Eerie image captured in woods

I think we need to send Josh out there to find out what’s lurking in the woods!


Deer stand camera snaps bizarre animal

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Ghost Adventures – Old Fort Erie – S04E12

The Ghost Adventures Team heads off to Old Fort Erie in Canada where a bloody battle took place between American and British troops. In 1814, during a confrontation between the troops, 1,000 men were killed in the first two hours of fighting and by the end of the first day, 4,000 had lost their lives. Men were devastated by cannonballs, as well as a massive explosion that killed hundreds of men almost instantaneously when a powder keg exploded. Bodies were stacked several men deep in the ditches. The death would be overwhelming.

There are also tales of Captain Kingsley who died in his bed and pushes out the men who come into his room. He seems more fond of the ladies as he sticks around to touch their hair. Another tale involves a Sergeant who lost his head while getting a shave outside. The cannonball killed him and blew off the arms of his barber.

And there is the Sally Port where men found bones of the dead during a restoration of the Fort. But since they didn’t have time to look for the rest of the remains, the legend goes that they ground up what they did find and mixed it with the mortar.

Speaking of bodies, there is also the homeowner who found 28 bodies on his property while excavating the land to build his new house. Obviously the dead are scattered all over the place.

The investigation gets underway with Zak putting a PX device in a cannonball and placing it near where the powder keg exploded. They get the words "up" and "he’s up there" on the device. Of course, I’m no more fond of this device than their previous boxes that do the same thing. There just isn’t any evidence or true explanation of how it works.

There is an EVP of "kill ’em" as Zak is talking about Daryl, the docent who volunteers his time. And there is very slight and very short EMF spike. Hard to say if that is really of any significance.

Moving on to the big part of the night, the guys bring in Daryl as a trigger object since he works there, has ancestors who died in the battle and has seen shadow figures himself at the fort. As he is standing in the kitchen by himself with the voice recorder there is a large shadow figure on the wall of what looks like a full arm. The hands look a little claw like I must say, so this looks rather creepy. So is that the real deal? Did they really capture something there? It certainly scares the hell out of Daryl and he takes off right after that.

I really don’t know what to think about that thing. It could certainly be some compelling stuff, but if I do have a complaint it’s that it almost looks too good. It’s almost a little too clear and too easy to see. It’s very odd though.

Zak follows up and puts a voice recorder in the room and gets "let them eat" as a response. He thinks that is significant. I guess it has something to do with the kitchen and food, but it seems pretty random to me.

Even though it looks like the kitchen is going to be a hotbed of activity, not much else happens. Daryl and Aaron head off to the Port Sally while Nick heads to Capt Kingsley’s room.

Aaron claims to hear footsteps while he is in there, but there is not much activity. There certainly isn’t the smell of fire and brimstone that has made 14 people quit over the years.

Nick doesn’t seem to have much going on in Capt Kingsley’s room, but he claims there is something in there and that he can hear talking. However, there is no pushing or shoving to make him leave the room as many people claim.

At the end of the lockdown they head to the exhibit where several bones are on display that were found by a homeowner as he was leveling the land to build his new home. They claim to get EVPs of "hit, war, yell, I’m here hit, horrible, killed for it". It’s certainly a lot of terms that could easily describe the war and what took place during the attack. Zak feels he is talking about having his bones on display.

The shadow is obviously the most interesting part of the episode. It’s really hard to say what’s going on there. Let’s be honest, faking that kind of a shadow would be easy, but, if that were the real deal it would be really remarkable. Daryl was on his own, no lights were one in the room. Daryl sees something, but he’s not sure what. Do we have some trickery or some wild proof?

The other EVPs really don’t interest me and the voices from the PX are things I will discount. They are interesting, but I don’t have confidence in that device. But again, a very interesting episode that could have some very compelling evidence.

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Paranormal State – Dwelling of the Dead – S05E11

For this episode the team heads off to Kentucky to investigate a house where a mother claims she and her son are plagued by spirits. And not just that she hears noises and footsteps, but that this entity has held her down and choked her. She claims aggressive and hostile contact with something. Also, her son sees black shadows and ghosts all over the house. And not just once or twice, but all the time. David draws pictures of them and says they live in the basement.

After gathering up a whole slew of events that have happened in the house, Ryan and team start to check it out. For this investigation they’ve brought in Chad, who basically just makes me laugh. It’s almost comical how he challenges spirits and dares them to do something, then inevitably starts to swear and panic as he sees shadows or feels something move.

This investigation proves to be no different, but the interesting thing is that Chad swears he feels the bed moving. It doesn’t look like anything is happening, but he is dead set that there is a vibration. I think that’s interesting especially in regards to some of things that happen later.

Michelle makes an appearance and does a walkthrough of the house. She feels a presence that is heavily connected with antiques and taking care of the place. There is also the sense of a woman who might want to pass along a message.

We do find out that two deaths took place in the home. It turns out that an older couple lived in the home and passed away at different times, due to old age, although peacefully. The PRS team manages to find the daughter and she says the father was rather strict, wanted things to be orderly and took great care of the furniture and antiques in the home. However, there is no mention that he was ill tempered or unleashed his wrath on anyone even though the team seems to be hinting that might be the cause of the experiences.

That line of research doesn’t yield much so the team goes with Dead Time, this time with Chad in the house by himself. He starts going crazy over a door that opens on its own, only to find out it just happens to swing open if you step in the right place. But there is an interesting part to Chad being in the house. He once again feels that things are vibrating. He talks about the computers and monitors that seem to be moving. It’s nothing definitive, but again, he feels a vibration.

Ryan heads down to the basement with David since he says the ghosts live down there. They don’t find anything, but they do find that there are some EMF surges coming from the electrical wiring. It’s an unfinished basement with lots of exposed wires so that could certainly be something.

But they don’t comes across anything while in the basement with David, so Ryan feels that it would be best to have Mary reclaim her home. This leads to her shouting wildly at whatever may be stressing her, telling it to go to hell and stay there. As you might expect some blessed medals are handed out to try and return peace to the home.

For this episode the evidence of anything supernatural is almost completely lacking. They do get some bangs and creaks, but that seems like nothing more than an old house settling. One thing they completely seem to pass on is that Chad feels vibrations. He felt them upstairs while sitting on her bed and again downstairs around the kitchen. It would seem something is causing that whether it’s heavy traffic from something nearby, or perhaps faulty wiring, perhaps something amiss with the plumbing or mechanical device. It could have been a shaky foundation, something running close to the house, even a railroad somewhere nearby. Depending on what it is, it could be causing Mary’s experiences. If nothing else it seems like it could be affecting her sleep which in turn is causing her to misinterpret things. Ironically, Ryan says her feeling of being held down and choked was more than likely sleep paralysis.

Personally I’m thinking that she has a sleeping disorder, coupled with some exposed wiring and some sort of odd vibration is all making her feel like something is going on. Plus, I’m sure she’s worried about her son and his learning difficulties which is just making a wildly stressful situation. This is further complicated by an old house that creaks and pops and just adds to the experience. I really didn’t get the impression anything was actually going on. But rather, problems brought on by stress and the environment.

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Paranormal State – Do Bad Things – S05E10

PRS heads Ohio after being called in by Heather who lost her sister in an apparent suicide. However, she feels demonic spirits in the house caused her sister to take her life. Heather thinks her siser was possessed by evil and was driven to hurt herself. As they dig deeper they find the brothers had problems when they stayed in Heather’s room and that they too feel there is something evil in the house. They report they keep hearing voices that say to kill their parents and to kill themselves. They feel the spirit was just too much for their sister and she ended her life. Even the mom believes evil got into her daughter.

As the team checks out the house Ryan starts in with the "in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you" mantra. During the investigation the only thing they get is some tapping in the garage where the suicide took place. That tapping could have been a mouse, rat, bird or some other animal living in there. It could be dripping water for all we know. Perhaps a loud clock in a box just ticking away.

Katrina checks with the former owners who lived there for 50 years and they state they never had a single experience while they lived there. Of course, I’m sure they would never admit the walls were bleeding or anything. But this casts some doubt on the claims of the family since they found no evidence during their investigation and the previous owners report nothing.

When Ryan confronts the mom, she becomes pretty hostile and says they need to only investigate the house and not the people. She then tells them all to get out, the investigation is over.

Heather doesn’t want to give up so Ryan brings in Father Jim who basically tells her she needs to move on with her life. They throw Holy Water all over the place and hope that takes care of it. Basically Ryan thinks the family is cursed, however, he doesn’t give a single reason why he thinks that way. Looking at things like abuse, depression, mental illness or medical conditions would be stupid, it has to be a family curse.

Sadly this family is in need or some serious help. Something wrong is going on and this whole demonic/paranormal angle seems like a really weak copout.

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