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Ghost Adventures – George Washington Ghost – S09E03

image The crew of the Ghost Adventures heads out to New York to investigate a historic site linked with loads of dark energy – the Morris–Jumel Mansion. Between September 14 and October 20, 1776, General George Washington used the mansion as his temporary headquarters after he and his army were forced to evacuate Brooklyn Heights following their loss to the British Army under the command of General William Howe in the Battle of Long Island.

In 1810 the house was then taken over by Eliza Jumel. She was a lower class woman who tried to work her way up in society. She had some interesting political views that caused a bit of a stir in France. She was then asked to leave and returned to her home. She lived in the house until she died in 1865. Eliza is rumored to have murdered her husband Stephen Jumel by not tending to his wounds and ultimately letting him bleed to death.

While certainly historic and this is the location many of the Founding Father’s would have worked at, the "dark energy" just seem like it’s there. Perhaps that’s why they decide to take on another investigation at Katie’s Pub where the owner says he has dark energy and shadow figures lurking in his basement. The bar is supposedly the location where Carl "Charlie" Henry Klein committed suicide using a shotgun. They claim there is a bad vibe and negative feelings, but there aren’t any truly sinister events to support this. Someone did indeed take their life, but the owner claims the place is infested with dark energy.

It’s very easy to sum up this investigation as nothing really happens. Nick handles the Morris-Jumel Mansion while Zak and Aaron check out the bar. The big event for the bar is the black plastic that covers the Exit sign comes down. At the mansion Kinect device flips out and shows some stick figure, which they think is an entity, crawl up Billy’s backside. It’s kind of interesting, but are you really saying you’ve hacked the device that Microsoft built for the Xbox and now you can see the paranormal activity with it?

But overall these locations seem completely harmless. Zak and Nick both endlessly say there is bad energy and how they feel nauseous, or how it’s heavy, or whatever melodramatic term they want to use, but as far as evidence goes and not just feelings or an act their putting on, they don’t capture anything. A bag tearing off a sign isn’t the paranormal. There were no glasses thrown like the owners claim. There were no apparitions of Eliza appearing on the veranda as claimed. Maybe the spirits didn’t want to come out and play that night, but to me this is a whole lot of hype and no substance.

Eliza Jumel
Morris–Jumel Mansion

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Ghost Adventures – Myrtles Plantation – S09E02

In this latest episode, Zak, Nick and Aaron head down to Louisiana to investigate the Myrtles plantation; a site that has had plenty of owners and plenty of deaths. However, with so many differing stories even the current owners can’t separate the fact from the fiction. All the accounts begin with, "according to legend". Since we’re talking about a home that’s been around since 1796 it’s no surprise records are missing and mystery surrounds everything that happened there.

The most talked about legends involve a girl named Chloe, a voodoo priestess, a little girl named Kate and a man named William Winter who supposedly died on the 17th step of the staircase.

Chloe was a slave girl and mistress to Clark Woodruff and after being jilted she sought revenge by poisoning his children. This resulted in her being hanged for murder in front of the house. That’s the "popular" story anyway.

Kate contracted yellow fever and died at the age of three. Her father had a slave from another plantation brought over to try and save her. It’s believed "Cleo" tried a voodoo ritual, but Kate still died and Cleo was subsequently hung. Kate is listed in the death records, but the Cleo portion is another part of the "legend".

Again, these are unsubstantiated stories. There is no tangible evidence as to what really happened. I do believe that all legends have a basis in truth and given the time period it’s not hard to believe all of this could have happened, but we may never know the truth.

I will also point out one other thing before we hit the investigation. I take locations like this with a grain of salt. They’re obviously trying to promote a tourism business with tours, gift shops and their bed and breakfast. Saying the place isn’t haunted will clearly impact business. Makes me a touch suspicious of how these kind of things play out.

Anyway, the investigation.

They start things off with some voices on the stairs that might refer to the death of William Winter. He supposedly died on the stairs and there might be a female voice talking about the events. Additionally, there is some commotion around the doors that lead into the parlor. The guys feel the doors are being rattled and believe they capture a black mist walking behind the chairs in the opposite room. Did they manage to grab a dark mass in the parlor?

There are some bumps, bangs and perhaps some knocks in response to Zak asking a question, but placing a ball on the stairs gets the whole team excited. To try and make contact with the many children of the house they put a ball on the steps. Right as they ask the kids to kick it, the ball moves and falls down the stairs. And it seems to take off with a fair bit of speed to. So we have to ask, did a child come along and kick the ball or did it simply roll down on it’s own?

The stairs have carpet so perhaps not that easy to simply fall on it’s own.

Nick walks past the ball on his way up the stairs and nothing happens.

But right at they say something it falls. In one shot the ball looks perched right on the edge of the step. In another shot it looks a bit further back. Taking that in account they try a few experiments to match the speed and path it originally took.

The original seems to go a lot faster, so what do we have here? Did it simply fall off the lip of the stairs or was it actually touched, or rather kicked by a spirit? My first reaction is that it fell. Gravity got a hold of it and the ball rolled down the stairs. But does the speed match? And why on the stairs, why not just on the floor? Should this be considered evidence?

It’s claimed the Myrtle Plantation is one of the most haunted placed in America. I find that hard to believe. Sure, there are plenty of stories, but they’re just that, stories. People get all worked up over mistreatment of slaves, voodoo, child deaths and the idea that those kids are still playing around the house. The mirror is all but discounted by matrixing which means people see something and it sets their mind racing so by the time they walk around the house I have no doubt they’re seeing and hearing things. It’s not like this investigation was riddled with voices, shadows, movement or other forms of hard evidence. The house seemed relatively quiet. They do capture some interesting things, but I don’t think the ball is solid evidence, nor do I think there are enough events to really justify this place as one of the most haunted places around.

I would love to see more of what this place has to offer, but for right now it’s just coming across as some interesting ghost stories.

Myrtles Plantation

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Ghost Adventures – Sharon Tate House – S09E01

image The Ghost Adventures team is back and for the kickoff to their new season they investigate the David Oman House, a location that is believed to be part of the infamous Sharon Tate Murders committed by none other than the Manson family. This location has been investigated multiple by time several different ground including Ghost Hunters, although I’ve never really understood why as this is not the location the murders took place, nor is it connected with Sharon Tate in any way.

You tell from the overly dramatic opening sequence, the Ghost Adventures Crew is really trying to sell the danger of this place. They even talk with several investigators and experts who will never step foot in the house again because of how bad it is. But oddly, David lives in the house just fine. In fact it’s loaded to the gills with all sorts of movie and sports memorabilia.

But let’s be clear on one point, the murders didn’t take place in this house. They happened a couple hundred feet away. This is not the location of the murders, nor did anyone stay in this house. Yet for some reason this house, and not the one that’s literally 10 feet away, is the hot spot for the activity. The house also sits on the site of some geomagnetic zone. No one bothers to go into detail about what that specifically means or what the effects would be. It’s just tossed out there and they move on. They’re more concerned with the exposed dirt on the part of the house that touches the mountain that a psychic medium claims is the resting place of an Native American. There is no evidence to support this fact, and of course no one has dug up or found any remains, but you always have to throw in the spiritual ties of the Native Americans to add credibility to your story.

Just to say it again, there are no reports of any activity from the house that is literally 10 feet away from David’s on this same mountain.

But on with the investigation so we can talk about Nick and his chronic stomach pains. From the moment he walks up to the house he complains of his stomach being twisted in knots. There is not footage of that, he only says it after David explains it’s a sensation other people feel. Better jump on board and make sure your symptoms match everyone else’s.

What evidence did they collect? Well, as you might expect the usual bumps and knocks. Since their on an incredibly sloped hill that doesn’t make sense at all. What we have is their collective experiences. The feels from a bunch of guys who’ve gotten themselves worked into a lather listening to all these warnings about the dangers of the house. There is no hard evidence, simply how the feel. The most we get it some silly little scratch on Nick’s chest. It doesn’t look like a hand or marks or scratches from the usual demonic force that Zak associates with these things. It’s simply a red mark that could have come from anything.

By the end of the night they’re running around Scooby and Shaggy, flipping out, stuttering and scaring themselves half to death.

And all of this from a location that has nothing to do with the murders they’re investigating. Nice money making racket Dave.

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Ghost Adventures – Battle of Perryville Field Hospital – S08E11

image The Ghost Adventures team returns a location they visited in the past, the Rocky Point Manor in 2011. This time they’re investigating two houses turned field hospital in Perryville. The homes were smack dab in the middle of an extremely bloody battle. As we know, a field hospital was the greatest place of healing. In times of battle they spend more time sawing limbs off than putting soldiers back together. There was perhaps more pain an suffering inside the hospital than on the battlefield.

These two homes are known for their bloodstained floors, which Zak actually proves using luminol. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the vast amount of amputations that would have taken place, but it does make the pain and suffering more tangible.

As the investigation gets underway, the team brings in a group of re-enactors who give a glimpse of the drama associated with a field hospital. As they play their roles and the chaos ensues, they all relate how they feel sadness, a heaviness and that it became more real than they intended.

Zak makes contact with "Daniel". He carries on a brief conversation before they lose contact. It turns out there was indeed a Daniel McIlwaine that died on that battle field in 1862.

Zak also gets a voice saying, "who’s there?" and "hide, they’re here". This might indicate the house was under siege at some point.

There are lots of footsteps in the house. This has also been witnessed by other investigators who say they hear someone pacing the floor upstairs. It’s still and old house and those footsteps could be any number of things. Many animals sounds and wood expanding sound like footsteps.

One unusual piece of evidence is the Ovilus falling to the ground. Part of the device is still on the table while the other is on the floor. The two pieces are tied together with velcro. In order to fall apart, someone would need to undo that strap and disconnect the wiring. The team is quite certain spirit energy caused this to happen. It’s sort of hard to jump on board with that one.

They do get some interesting EVPs coming through and they do locate the name of an actual soldier who died during the battle. Are the soldiers from the past still walking the grounds? Are they still engaged in battle? The re-enactors certainly believe so.

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