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Ghost Adventures – Enchanted Forest – S16E06

ga-enchanted-forestHeading up from California, we find ourselves at the Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Oregon, where Aaron spent time as a child. But from the go, Zak says the theme park sits on a portal to another dimension and that the dreams and nightmares of children are coming to life. We can also tell from the start that Zak will have a hard time in this location as it’s filled with creepy dolls, figures and portraits. He even claims the “haunted house” is actually haunted because it causes anxiety. There is also reference to the land being tainted and cursed due to the battles fought in the surrounding area.

As they tour the different buildings, it’s obvious Roger Tofte, the owner and creator, set out to create a bizarre and strange tourist attraction. It clearly gives a funhouse effect through it’s odd angles, off kilter paintings, and distorted proportions. Admittedly, it’s straight up weird.

The odd feeling it would induce leads Zak to say there is something overwhelming inside and that something touched his elbow. Chris, who works one of the rides says he has heard footsteps. Even Aaron’s sister Amy, says that something touched her shoulder, when she was 8 years old.

To start the investigation, Zak and Billy go to the Challenge of Mondor attraction, which to be honest, is pretty bizarre and creepy looking in the dark. There, they use the Mel Tir device which detects cold spots and points the way to them. A pretty dubious device to be sure, but it beeps and shows blue lights, so we have to assume it’s scientific.

It should come as no surprise that Zak feels multiple cold spots and tracks orbs floating around. These orbs are even moving toward the altar so their intent should be taken as sinister. And this is enforced by Billy stating there is a circle on the floor. These are clear signs of nefarious behavior.

At a different attraction, the Gingerbread House, Aaron uses a parabolic microphone and hears all sorts of noises. Of course, using a microphone like that would let you hear all sorts of noises. At one point, he gets feedback, which should be taken as a sign of the paranormal. Because the story plays on his mind, Aaron feels like he’s going to be eaten and gives himself all sorts of anxiety. Each noise and feeling affirms that something mysterious is going on, even though he admits the place scared him as a child.

For the end of the investigation, they head into the actual Haunted House. This has Zak on edge right from the start, and Billy is almost to the point of having yet another panic attack.

As they use the SLS camera, a stick figure appears and dances around at Zak’s behest, proving it’s intelligent. Even though he is taking images from behind the glass, he’s quite sure it’s not a reflection of any kind. We should also keep in mind that a hacked apart Kinect hooked to an iPad is a scientific instrument.

Billy then brings out the sweep device, which looks like another iPad hooked to a series of dials. And judging by those dials, you can conjure up all sorts of sound effects. Because it’s an iPad, or a computer nonetheless, we must believe it doesn’t have the ability to prerecord sounds or voices and that it’s not giving back the exact messages they want to hear with tons of echo and reverb.

Through this device of their own making (I believe Billy, a sound engineer, created it), we get the phrases, “this is my home”, “good evening” and even, “come to mom” which Zak says the woman calling to the child voice he heard earlier.

But it’s not just a woman lurking around, there is man who says, “he saved my life”. With that, Zak feels that through all the strange paintings, statues, and buildings, that this location has turned children’s dreams into a reality and because they’ve thought about these stories for so long, that the mere thought of such has manifested them into reality. In Zak’s world, if you believe something is real, and believe it long enough, and thus convince yourself, then it’s real. Reality has no bearing.

While this may be a portal, or another dimension, or perhaps even a haunted house, it’s open to the public and for a small fee you are more than welcome to have the experience yourself.

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Ghost Adventures – Hotel Leger – S16E05

ga-leger-hotelIt’s time for a new Ghost Adventures episode in the old gold mining area of Mokelumne Hill in California and the stories have more cliches than you can shake a dowsing rod at. We have the womanizing hotel owner killed in one of the hotel rooms, a woman in black pining for her lost child, the lost son of the hotel owner who supposedly died of Scarlett fever, a demonic spirit pretending to be a little girl because that’s how they do things, a dark, growling presence in the remnants of the basement that used to be a jail, and dark forces conjured by someone using the Ouija. And not just dark forces, but the dark force, the biggest hoax of them all, a Ouija that spelled out Mama and Zozo, the two easiest words to spell on a Ouija.

From the beginning, Zak repeatedly says the hotel is overrun with dark energy, even before he steps inside. He doesn’t need evidence, the legendary stories speak for themselves.

As they tour the hotel, the energy is so bad, Aaron, Billy and Zak all claim to feel sick. We know Aaron would get sick, but all of them at once? It must be bad. In fact, the energy is the worst in what Zak claims to be a torture chamber. Apparently this Old West jail had a torture chamber.

And a torture chamber is the best area for Zak to bring out the Ouija, despite his numerous and adamant cries that the Ouija should never be used.

There will be no contact with Zozo as the name ANYL comes through. A name which Jay is somehow able to look up and associate with the number 7. He must be looking at a special website as that is a difficult answer to find.

What’s interesting is that when Ouija answers don’t make any sense, it’s merely the spirit world toying with you.

Just as the investigation starts, it stops again. We only get a minute or two into proceedings before Zak is overcome with dark energy and needs to go outside. And after rolling around on the ground and gathering his thoughts, Zak feels he sees figures running into the basement tunnels. However, they find no shadow figure or any other evidence and decide to return to their haunted rooms for the night.

Billy is in Room 7, where George Leger was killed. He asks the Paranormal Puck if George was murdered and gets a 7 as a response. The coincidence of the 7 proves George’s presence in the hotel.

The main excitement comes from Zak’s room where he feels cold spots, even though they are not on the thermal imager, and feels a light anomaly is hovering just in front of him.

Zak is able to prove there are cold spots by using a new device with crosshairs that detects which direction the cold is coming from. To prove it can track things, Zak moves his hand around and the lights go off in each direction. Since it can detect him, it can detect the paranormal. Obviously no interference.

But there is more to the night as Zak hears the door knob to his room rattle. This rattle coincides with Zak rolling over to the side in the admittedly noisy and springy bed. This is followed by a series of blips on the Spirit Box that Zak feels are multiple voices, including a demonic one. It’s demonic, because it’s a little girl.

This encounter fills Zak with rage and like a scene from Paranormal Activity, Zak goes down to Billy’s room and stands there. Despite Billy jumping at every creak and thud in the night, he is completely unfazed by Zak opening the door and standing there.

Zak declares he’s angry and starts punching at the swinging doors. Billy is unmoved by this as well, but this anger proves there are demonic forces at work. However, all you need to do is talk sternly to demonic forces and tell them to leave you alone.

That’s not the end of the story though. There is one more paranormal trope to throw in. Because of his aggression, Zak feels he is a danger to the crew and leaves the hotel. As he returns to their other hotel, he sees the figure of a woman jumping out onto the road, trying to cause an accident. While not expressly said, she’s probably a woman in white hitchhiking along the highway.

All things considered, Zak feels the Leger Hotel has experiences that stick with you long after the investigation is over.

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Ghost Adventures – Old Gila County Jail – S16E04

ga-gila-county-jailOur next paranormal stop is in Globe, Arizona at the Old Gila Country Jail. Zak and team have been brought in by a call from Ozzy, a reporter that had a negative experience at the jail. She claims to have been attacked by an unseen force.

As they take Ozzy back into the jail, they hear the normal bangs and noises of an old building. But when they turn on the spirit box, they feel they hear Ozzy, even though they admit to only hearing the end, the Zy, portion of a word.

But they get large spikes on the EMF detector, going from a baseline of zero to 150. When they talk with Tom, the local historian, he says there are sad feelings and heaviness when walking in the jail. He is also aware of the EMF spikes, which have been detected by others, but no one has tried to find a cause.

They then hear from Debe, who gives the story of Kingsley Olds, who claims he was visited the by the spirit of the two girls he murdered. The “story” claims they asked him to come with them (to the other side). The next day he was shot in his cell. A headshot delivered from the courthouse as revenge for the murder. No one was caught for the shooting, but the father was suspected.

Zak then goes on a massive nearly incoherent rant, which makes him seem under the influence of something, about how the girls came to visit Kingsley to taunt him over his upcoming death and that they coerced their father to kill Kingsley out of revenge for their murder.

As they start the investigation, we are treated to yet another panic attack from Aaron, because he’s back in a room where he claims something jabbed him in the neck. Zak then tricks Aaron, and in usual cowardice style, locks him in a cell, so that there’s conflict like there would have been in the prison.

Zak and Billy leave Aaron in the dark while they investigate the courthouse. Using a parabolic microphone, Zak claims to hear a man in mortal agony. The noise we here is nothing like that, yet Zak insists it’s someone screaming for their very life. When it’s not recorded or heard by anyone else, Zak says it’s was only meant for him to hear in his own ears.

He also spots another light anomaly falling down the wall, which then turns into a mist and disappears.

Meanwhile, Aaron is basically losing his mind. He gets the word “Jim” on the Ovilus, then lights. Then through paranormal happenstance, the street lights turn off, or so he says. Rather than the lights being on a timer, or merely a power spike, or that being a daily occurrence, Aaron feels this is Jim communicating. Of course, we have no record of a Jim.

Aaron also gets more erratic behavior from the MelMeter, which spikes to 44 milligauss and gives a temperature reading of over 500 degrees. Most people would say that’s an unreliable piece of equipment. But to Zak, this is solid evidence of activity.

For the final part of the investigation, they set up the assassination experiment, which has Zak with an empty air rifle in the courthouse, and Jay lying in the bed of Kingsley. Zak takes three shots and gets the words, “head”, “rapture”, and “pappy” on the Talking EVP. Jay says he can hears girls speaking as Zak is firing. While this isn’t solid evidence, it’s at least interesting and Zak doesn’t have to make his usual wild leaps to weave it into a story.

By and large, they capture very little evidence. It would be hard to imagine an old jail without bangs and knocks. They try very hard to make the couple of audio blips form into Ozzy, and you can run with it if you like. About the only thing interesting is final portion with Zak and the air rifle.

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Ghost Adventures – Kennedy Mine – S16E03

ga-kennedy-mineWhile still hanging out in California, Zak and team investigate the Kennedy and Argonaut mines. Both had terrible working conditions and accidental deaths, while the Argonaut was the scene of a terrible fire that killed 47 miners. It is listed as the worst mining accident in California history. But Zak feels it’s more than just an accident and that something evil is down in the tunnels.

This is confirmed by a conversation he has with George, who was scratched or as he claims, “branded”, while doing an investigation in the Mining House. And not just any scratch, but a scratch that made him lose his mind, filled it with dark thoughts and has since given him “flashes”. He says it’s a struggle for him to even talk about the mine, and had the cameras not been on, he never would have step foot on the premises again.

Connie agrees with George, because she felt a wall of negative energy. Nothing actually happened to her, but she felt like she couldn’t go inside the house.

Donna has an equally troubling story about a growl she heard. Even though there are mountain lions and plenty of other animals living in the woods that surround the house, the growl was definitely paranormal because it didn’t come from outside.

As they get George inside the house, he gets weak and has to sit down. It seems George might have a few other problems that he needs to tend to.

They start the investigation by splitting up with Billy and Dakota going to the Argonaut mine while Zak and Aaron stay at the house.

Dakota and Billy hear a scream, which Zak interprets as a death cry. Not sure why he would make that assumption rather than it being an animal or creaking metal. Billy brings out the paranormal puck and gets the number 7. Billy and Dakota draw the conclusion that this is the number of entities around them. Billy asks for them to make a noise, which he gets. Keep in mind though, they are in a rusted out mine after a rainstorm, it would be hard not to get a ping from the falling rain and stressed metal.

But when asked if the spirits have a message, they get “indirect”. The two of them quickly weave a story that the entities won’t give them a direct answer and will instead just use knocks.

Back at the mining house, Zak gets an unexplained light at the of the hall. Except it isn’t unexplained, it’s the reflection of his IR light off a sink. That certainly proves how things can be misinterpreted.

As Zak continues to wander around, he claims to get “fight me” and “get outta here” on the recorder. He immediately asserts “get outta here” is a warning because an evil spirit wants to fight him.

Done with the house, they attempt leave and meet up with Billy as the Argonaut mine is pretty far away. Ironically, when we first started the episode, Zak said it was merely a stone’s throw away. But as they leave, in the shadows of the fog, Zak feels he sees something. In yet another act of cowardice, he tells Aaron to stay behind and check it out.

This causes Aaron to go back into the Mining House, where the spirit box has mysteriously shut off. Since their junk device has failed, it’s more signs of the paranormal. This prompts Aaron to bring out the Ovilus where he gets the words, “yourself” and “reason.” Aaron weaves this to mean he’s by himself and needs a reason to be there. This is followed by “bury” and “dirt” which clearly references buried miners, even though that’s a different location all together.

It’s interesting and predictable that Zak weaves in every cliche we’ve every heard about mining, and mixes in evil and dark energy. Despite how George and Zak want to spin it, getting scratched while wandering around in the dark isn’t getting “branded” or a sign of the paranormal. It’s a sign of being clumsy and not knowing where you are. And if you feel like lashing out at someone for no reason, perhaps it would be best to see a medical professional rather than blaming entities.

And it’s also confirmed that Zak has a habit of misidentifying objects and that his claustrophobia and other fears, easily gets the better of him.

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