Ghost Adventures – Fort Chaffee – S04E10

For this investigation, the team heads down to the sweltering heat of Arkansas to investigate Fort Chaffee which has been used to house Cuban and Vietnamese refugees and it has been the scene of quite a few riots and several deaths. With so many people streaming into it, living conditions were poor and many people treated it like a prison. Fights were frequent and as we gather from Lynn, a former guard, plenty of stabbings took place and more than one body was buried out in the back woods.

Lynn also goes on to describe that voodoo was being practiced and an exorcism was performed.

Strangely enough Fort Chaffee is where Elvis came through when he was drafted and they even claim sightings of Bigfoot or some similar creature. There is quite a bit of history to the place, but as Zak and team go on the tour, I have to say the evidence of supernatural goings on are actually pretty slim.

Other investigators claim to hear voices of "help me" and several of the women say they had an arm come out and touch them. They also claim to feel cold spots and a voice has said they need to "Get Out" while investigating. While these are interesting, they don’t really seem to be a big deal. I have come to ignore so many of these claimed voices people keep hearing; and for a place like this especially. It’s still an active military base. Plus there are animals all over the place making who knows what manner of noise. It doesn’t discount any accounts of the paranormal, but any time you have that sort of thing going on it makes me question your findings.

But moving on, the trio heads into the Fort and claim they hear old music and singing. They put a stationary camera in this same spot and get banging noises. Not to throw a wet blanket on the event, but the active military base is a mere stone’s throw away. Who knows what kind of noises you’re getting. That banging could be from a truck driving around.

The guys claim to get EVPs of people saying "Come and get me" and "Get on the bed". One EVP that did amuse me was when Zak was going to pretend there was a fire and everyone needed to get out. He claims to get a voice saying "No one is gonna believe that shit". If that were true, it proves their goofing around and staging scenes doesn’t do anything. No one is falling for it, so stop having people take their shirts off!

Seriously , what is the deal with these shows now taking their tops off? You have to go topless to get ratings these days?

Anyway, the guys bring in Lynn, who worked as a prison guard, to tour several other parts. They head down to where Richard, an "inmate", hung himself in his cell. Strangely they don’t get much at this site. You would think all sorts of stuff would happen, but it doesn’t. Well, they do claim a voice says it’s hot and that someone wants to have sex with Zak. Besides the potty humor aspect of that, it’s pretty damn dodgy at best.

When all is said and done I have to say I didn’t really see/feel much in the way of paranormal activity coming from this place. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure why the guys decided to investigate it since only one other group has been there before and their evidence seemed pretty lean as well. Nothing like staking your own claim on new territory, but this location didn’t really seem to have much going on. There is no doubt it has a pretty bad past and I doubt any of the previous residence were happy to be there, however it seems to be an abandoned camp and a pretty quiet one at that.

I still like episodes like this however, they still show interesting places and bring to life places we might not otherwise get to see. In it’s own little way Ghost Adventures is an interesting history lesson. And if nothing else, they didn’t try to talk Lynn out of his shirt.

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Ghost Adventures – La Palazza Mansion – S04E09

This episode proves once again that if a real estate deal is too good to be true you probably need to check the basement for a burial ground!

For this episode, the guys don’t have far to go as they investigate a home in Sin City itself. For this investigation they check out a home that has the owners downright terrified. There is little doubt that as they talk about their experiences during the interviews they want to get as far away from this house as possible.

They don’t have a shortage of experiences either. They both talk about a wine glass that came flying off the rack and smashed on the floor. That unto itself really isn’t that big a deal, it’s the part where Chris (the homeowner) gets choked after calling out the would be spirit that’s wild. Apparently, his girlfriend and two guests saw him get choked and had to jump in and help him.

Heather tells that on multiple occasions she would hear voices talking about her while she was in the shower. From her description, the talk was quite sexual in nature. They also claim to hear multiple conversations coming from the attic as well as banging on the walls. They even go so far as to say that Chris’ personality changed while he lived in the house. Apparently he would become extremely violent, and from the way he describes it, he may have been heading towards some murderous deeds. These two have no doubts that the place is full of evil energy.

And they may have cause for concern since Chris says he found a secret room in the house during renovations. It was a white tiled room with an industrial sink that had plumbing caked with blood. That right there sounds like something out of Dexter. He also found a stash if guns. Small caliber .22 handguns, which sound like they could be mob related.

The guys get things underway and immediately run into technical difficulties. The batteries for the cameras and the monitors all go dead. Not surprisingly, Zak feels this is the entities charging themselves for a battle during the lockdown.

As they explore the house they claim to get an EVP of the word attic. This is supposed to be in reference to the voices Heather keeps claiming to hear up there. They continue to walk around with intentions of heading to the secret room when Nick begins to claim that Zak’s face is all distorted. He’s making all sorts of claims that his eyes are in the wrong place. This part actually seems a little phony to me. Maybe he is seeing something, but this could be nothing more than a trick of the light, or lack thereof. Just seems like they’re trying to build some dramatic tension.

When they get to the secret kill room, Zak scratches himself on a nail. First off, it’s not a stab wound but a long scratch. I’m sure it hurt like hell, but it really doesn’t look that bad. Regardless, it doesn’t come across as the life threatening wound they make it out to be. During this incident they claim to get an EVP of a voice claiming they’re breaking into the house. There are also a lot of bangs and someone singing.

Another EVP they claim to get is someone mimicking Zak’s voice. I’m not hearing that at all. That comment actually seems a little bizarre. Again, it seems like they’re trying to build things up.

Next up is perhaps the worst part of this investigation, they bring in a young girl to pretend she’s Heather to try and get the dirty responses she got when taking a shower. This is just silly as can be. Who’s going to believe this? There is no plumbing in the house! Are the spirits really that dumb? They are smart enough to injure people and possibly set fires, but can’t tell the difference between two different people and a house that has no walls? I think we need to ditch these kinds of experiments.

Zak claims to hear snarls and banging while all this is going on. He also claims to hear a female voice during all these shenanigans. Haley seems to be reacting to something in the dark, but that could just be to Zak banging around. Who wouldn’t be freaked out with all this silliness going on?

For the big finale, Zak tries to provoke the spirit that broke the wine glass and choked Chris. He sets up some glasses and starts swinging a knife around. For extra dramatic effect he even goes so far as to stick it in the wall. Throwing knives around in the dark, good call!

Considering the claims that the spirits were drawing all the battery power for some big showdown, I think the evidence was woefully underwhelming. They got the usual fuzzy EVPs, but didn’t capture much else. Zak getting hurt was his own damn fault and considering the sheer terror of the owners I don’t think they really got anything to support these fears. I was expecting boards to fly, punches to be thrown, and lots of scratches and shoving. Based on what happened I really don’t think the owners have too much to be worried about. I’m not saying the place doesn’t have a pretty sketchy past, but right now it seems pretty docile

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Ghost Adventures – USS Hornet – S04E08

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to San Francisco to visit the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier that was in the thick of battle during World War II. It was responsible for shooting down multiple enemy planes and destroying enemy ships. It was no stranger to combat and not only did it takes the lives of those it attacked, mental stress and frustration took its toll against those who served on it. It’s reported that several men took their own lives, many through hanging, rather than deal with the routine of war. Of course, death would have been a common occurrence on board during wartime and many men lost their lives in the medical area.

The reports of activity extend through the whole ship, from the sounds of footsteps to seeing injured men in medical bay. One tour guide says a coffee pot came flying out of nowhere and shattered on the floor next to him. And there are claims of spirits walking and then disappearing into the walls. People also claim to see shadows moving around and women get their hair pulled as they tour the ship. If all the reports are to be believed the entire ship is still buzzing with activity.

To get right to the point I think this is worst episode of Ghost Adventures I’ve seen and it was riddled with the guys reaching at straws. They really don’t get any actual activity during this investigation but that doesn’t stop them from doing their normal jaw dropping claims of exciting and hearing voices that aren’t really there. When things are too quiet they break out the spirit box and claim to hear sorts of voices and intelligent responses. Even more than normal they were reaching to make words out of that static.

Their attempts at sounding the alarm didn’t accomplish anything so they go with flying orbs as evidence of activity. Multiple times Zak points out things are flying into and around his head. That is in no way evidence of anything.

When they run out of stunts that don’t get any results, they head down to the medical bay and start talking about all the personal experiences they’re having. Those don’t show up on a recorder so you can’t dispute them! First off, Zak seems completely annoyed at listening to Nick talk about how cold he is and how he feels needles in his arm. He just wants Nick to be quiet as he lies in the bunk. Was Zak too busy trying to formulate how to sell this ship as haunted and salvage this investigation? But when it’s his turn to lie in the same bunk, he repeats exactly what Nick says.

The play acting in sick bay was also pointless. Zak dressing up as though he’s injured is just silly. But it doesn’t actually yield any results regardless of how they would like to spin it.

When all is said and done this episode was a dud. Not because they didn’t find anything, but because they completely over exaggerated everything to make it look like they were still capturing activity. It honestly seemed like they were making up stuff left and right to make the ship seem haunted and improve the drama of the episode. You know, the spirits don’t always come out and you’re not going to capture something every time you go out. And that’s ok; you don’t need to make up evidence to keep us interested in the show.

As a final comment, that opening sequence was over the top cheesy and borderline offensive. I hope we never see that sort of crap again.

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Paranormal State – Return of the Dead – The Glove II – S05E06

This was another waste of an episode and once again makes me think that everyone Ryan goes to help has some form of emotional problem or some other issue that is a cry for help.

The original story involves a Grandfather that abused members of his family. It seems he’s continuing the tradition and when Michelle calls him out, things go haywire. First off, I never believed the evidence in the first part of this episode; anyone can make a handprint on the wall and a crappy chandelier that falls in a wreck of a room is no sign of the paranormal.

The evidence in this episode is just as useless. Another mysterious handprint on a television set. Good grief that couldn’t possibly have been done by human hands on accident as they groped their way along in the dark!

The wife is a wreck because no one believes her story. It honestly sounds like this woman has worked herself up into a frenzy and is seeing things because she’s sleep deprived. (I certainly didn’t get a sense of any financial trouble or martial issues out of this one) Her husband never experiences any of the events so basically thinks she is just making it all up. But Ryan claims he’s proven that the spirit only talks to the wife and not to the husband (because Chad wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hear anything). Once again, creating an outcome that fits their outlandish theory.

To solve the problem, Michelle pulls a wild idea out of her ass and says they need to drive nails into the grave site of the Grandfather.

Of course, once they do, everything goes back to normal.

Maybe this woman just needs a few people to get off their ass and help her clean up the place. It’s been two years since they last showed up and the house is still in shambles. Maybe if it didn’t look like a dump you wouldn’t be stressing all the time!

This episode was just as hard to watch as the previous one.

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