Ghost Adventures – Asylum 49 – S14E11

ga-asylum49Zak heads back to Salt Late City, Utah to investigate a larger portion of Asylum 49 (aka Tooele Hospital), a haunted hospital and ghost tour location they visited in 2011. At the time, the nursing home portion was still in operation and they couldn’t film inside. That facility has been closed and was purchased by the owner’s of Asylum 49 to expand their haunted attraction. Is anyone else seeing a business/monetary angle to this investigation?

The hospital is supposed to have a dark figure that sneaks into patients rooms and expedites their death. There is also supposed to be a little girl, and when she appears, death follows. Further, the shadow shows up at 3am and patients die in threes – the plot to dozens of Hollywood movies and legends.

Zak talks with Marie, the nurse from 2011, and finds out she’s been fired for telling the truth. In reality, she was most likely let go because she said the patients were in danger by some dark entity. She basically opened up the parent company to a massive lawsuit.

Dakota, a former nurse, says he responded to a death call at 3am. This is the Devil’s Hour and can’t be a coincidence, according to Zak. Further, Dakota received three scratches on his arm and saw dark figures on the security cameras. These same security cameras were taped up by the staff because they didn’t want to see the dark entity on them. At least that’s the running story.

Kimm, the owner, takes them to a room where a patient died and on the bed in the outline of a body in powder. Not long after, Mike the audio engineer, says he felt something brush his ear and saw a shadow figure disappear. This is followed by what they claim is a little girl, the harbinger of death. Too bad no one else saw or heard these.

To start the investigation, Billy spends the night in the room where Kimm showed them the body. During the night he hears the much expected bangs and cracks, but gets the big surprise of a door closing. When he checks the room, the window appears to be open, but he won’t enter. Had someone been in the room helping the door to close, they would have remained hidden.

The next day on the same floor, we see some ridiculous garden gnome in the hallway, that clearly wasn’t there before. This will come into play a few minutes later when Aaron goes to check a camera, hears a struggle then panics. In his panic, he bolts into a room, says he sees a figure and stumbles down the hall. Turns out he was at the same door that shut while Billy was sleeping. Good thing the gnome was there so Aaron knew exactly which rooms to have his fit in front of.

Aaron continues on and thinks he hears a girl’s voice. He begins to panic again, and when Zak comes down the hall to try and help, he looks like a shadow figure which causes Aaron to crap his pants and hurt his back.

Billy brings out the new Spirit Sweep Device, which is something he worked on with Bill Chappell. Like the other cobbled together devices they use, this detects changes in the environment. As they go to place the device, Zak hears the voice of an old man. This is followed by two streaks of light.

As Billy repeatedly fiddles with a device he says he has no control of, they get the phrases, “please help me”, “thank you for that”, “I’m back home”.

Zak then brings out the SLS camera and the thermal imager. He once again proves how simple objects look quite sinister in the dark. What he thinks is an entity is merely Aaron’s reflection. While he “debunks” the situation, it proves the misinterpretation of data.

Finally, they head back to nerve center because Billy has a strange EVP. Zak asks, “do you want to talk to us?”, which is followed by a wheeze or death rattle. Zak says this is the old man he heard. However, play this segment a few times and you will see Zak breath in at the exact moment the wheeze starts. Notice the movement of his neck, lips, and throat. I’m quite certain Zak made that noise himself.

In short, this is an episode dedicated to raising the mystique and scare factor of the Asylum 49 Haunted House. Their evidence can be easily duplicated through earthly means. Billy doesn’t go into the room where the door slammed, which is suspicious. There is a marker so Aaron can pick the same room. The voices come through while Billy is touching all the knobs of his new device. And it appears Zak is making ghostly noises to help enhance his EVPs. Other than scaring themselves, they don’t capture anything.

Two letters come to mind. One is a B. The other is S.

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Ghost Adventures – The Viper Room – S14E10

ga-the-viper-roomThe next Ghost Adventures investigation takes us to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California into The Viper Room, where River Phoenix died of a drug overdose on Halloween. It is also said to have connections to mobsters such as Bugsy Siegel. Additionally, one of the owners, Anthony Fox, went missing one day and only his truck was found in the desert.

As Zak talks with Maci, manager of the Viper Room, he draws the conclusion that Anthony was dealt with in a mob fashion. Maci says she was told a body is buried in the crawlspace of the club. Maci also says she has received phone calls where it’s nothing but a voice saying, “hi, it’s me.” Zak believes this to be an ethereal spirit trying to reach out.

He then meets with Rita who says she has a spirit that makes contact with her through her phone. She is receiving text messages from the beyond. Zak ties these to the calls Maci has received. While talking to Rita, she says something is around her and Zak records her hands as being cold. Again, cold hands are indicative of poor circulation, not the paranormal.

Tommy Black, the manager, says that several people who stand at a certain place at the bar tend to fall over. He then shows video of a couple people toppling over. Zak suggests this is due to paranormal energy and not due to inebriation, sloped floor, or some other physical attribute to the floor.

While they didn’t get any voices while talking to Rita, when they investigate “The Hole”, they receive some voices and let Rita listen in. While they sound like nothing more than static or even a void in the recording, Rita claims it’s River Phoenix saying, “I’m confused.” This is a clear case of wishful thinking and playing it up for the camera.

For the investigation, they hear several bangs along the bar and believe it’s the door to the secret room. Billy claims he sees a hand behind the door beckoning them to come in. Aaron suits up and heads into the crawlspace where there is a tangle of wires and duct work.

There is so much activity at the location that they can spend time documenting how many times Aaron complains about being in the crawlspace.

Back upstairs, Billy sets up an ITC experiment, which Zak says generates a face out of the swirling mass. When nothing further happens, he plays guitar on stage and invites River to play along. They turn on the Paranormal Puck and ask some questions.

“Who is here with us” – “Spirits”
“What are your names spirits” – “Anthony”

They believe they contact Anthony Fox, but the communication ends when they try to ask who killed him and where his body is. But as that conversation ends, they get what they feel is a guitar note from the stage and that River Phoenix has joined them.

I don’t think there is too much to say on this one. The foolishness of saying they hear River Phoenix in the burp of static speaks for itself.

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Ghost Adventures – Witches in Magna – S14E09

image The next investigation takes Zak and team to Magna, Utah to investigate a family who claims they have a curse placed on them by a bad witch. Sebastian says, "from what we believe", that after ending the witches employment at their restaurant she put a dark spell on him. Since then, he’s been the victim of mood swings and fits of rage where he wanted to break things. Because the experience left him confused, Zak says this is possession.

Sebastian turned to a psychic who sold them spirit balls she makes. They supposedly can capture spirits. Once home, Sebastian had a bad reacting which caused uncontrollable sweating and he moved in an awkward way.

Additionally, 6 year old Sebastian Jr, says he sees the dark figure of a girl on a repeated basis and has even been touched by her. Their daughter felt hands around her throat.

Zak meets with Kelli, who sold the spirit balls and is "battling" against the evil witch. She says a demon has been summoned against Sebastian and there is a curse over her as well. The evil witch used her hair and a tarantula to weave the curse. She’s not suffering any ill effects though.

Oddly, there is a witchcraft shop just down the street from the pizzeria. CJ says the evil witch, whose name is never mentioned, and has since disappeared, used to work at the shop but was dismissed after finding out she dabbled in the darker side of witchcraft. CJ says she has been into the basement of pizzeria and something strong and evil is down there.

Local Historian, Robert Goble, was told that Magna was the most haunted town in Utah. Zak notes the coal plant that’s in operation and if this could be feeding the paranormal energy.

As Aaron digs around in the basement, he finds a blood stained mattress and hand prints on the wall. For sure, the mattress should have been thrown away, but the hand prints look like someone’s attempt to be silly and scary.

Billy says he sees the camera head move. When they check the footage, there is no movement. Instead of Billy being mistaken, Zak claims Billy saw red eyes of the demon.

They hear multiple bangs down there, and get a response to their questions.
"Whose blood is that? – Behind you"
"What’s behind me? – I’ll show you"
"Can you show us? – Be patient"
"Who brought the bad spirit here?" Zak gets a light anomaly in response. Right after, there is a massive bang that sends them scattering in all directions, yelling and screaming for help.  The vibration can be felt through the entire building. Zak believes the entity is acting out against them.

After gathering their thoughts, Zak takes a spirit ball down to the basement, and for some insane reason, tells Billy to lie down on the fetid mattress. At least Billy has the sense to decline.

We also see how easy it is to misinterpret what they see on the cameras as they believe something is morphing and coming into existence on the thermal. It’s Zak’s reflection off a shiny surface.

Next, Zak brings out the Talking EVP, which shows a distance measurement jump from 38 to 170. Instead of this being a malfunctioning device, Billy says something is in front of the camera interfering with the reading.

Zak asks what they should do in the basement. They get a response of "dig". When asked what he will find, he gets "ahead". He treats it as two words.

When Zak asks what was done to the daughter, he gets "scratch" which is quite a bit different than choking, but Zak will let that slide as well. Intelligent enough to answer, but not intelligent enough to get it right.

Then Zak gets the answer I’m sure he’s been waiting for. When asked who scratched the daughter, he gets "Master." Who is the master? Satan.

For the last part, Zak brings out the SLS camera and for a second, picks up an incredibly small stick figure. The second time it returns to stay a little longer. That is until Billy comes around the corner wherein it disappears, reappears, then jumps into his body. According to Zak.

Because of all the activity, Zak performs a cleansing ritual, telling the spirit it needs to leave. But this does no good as he checks back in and the family is still having experiences.

Sebastian’s mood swings sound like the start of mental health issues. And the awkward movements might be related to something more serious. Instead of messing around with demonic possessions, he should probably see a doctor.

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Ghost Adventures – Upper Fruitland Curse – S14E08

image Zak and the team head to Upper Fruitland, New Mexico, onto Navajo land to investigate claims of a strange, faceless entity that keeps showing itself to the Harris family. Brenda, Ryan and their daughter, Holly, tell the same story of a figure in a plaid shirt with no face holding Ryan down one night. This entity may also be responsible for sending Robert, the father, to the hospital.

As they drive up, Zak talks with the neighbor who says their house is haunted and they’ve been told by the medicine man to tear it down. The son says he has seen trolls without a face.

On the Harris property, the main area of activity seems to be the trailer in the back that the family stayed in while the house was being built. While inside they hear footsteps and a series of cats gather around. Zak says he can feel a presence and even that he lost time. Billy captures some EVPs and when he plays them for Brenda, she darts out of the room and begins to pray. Supposedly, she has been told about some dark entity.

To check the grounds, they bring out a Geomagnetometer and get a baseline reading of 49. At one point it jumps by 7 to 56, which Zak feels is due to a portal to another dimension. He’s says that a lot lately.

As the investigation starts, they hear a loud noise from the trailer, like something falling over. That’s not a stretch as there are items stacked all over the place. While the wind is blowing, they hear what they think is a snarl. Also, not that big of a stretch since there is at least one large dog in the back yard. When Aaron goes into the trailer, he hears a scream and then a child’s voice. While interesting, that could easily be one of the half dozen cats wandering around or one of the kids next door playing. It may be dark and late, but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t outside.

In usual fashion, Aaron has his episode of feeling terrible, says he’s going to be sick and that he wants to lay down and sleep. He’s been terrorized by the sound of something bumping the trailer, which again isn’t that odd considering junk is stacked against the trailer and the wind is blowing. We also have bangs against the van, but you can clearly see a dog on the porch or one of those cats could have made a leap for it.

In the house, they see orbs and hear more footsteps. On the SLS camera, they see a stick figure without a head. On a camera covering the field, there is a mass moving back and forth in the distance. It’s can’t be human because it’s cold, so says Zak.

As Zak winds through the house, which is completely cluttered, he opens the crawlspace. At the same time, he feels the chair in the kitchen is dragged across the floor. But since the crawlspace is open, Zak tells Jay to go down there. Zak is really good at getting other people to go into scary areas while he hangs back.

In the crawlspace, Jay hears footsteps, what could be growl and the lid to the opening falls over. Zak concludes all of these are demonic and the lid fell over to try and trap Jay down there. It would be more realistic to say the footsteps and groan are from the boards settling or from the dog outside.

While Zak doesn’t uncover anything, he concludes the house has an evil entity and should be cleansed. It needs to be cleaned for sure. It’s a mess and is still under construction with things hanging from the ceiling, bare walls, bare floors, boxes, cans, ladders and shelves stuffed into every corner. Even the outside fascia is missing with plastic hanging all over the front and debris everywhere. It’s hardly a surprise you would hear odd noises.

About the only interesting thing is the footage Ryan captures of a shadowy figure rising up from the ground. It’s a phenomenon worthy of more investigation, but all the other encounters have more to do with junk piled against the house on a windy night than supernatural forces.

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