Ghost Adventures – Museum of Madness – S15E07

haunted-museumFor this year’s Halloween special, Zak brings us the Museum of Madness, which is actually a special that showcases his own haunted museum in Las Vegas. If you recall, the museum and several of it’s items were feature on Deadly Possessions. This includes the cauldron of Ed Gein, the mirror of Bela Lugosi, which Zak says is cursed and his own collection of supposedly haunted dolls.

But Zak isn’t alone. He’s brought in several guests to help him channel the dark energy and even “do a ritual and see what you can summon.” This includes Bloody Mary, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; Father Sebastian, Vampire and Occultist; Isibella Karnstein, his companion and hostess of Endless Night Vampire Ball; Lady Snake, Psychic Witch; Patti Negri, Psychic Medium and White Witch.

Bloody Mary will head down to the basement with Billy to perform some conjuring. Father Sebastian will gaze into the Lugosi mirror. Lady Snake will work some rituals using the cauldron of Ed Gein and Patti Negri will be placed on other end of the building to test her psychic abilities. Basically, she will rock back and forth, wave her hands and mumble.

The main action focuses on Father Sebastian, who, after staring into the mirror, becomes disoriented and falls down. Zak is in such a panic about his well being and slamming his head onto the floor, that he doesn’t call for medical help. Instead, he makes comment that an orb flies out of Sebastian and once gone, Sebastian can speak and regains himself.

Sebastian says he saw white shapes mingling in the mirror and that he was trying to draw out the energy. This is followed up by both Isibella and Dakota (the camera man) having scratches on their neck. These of course were caused by paranormal means.

To be cool and brave, Zak stands before the mirror to demand the entity show itself. He then turns away and nearly falls down himself, saying the face in the mirror wasn’t his.

At this point, Zak is running from room to room, whipped into a frenzy by the events going on. Down in the basement Bloody Mary is playing with a cursed doll, and demanding the doll get a tea set. Lady Snake is wandering in circles around the cauldron and Patti Negri, as expected, is rocking back and forth like she normally does, speaking in two word sentences and acting like everything is coming apart around her.

We’ve also lost Jay. After working with Lady Snake, he’s wandered off to sit in a prone position as though in some sort of trance.

To follow up on the cauldron, Zak brings Patti to meet Lady Snake over the Ed Gein cauldron. This leads to the bitchy witchy standoff, where Lady Snake channels the evil presence of Ed Gein and says she wants to toss Patti into the pot.

Down in the basement, where Bloody Mary is playing with dolls, the Ovilus picks up Norman, Mad, Puncture and Help. Zak gets Norman on another device and feels the spirits must be talking because two devices simply can’t say the same word twice.

Feeling that Bloody Mary has developed an attachment to the doll, Zak whisks it away and puts it back in the class display case. But, to try and have her final say, the Ovilus gets, Contrition,  Surprise and Devil. Additionally, Devil came through on the device when he placed a spirit box over the cauldron.

All of this activity confirms to Zak that dark energy swirls around his museum and that it’s most haunted museum in the world. Since he owns the place, would you expect him to say anything else?

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Haunted Towns – Cape May New Jersey – S01E06

physick-estateThe Tennessee Wraith Chasers are off to the beach in Cape May, New Jersey to check out what they believe to be open portals brought about by the Spiritualism movement on the late 1840s. With all the death related to the war, people were quick and eager to use any means to contact their departed loved ones. Chris also believes the high level of quartz in the beach sand helps conduct the spirit energy.

Their main point of interest is the Physick Estate. It has been left empty for decades as people are driven off by voices and footsteps. Craig, a local historian and medium, says the energy of Dr. Physick, Emilie, Isabelle and Frances, still linger in the house.

As they start a baseline sweep, Doogie feels something cold around his head. He says he is already starting to feel the presence of the entities.

The investigation takes place across four main rooms. Chris and Doogie start off in Frances’ room where they get some knocks and Doogie once again feels something cold around him.

Porter and Brannon go to Dr. Physick’s room where Porter believes he sees a man with glasses in the mirror.

Chris and Doogie then head to Isabelle’s room where Chris believes he sees cold fingerprints on Doogie’s neck.

They gather together in Emilie’s room, who would have enjoyed the idea of a seance and talking to the other side. They get a few blips on the meter and Doggie’s faulty flashlight turns on.

Day 2 sees them at the Cape May Fish Market, where the owner, Paula, believes she caught an apparition on a security camera. As Doogie looks around upstairs, he says he sees someone poke it’s head around the corner. This is also where Paula keeps a doll she found in a closet from the building.

Porter and Brannon hang out in the booth where the apparition supposedly appeared. They believe they get the word, “Hair”, in reference to people saying something pulls their hair when sitting in that spot.

They go upstairs to use the doll to try and communicate with a child entity that lingers up there. They line the floor with flashlights to make a runway leading to the doll. They ask for lights to go out, which they do, and they feel the candle is blowing in the direction of the spirit.

When reviewing footage of the night, they have two poltergeist moments. The first is an orb flying around. The second is a painter’s pole falling over. This act of gravity is the sure sign of a ghostly presence.

At the end of the two days they have gathered the following evidence, which to them, puts Cape May as one of America’s haunted towns:

A candle flickering

Spots on Doogie’s neck

Something in the mirror which wasn’t captured

A meter beeping on a billiard table

Doogie feeling cold

A stick falling over

With such frightening occurrences, it’s amazing Cape May has anyone visit!

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Ghost Adventures – Hauntings of Vicksburg – Champion Hill Battlefield – Part 4

hill-of-deathFor the next installment of the Vicksburg grand tour, Zak and team visit the Champion Hill Battlefield where Grant and Pemberton squared off in 1863. Thousands of men lost their lives in savage fighting. The land is now in the hands on Sid Champion V, and Zak can feel the darkness and weeps for the land.

Zak uncovers three stories of pure evil. Al, a friend, saw a mist moving up the hill. Mike, another friend, felt something cold on his shoulder. Sid has the most frightening tale of them all and takes the crew to The Hill of Death, where evil came across as a wet blanket of emotion.

Those are the tales of evil? A mist, getting the cold shoulder and feeling some emotions? You think, “pure evil” would present itself in a guise of something a touch more sinister.

They start off the investigation by firing a Civil War cannon, which nearly makes Aaron soil his pants with excitement. From there, Bill Chappell sets up what is in essence a laser microphone. In the midst of a rain storm, Zak seems to do some “conjuring” when he commands the men to “Rise out of this ground”. They feel the beam is being broken and get the words, “I feel dead.” For once, I actually hear something in the static and it’s sounds a lot more like, “what’s up guys,” as though they tuned into a walkie talkie.

To try and cover more ground, Aaron and Billy head in one direction, while Zak and Jay head another. Zak and Jay mistakenly find Aaron and Billy on the thermal, then believe they’re being stalked by a light anomaly. The light appears and disappears as though it were flying behind the clouds. But, now that Zak has a prompt, it’s time for him to zone out like we’ve seen so many times before and comments about images of bodies in hell.

This is shortly followed by two gunshots. Zak believes these are coming from the soldiers since it’s illegal to shoot guns at night. Zak hasn’t been out in the woods after dark much has he?

After that scare, they regroup and go to the Hill of Death. Just for fun, Zak brings along an 8mm camera.

As Zak commands the entities to show themselves, they get a gust of wind from the storm. Further, they get the word, “Vicksburg” when asking what city they need to take.

Much excitement comes when a branch breaks in the dark. Despite misidentifying animals in the past, since they don’t see one, it must be paranormal.

Finally, they go to where Sid met evil and find a broken bone of some sort in the back of their buggy. Because they don’t know where it came from, it too must be paranormal. It couldn’t have been there and they didn’t see it. Nor could it have been kicked up with all the crap driving Zak was doing.

And so Zak concludes the area is soaked in paranormal energy and that they have tracked down evil.

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Ghost Adventures – Hauntings of Vicksburg – Spirits Under Siege – Part 3

ga-vicksburg-lodgeThe Tour of Vicksburg continues with Zak and team at two new locations. The first is a former Elk Lodge, supposedly the home to severe negative energy and site of an unsolved murder. The second is the Kuhn Memorial Hospital, which treated smallpox patients and Civil War soldiers.

Malcolm Carson own the Lodge and tells how he makes repairs, but the next time he shows up, his work is undone. Additionally, tools go missing so he keeps buying new ones. Most would say this is the work of vandals or shoddy workmanship, but to Zak, it’s the work of paranormal spirit energy.

The first thing to note about the Lodge is that it’s completely falling apart. There isn’t a straight line to be seen or a board that isn’t rotten. However, when Zak steps inside and something falls amidst all the visible debris, he claims something was thrown at him.

He also picks up and EVP that says, “Let me get out.” How he discerns those words is beyond me.

When Zak goes to visit the Kuhn Hospital, he comments the building is the face of evil. He follows this up with conversations from two paranormal investigators. John says he had an ordeal that drove him away from the hospital and this is first time he’s been back in 4 years. He doesn’t explain that incident other than saying something was watching him.

David says he was investigating when the spirit of Michael said he was going to kill one of their investigators. Nothing actually happened to any of them, but that is their story. When Zak speaks of Michael they hear a bang. They make a frantic charge up the stairs only to stop after a few steps. Additionally, Zak says he sees someone moving down the hall.

However, the bang and figures are revealed when Zak finds two construction workers loading a dumpster.

The actual investigation is broken into two parts. Zak, Bill Chappell, and Billy will investigate the Lodge with Aaron and Jay over at the Kuhn Hospital.

Bill Chappell has come out to create an EMF vortex so he can capture it with a variety of devices. This experiment creates a lot of EMF energy that they can all feel and react to. Bill admits the effect of that high of EMF is disorienting.

And then the big evidence of the night happens, a board falls over. Zak and Billy make a huge deal that a 4×4 board of that size couldn’t possibly fall over on it’s own, it’s just too heavy. How is something too heavy not to fall?

But, it’s not too heavy for Bill, who picks it up with one hand without any strain. Zak continues to expound on how profound this evidence is and how it’s proof of poltergeist activity since there is no visible way to explain why the board fell.

Over at the hospital, Jay and Aaron send themselves into a fit as they discover someone is walking around the hospital with them. They clearly capture a figure. So clear in fact, it’s obvious it’s another person. And their big discovery for the night is a pile of Ziplock bags of poo.

Another piece of evidence they capture is something climbing on the wall. A wayward animal climbing a wall wouldn’t be a stretch for this location.

With the investigation over, all the focus is on the board falling over. Zak says the board is so heavy you need to two hands to pick it up. He’s completely wrong as we saw Bill pick it up with one hand. Zak is utterly convinced that a board falling over is the work of spirit energy and will not accept any other explanation.

Zak is free to believe whatever he wants, but this is another example of his paranormal hypochondria. He should also look up the subject of gravity.

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