincoln who is trained to hunt down vampires and dispatch evil under the cover of darkness. He’s a master with the axe and his kung-fu moves are pretty decent too.

The story goes a little something like this: Abraham loses his mother to a vampire when he was a child. He seeks revenge for her death, damn near gets himself killed in the process, meets a vampire slayer who teaches him the ways. They become friends and Abraham’s job is to get rid of the demons. He becomes well versed in their fighting and hiding methods and becomes adept at getting rid of them. Meanwhile, he still has a thirst for vengeance.

There is all manner of bloodshed, beheadings, ass kicking, blood spattering and vampires doing the naughty things they do to incur Abraham’s wrath. Overall, it was pretty damn good. Sure, the story was silly, but the action sequences were a hell of a lot of fun to watch. There are quite a few twists and turns to keep you guessing about who the bad guys are. Who’s betraying who? Are these guys really on the same side? How will they defeat the Southern soldiers who just happen to have allied themselves with the vampires. It won’t win any Oscars, but it was fun to watch. It was what a movie should be, a complete suspension of disbelief and pure entertainment.

Considering Batman and Spiderman are right around corner, I don’t think a movie like this is going to last long. Unfortunately, I think it will be shuffled away in light of bigger names coming down. If you want some good vampire entertainment, you probably need to make a move and see this before it’s gone.

There was also a preview for the show 666 Park Avenue on ABC which has my interest. I would assume this is their version of "American Horror Story". It did look interesting though.

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Ghost Adventures – The Riviera – S06E07

For this episode, the guys are in their own back yard, hanging out at the Riviera Hotel to investigate none other than Frank Sinatra. They head up to his Penthouse apartment with Vince Neil, poker champion Jamie Gold, and Bruce Westcott, Frank Sinatra’s personal pianist. An interesting rag tag band don’t you think?

There is little doubt that in it’s initial days, Vegas was mob run and there are a lot of skeletons buried out there. Literally. It seems like they’re trying to link some mob activity with their current investigation. I have no doubt that some gamblers were taught a lesson when they tried to cheat the house or couldn’t pay a debt, but those stories don’t seem to have much relevance to the investigation at hand. Their focus is Frank and his penthouse. I sometimes wonder where they’re going with these side stories.

But anyway, the goal is to have a bit of a party in the penthouse (why else would Vince bring those "ladies") and see if Frank’s energy is still around. What do you think, was Frank having a drink and enjoying the music?

To be honest, this episode was a little off to me. I know they wanted Vince and his "ladies" in there for the party atmosphere, but the whole thing seemed a little brain dead to me. Why are they trying to connect with Frank Sinatra specifically? Was there some event or sighting that got them on this track? With all the mob related events, there would be plenty to investigate and look into. I kind of felt like this was all about pulling in celebrities and showing off who Zak knows in the entertainment world. I didn’t feel like they had a direction with this one. It was an interesting idea, but I think they could have done better.

Anyway, what do have for this episode? Really the only thing that seemed to happen was the REM pod going off. There were some "scratches" on the back of one of the girls, but when you’re wandering around in the dark anything can happen. She could have bumped into something for all we know. Considering how scared they were making themselves, she could have caused that through nervous tension.

Vince’s emotional reaction, as though having a heart attack (trying to make a tie in to the vague information they got from Coroner), seemed to be more alcohol related than anything else. It sounded like he was slurring his words when talking about the room number. Hard to say if he was having a reacting to something in the room or something related to his drink. There were so many outside factors at play, it’s hard to say what was going on.

Overall, this episode was a let down. It came across as a glamour episode. It was a bit too Hollywood and nonsensical for me. I’m sure there were better stories they could have followed up on.

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Ghost Adventures – The Gulka House – S06E06

Because of the personal nature of the show and their relationship to the guys at Ghost Adventures, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to make too many comments about this episode.It’s always sad when parents lose a child. But I admire that he moved forward with his life and focused his energy and resources to paranormal investigations.

But here is my question. Would you feel more at peace or more uneasy if you had a loved one pass away and their spirit lingers in and around your home? Would it give you comfort to have that energy so close to you as though they never truly departed from you? Or would it make you feel like they aren’t at peace and can’t move on or "cross over"?

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