Ghost Adventures – Old Gila County Jail – S16E04

ga-gila-county-jail Our next paranormal stop is in Globe, Arizona at the Old Gila Country Jail. Zak and team have been brought in by a call from Ozzy, a reporter that had a negative experience at the jail. She claims to have been attacked by an unseen force.

As they take Ozzy back into the jail, they hear the normal bangs and noises of an old building. But when they turn on the spirit box, they feel they hear Ozzy, even though they admit to only hearing the end, the Zy, portion of a word.

But they get large spikes on the EMF detector, going from a baseline of zero to 150. When they talk with Tom, the local historian, he says there are sad feelings and heaviness when walking in the jail. He is also aware of the EMF spikes, which have been detected by others, but no one has tried to find a cause.

They then hear from Debe, who gives the story of Kingsley Olds, who claims he was visited the by the spirit of the two girls he murdered. The “story” claims they asked him to come with them (to the other side). The next day he was shot in his cell. A headshot delivered from the courthouse as revenge for the murder. No one was caught for the shooting, but the father was suspected.

Zak then goes on a massive nearly incoherent rant, which makes him seem under the influence of something, about how the girls came to visit Kingsley to taunt him over his upcoming death and that they coerced their father to kill Kingsley out of revenge for their murder.

As they start the investigation, we are treated to yet another panic attack from Aaron, because he’s back in a room where he claims something jabbed him in the neck. Zak then tricks Aaron, and in usual cowardice style, locks him in a cell, so that there’s conflict like there would have been in the prison.

Zak and Billy leave Aaron in the dark while they investigate the courthouse. Using a parabolic microphone, Zak claims to hear a man in mortal agony. The noise we here is nothing like that, yet Zak insists it’s someone screaming for their very life. When it’s not recorded or heard by anyone else, Zak says it’s was only meant for him to hear in his own ears.

He also spots another light anomaly falling down the wall, which then turns into a mist and disappears.

Meanwhile, Aaron is basically losing his mind. He gets the word “Jim” on the Ovilus, then lights. Then through paranormal happenstance, the street lights turn off, or so he says. Rather than the lights being on a timer, or merely a power spike, or that being a daily occurrence, Aaron feels this is Jim communicating. Of course, we have no record of a Jim.

Aaron also gets more erratic behavior from the MelMeter, which spikes to 44 milligauss and gives a temperature reading of over 500 degrees. Most people would say that’s an unreliable piece of equipment. But to Zak, this is solid evidence of activity.

For the final part of the investigation, they set up the assassination experiment, which has Zak with an empty air rifle in the courthouse, and Jay lying in the bed of Kingsley. Zak takes three shots and gets the words, “head”, “rapture”, and “pappy” on the Talking EVP. Jay says he can hears girls speaking as Zak is firing. While this isn’t solid evidence, it’s at least interesting and Zak doesn’t have to make his usual wild leaps to weave it into a story.

By and large, they capture very little evidence. It would be hard to imagine an old jail without bangs and knocks. They try very hard to make the couple of audio blips form into Ozzy, and you can run with it if you like. About the only thing interesting is final portion with Zak and the air rifle.

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Ghost Adventures – Kennedy Mine – S16E03

ga-kennedy-mineWhile still hanging out in California, Zak and team investigate the Kennedy and Argonaut mines. Both had terrible working conditions and accidental deaths, while the Argonaut was the scene of a terrible fire that killed 47 miners. It is listed as the worst mining accident in California history. But Zak feels it’s more than just an accident and that something evil is down in the tunnels.

This is confirmed by a conversation he has with George, who was scratched or as he claims, “branded”, while doing an investigation in the Mining House. And not just any scratch, but a scratch that made him lose his mind, filled it with dark thoughts and has since given him “flashes”. He says it’s a struggle for him to even talk about the mine, and had the cameras not been on, he never would have step foot on the premises again.

Connie agrees with George, because she felt a wall of negative energy. Nothing actually happened to her, but she felt like she couldn’t go inside the house.

Donna has an equally troubling story about a growl she heard. Even though there are mountain lions and plenty of other animals living in the woods that surround the house, the growl was definitely paranormal because it didn’t come from outside.

As they get George inside the house, he gets weak and has to sit down. It seems George might have a few other problems that he needs to tend to.

They start the investigation by splitting up with Billy and Dakota going to the Argonaut mine while Zak and Aaron stay at the house.

Dakota and Billy hear a scream, which Zak interprets as a death cry. Not sure why he would make that assumption rather than it being an animal or creaking metal. Billy brings out the paranormal puck and gets the number 7. Billy and Dakota draw the conclusion that this is the number of entities around them. Billy asks for them to make a noise, which he gets. Keep in mind though, they are in a rusted out mine after a rainstorm, it would be hard not to get a ping from the falling rain and stressed metal.

But when asked if the spirits have a message, they get “indirect”. The two of them quickly weave a story that the entities won’t give them a direct answer and will instead just use knocks.

Back at the mining house, Zak gets an unexplained light at the of the hall. Except it isn’t unexplained, it’s the reflection of his IR light off a sink. That certainly proves how things can be misinterpreted.

As Zak continues to wander around, he claims to get “fight me” and “get outta here” on the recorder. He immediately asserts “get outta here” is a warning because an evil spirit wants to fight him.

Done with the house, they attempt leave and meet up with Billy as the Argonaut mine is pretty far away. Ironically, when we first started the episode, Zak said it was merely a stone’s throw away. But as they leave, in the shadows of the fog, Zak feels he sees something. In yet another act of cowardice, he tells Aaron to stay behind and check it out.

This causes Aaron to go back into the Mining House, where the spirit box has mysteriously shut off. Since their junk device has failed, it’s more signs of the paranormal. This prompts Aaron to bring out the Ovilus where he gets the words, “yourself” and “reason.” Aaron weaves this to mean he’s by himself and needs a reason to be there. This is followed by “bury” and “dirt” which clearly references buried miners, even though that’s a different location all together.

It’s interesting and predictable that Zak weaves in every cliche we’ve every heard about mining, and mixes in evil and dark energy. Despite how George and Zak want to spin it, getting scratched while wandering around in the dark isn’t getting “branded” or a sign of the paranormal. It’s a sign of being clumsy and not knowing where you are. And if you feel like lashing out at someone for no reason, perhaps it would be best to see a medical professional rather than blaming entities.

And it’s also confirmed that Zak has a habit of misidentifying objects and that his claustrophobia and other fears, easily gets the better of him.

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Ghost Adventures – The Alley of Darkness – S16E02

ga-alley-of-darkness While in Hollywood, Ghost Adventures heads to North Hollywood to investigate the Alley Studio, a former recording studio for many well known artists. Now it’s apparently filled with dark energy and dozens of spirits. According to John, the owner, there are 17 spirits roaming the halls including two of his ex-girlfriends, as well as the former owner.

Zak speaks at length about the secrecy and nefarious deeds of the past. In the day, no pictures were allowed to be taken. You didn’t talk about what went on inside. And someone had to vouch for you. To most people, this would be a way to keep client names and what material they were working on from being leaked. But to Zak, it’s sinister-as shown by the myriad scenes of people cooking up and shooting drugs. It would be hard to argue that took place, but it wouldn’t fall into the realm of “sinister”. Foolheardy, yes.

John, the owner, claims there was a suspicious death, when a man named Todd fell down a precarious, almost makeshift set of stairs. Without any real reasoning, or evidence, John believes Todd was pushed. Kristine, his assistant, an interesting character in her own right, claims she saw something black in her peripheral vision. Because it peeked around a corner, and the former owner supposedly did this, it must be Bill Elkins.

Even though they died elsewhere, because they spent time at the studio, Zak feels John’s former girlfriends are trying to pull to the other side. They constitute some of the bad energy he feels.

While talking to John about his old girlfriends, they capture some EVPs, and there is no prize for guessing a cold spot whips up and John identifies one of the voices as Deanna, his former girlfriend. She says, “follow me”, which clearly means for John to kill himself. Interesting that a disembodied voice, wrapped around static, from beyond, can be distinguished as a former loved one, yet people have trouble hearing each other through cell phone reception. It’s remarkable.

As they continue to get a feel for the place, Zak finds an arrow on the floor which wasn’t there before. This is clearly a sign of the paranormal. However, later on, he makes the same claim with a plastic container. It appeared out of nowhere! Except that it didn’t, he just didn’t see it.

We then have a visit from the jittering psychic, Patti Negri. She claims Todd was pushed down the stairs because she gets a communication about his thumbs. How do those connect?

Now that they’ve violated all the “rules” of the Alley Studio, they start the investigation. Jay goes down a “secret” hallway and up to an attic where “nefarious” deeds have taken place. An interesting observation since it looks like storage and too low to stand up. Meanwhile, Zak takes up a position near the infamous staircase. Because it’s so dangerous, Zak sends Aaron up to investigate while he stays behind. How many times has that happened before?

Aaron gets jumpy as he hears a hissing sound. This is followed by the word, “trouble”. As Aaron goes higher, he’s asked for a “password”. To Zak, all of these indicate nefarious deeds that took place and how everything is shrouded in secrecy. As Aaron gets to the top, Zak feels multiple women are flirting with him. But it’s no laughing matter as Zak is affected yet again by a light anomaly, also known as a bug, which gives him dark thoughts, also known as overacting.

This is followed by a burp of static which Billy deciphers as “tell them to keep it off”. This is another reference to them breaking the rules by filming. Zak takes this as Bill’s presence, which is confirmed to him when Billy’s camera malfunctions.

As if they needed more evidence, the temperate drops from 71 to the “freezing” temperature of 66. Good thing it didn’t stop at 66.6 or there would be a girlish scream.

As they taunt Bill about the no camera rule, Billy see someone with his own eyes, stand up. But he immediately says he can’t see anything because it’s pitch dark. So it’s too dark to see anything, how can he see something move, especially a shadow? Some would call that a contradiction. Or lying.

At the end there is yet another light anomaly. This coincides with the Live EVP giving out, among other words they ignore, famous, ghost and discovered. Only one conclusion can be drawn, the ghost of someone famous, who was discovered there, is standing next to them.

Strangely, for a location that seethes with dark energy, very little happens. Despite how many times Zak says nefarious deeds took place there, it all seems pretty quiet. Despite the multitude of drug induced imagery, there is very little to support that this is anything other than a rather disheveled old building with some odd people at the helm.

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Ghost Adventures – Ripleys Believe It or Not – S16E01

ga-ripleyTo kick off the new season, Zak and team visit the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Hollywood, California due to claims of bizarre happenings and employee experiences. One employee, who no longer works there, claims she was touched. Another claims to have seen a shadow. A third, claims to have heard voices and had something follow her home.

The museum has shrunken heads, body parts as well as items that were supposedly used in rituals, such as a Japanese sword used in beheadings and a Hate Doll. Zak immediately clues in on the mummified foot and says it’s a cursed item, because items that come from Egyptian tombs have curses on them. That old curse from the time of King Tut is still kicking around.

As they talk with Brittany, she claims to see people in the museum who are tribal. Cari claims a black shadow followed her home and sleeps in her bed. She also has dreams of being in a cave where she is tortured.

This brings Jay to focus on the Hate Doll, which is basically a large voodoo doll. Nails are driven into a statue and each one represents the wish of harm to come to an adversary. Because of this, Zak says it’s a charged and dangerous object.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Billy are using the geomagnetometer, which has never been proven to be a scientific device, and get readings from -30 to 190 within a few steps of each other. Just what is this device measuring? It seems pretty unreliable from those measurements alone.

As the investigation starts, you could have bet money that Aaron would start to feel dizzy and doesn’t like what’s going on around him.

This is followed by a mysterious light coming on because some gaffer tape fell off it. Zak is convinced and adamant the tape didn’t peel or fall off. It has to have been torn off by unseen hands, because tape is sticky.

For the next part of the investigation, Zak is allowed to hold the supposed mummified foot from Egypt. He then has visions of a beautiful woman. At this same time, a stick figure appears, which is a spirit come to watch the event. And as Zak is clearly told of the appearance, he drops to the ground in pain as though attacked by this unseen force.

Next, as Billy says there are two skeletons overlaying, something we have seen before, Zak says he’s channeling the Egyptian princess.

Moving on to another experiment, Billy turns on a positive ionizer to fill the room with positive ions. He switches over to filling the room with negative ions. They are associating positive ions with something being good, and negative ions with something being bad. They are skipping over the idea of polarity and charges.

But with these ions in the air, Aaron, who is below the experiment, becomes affected like a rat in a maze. He becomes confused and disoriented, wandering back and forth without purpose. He also claims to hear chanting. Said chanting was not captured.

When he gets close to the tribal mask so he can put in the spirit box, there is a loud bang. He now has no idea what to do or where to go. He’s starts to come unglued as he talks to Zak about his experience and even has tears in his eyes. He says he’s being affected by the mask in cabinet, which was created by a cannibalistic tribe. Or so the card in the display reads.

Because of the effect, Zak is convinced as to how dangerous these objects are. This leads him to bring out the Paranormal Puck. This turns into a conversation where Zak asks if they are in danger. When the answer is ‘killed’, Zak becomes nervous. So where is this mysterious cursed item? According to the electronic oracle, it’s beside him, with the coins. This means the fountain full of coins underneath the Hate Doll is cursed and people putting money in there are worshipping the doll and giving power to the idol.

While there are no shadow figures, nobody gets touched, no booming voices, no actual evidence of any kind, Zak feels this Ripley’s museum is haunted and haunted by something dark.

And just to put it out there, if you work in a place called an Odditorium, which features items of supposed dubious past and then have nightmares about the bizarre practices of some tribesmen, it doesn’t mean the item is haunted or that you have a demonic attachment. That’s just letting your imagination run away with you.

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