Ghost Adventures – St Anne’s Retreat – S13E08

image Zak and team head to Logan Canyon, Utah to investigate St. Anne’s Retreat, where some strange events have taken place. However, before they can even get there, Zak believes the dark forces are working against him since he can’t find the place.

After heading back to town, he talks with locals to get directions and hear their tales. And tales they have. They all begin with, "legend says," "I’ve heard," and "supposedly". They hear the story of a pregnant nun, banished to the retreat and forced to give birth in solitude. She then drowned the baby and slit her own throat. I’m quite sure this is an urban legend.

About the only story they can confirm is that a group of teens were held hostage in one of the cabins by three gunmen. They went out on Halloween night, where a group of security guards found them, took a few shots, then tied them up. They were threatened repeatedly and held until morning.

The men were arrested and convicted. The victims claim the men looked evil with one saying he saw a Hell Hound with red eyes, and foretells bad tidings. With a bit of prompting from Zak, they agree the men were possessed by demonic forces.

Tito, says the lead gunman claimed to have killed multiple people and buried the bodies under the cabin. However, no bodies have been found on the property.

To further investigate the claims, Zak brings in psychic medium, Karen Baldwin, who immediately mentions the number 3. This of course refers to cabin number 3, the three men who held the teens hostage, and the three scratches one witness reported getting.

Karen follows this up with stories of Satanic worship and a male presence that likes to taunt and dominate people. She says something negative has played in the hills and she feels "damage." Karen then breaks down and talks about a "she," which Zak says is a reference to the nun.

Zak is firmly convinced the security guards were possessed by demonic forces and these dark forces were conjured into existence through the use of Satanic rituals they have no evidence of taking place.

As the investigation starts, they lock Jay into cabin three. And they really lock him in, screwing a board into place over the door.

Zak and the rest of the team head to the pool where the nun supposedly drowned her child. Zak begins to "summon" the forces and opens the portals. As proof of the demonic, the interior of the bathing shed is red on the thermal. Also, Billy takes issue with Zak’s "summoning."

Zak will open a portal, but he won’t investigate the shed. He leaves that to Billy while observes from a safe distance. Tripping from the use of the word, "summoning," Billy feels a dark energy wrap around him. They also hear noises which they say are Native American instruments.

Meanwhile, Jay comes unglued inside cabin 3. He’s locked inside, and has convinced himself he has no protection since his charms broke off earlier in the day. With fear and sensory deprivation setting in, he feels something is out to get him, so much so, he throws the Spirit Box at it. There are plenty of pops, creaks and footsteps in the cabin, which you normally hear as old wood settles at night. But these terrifying sounds without form bring Jay to tears.

In the main cabin, they look to see if they can find the dark energy hiding in corners. Since nothing is happening, this is proof the entity is a coward. Zak then sends Billy to the top floor, where he becomes aggressive and provoking. As we should expect, Zak sees a light orb and says this is responsible for Billy’s behavior.

While Zak is safely outside and away from danger, he takes full spectrum images and gets something interesting. There is a shadowy looking figure in the frame, which Zak feels is the aforementioned nun, who may or may not have existed.

When we take a step back and cast a critical eye, all the stories are "legends". The only real one involves the security guards, who most likely had severe mental and behavioral issues, not demonic possession. It’s not the 1700s any more.

But again, there is no evidence that shows death occurred at the property. The Satanic worship is rumor and is always told after a place has been abandoned. There is no proof of a nun. The medium does a fine job of adding to the hysteria. There is no proof for anything she said.

Further, what evidence did they capture? Jay wasn’t attacked, nothing came near him. He was left alone in the dark, and when his charm was taken away, it played so heavily on his mind, he figured everything was out to get him.

They heard noises in the woods, heard creaks, and the settling of buildings. No scratches, Zak wasn’t pushed off the railing like the investigator claimed happened to him and Aaron didn’t do his usual routine of becoming dizzy and sick.

As Zak said, it looks like the set of Friday the 13th. A group of mentally unbalanced guards took some kids hostage and legends have grown from there.

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Ghost Adventures – Hotel Metlen – S13E07

image For this episode we’re off to investigate the Hotel Metlen in Dillon, Montana, an Old West hotel built in 1897. As Philly introduces the hotel, she claims there has been all sorts of paranormal events. She says she saw a shadow figure while laying carpet. The incident scared her so badly, she cut herself in the thigh. Based on that, carpet accidents are now the work of the paranormal.

Additionally, when her mother passed away, she asked for a sign. It came in the form of a glass that fell off the bar counter. Amanda, a former employee, says she saw a woman in a white dress. Bailey, the bar manager, says a dark cloud came over him one night and he lost track of time in a full bar. Zak attributes this lost time to possession.

Philly takes Zak and Aaron around the place and shows off coins she found in the wall while doing renovations. The coins are from the 1900s and while looking them over, they claim to get sounds from where Philly found them. There are other items like spurs, left behind from visitors long since jones.

Also, the third floor of the hotel has been sealed for 30 years. Philly says she is scared of the space and won’t go up there. But without much hesitation, she’ll let Zak investigate it.

As the investigation gets underway, they hear a loud bang from the third floor and a scream that sounds like a dog bark. We also have the sound of the ceiling coming down and the words, "great nana" on the Ovilus. Zak feels he captures a shadow figure on the thermal camera. To prove the existence of this entity, Zak asks the spirit world to confirm how old they are. When it answers 40, Zak is besides himself with joy, because that’s how old Aaron is. Not the age of the person asking the question, but someone in the room where they can make it fit.

As they contact the great beyond, they get reference to a closet. As they look around, they happen to find one, where they claim to hear boards moving. When old boards fall over in a disheveled closet, it’s proof of the paranormal.

Zak is taken to playing on people’s fear. To that end, he locks Aaron on the third floor. He wants to use that fear as bait. As Aaron waits alone, he gets, "taken" on spirit box followed by "want some", then "be gentle" and finally "you’re welcome". Zak believes they have caught paranormal sex on tape.

Later on, they bring out the Paranormal Puck 2, which they feel makes contact with Karen, a woman who might have killed herself in the bathtub. At the same time, Zak begins to feel drained and has a hard time standing up.

For the final experiment, they send Jay down to the basement without any light and an IR camera strapped to his chest. It’s only a matter of minutes before Jay is tangled in the debris and junk down there, crashing twice and toppling over into a terrible heap. At least Zak didn’t call his falling over in the dark the work of the paranormal.

Again, Zak feels there is a dark energy in the hotel, perhaps one that’s demonic. But what supports this idea? They capture the usual noises of an old building, see the usual orbs and make plenty of assumptions. But demonic forces? Further, how many women in white dresses are going to be seen in hotels associated with the West? This "sighting" has basically become cliche.

Despite the claim, there was no flying glasses. Bailey didn’t get captured in some time bubble, we saw no woman in white, no shadow figure fell out of the closet. There were some old boards, so that will have to be close enough.

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Ghost Adventures – Dorothea Puente Murder House – S13E05

image As Zak and the Ghost Adventures team make their rounds of California, they put in a stop at the boarding house of convicted serial killer, Dorothea Puente. She murdered 9 people and buried 7 of them in the yard. She drugged her tenants with poison in order to get their Social Security checks. Some of her victims may have been buried alive and one was dismembered.

When Zak arrives at the house, we are treated to a mannequin of Dorothea by the doorway, a strange rabbit guardian and plaques that claim the house is innocent of the crimes. There is no interview with the current owner, but his nephew and mother both come on camera for their 15 minutes of fame. Peggy, mother of the owner, claims she has seen visions of Dorothea wearing a yellow dress with splotches, giving an awkward smile. She has smelled death and blood. She even says something has pushed her down. When Zak pulls out the recorder to ask why she’s there and why Peggy, he claims to here "to die" and "you’re dead."

We next hear from John Cabrera, who lead the team that dug bodies from the yard. He shows Zak the room where the victims would have been prepared and notes on his last visit, the carpet was soaked with blood. Zak believes the floor has absorbed that energy of evil and it’s now residual in the house. Truth of the matter is, the smell would have seeped into the board, explaining the smell of death.

To get the investigation underway, Zak brings in psychics Michael and Marti Perry. Michaels feels as though he’s choking, after which, Jay joins in. Michael feels he is channeling a man who lived in the house and is stupefied to find the wall has been taken down as though his memory can’t comprehend the change. We learn from John the wall was taken out, so no shocking detail that nobody knew about. It would take 10 seconds of looking at crime scene photos, of which there are many, to note the change.

Meanwhile, Marti draws a picture of who she sees, which is of course Dorothea as confirmed by Peggy. They even superimpose Marti’s cartoon caricature and a picture of Dorothea, which isn’t even a close match. And while Zak makes a big deal about Michael and Marti being blindfolded, they haven’t exactly been a fount of never before known information.

The actual investigation kicks off with Zak and Billy in the house and Jay in the yard. Zak begins by saying he isn’t afraid, to which he gets the reply, "I don’t care." As they toy with the spirit box, they claim to get the words, "hear me?" as though someone is trying to get their attention.

However, as they get near the bedroom, Zak gets a stabbing pain in back, which is now a sign of the paranormal. Next, Zak lays on the bed and goes into a state as though he’s been drugged by Dorothea. Billy makes the offhand comment to put a pillow over Zak’s face, then claims he didn’t know why he said that. Zak plays the role of victim, Billy the poisoner. Zak even goes so far as to roll off the bed and collapse on the floor. That’s some fine method acting.

While out the in the yard, Jay gets responses on the Ovilus that lead him to believe there are actually 15 buried bodies. During the night, they get 6 more names on the device, which they conclude are the 6 lost victims.

After falling out of bed, Zak heads to the death room and feels something come up on him. In conjunction, he hears, "get out" on the recorder. When Aaron lays on the same bed, he hears noises and footsteps.

Finally, Zak gets the SLS camera to try and find Dorothea. Just as he suspected, she’s hiding, but now he’s nabbed her as proven by the stick figure on the screen. Zak then banishes her out of the house. He apparently wields this sort of power.

While some terrible things have happened at that house, the actual owner doesn’t seem to take it all too seriously. The front yard is almost mocking to the legacy of Dorothea. Additionally, we don’t see hide nor hair of the owner. Is he camera shy or he doesn’t want to perpetuate the myths of the house?

When all is said and done, the weak and frail Dorothea, didn’t make her presence felt in a discernible fashion and six random names on a staticky device is not conclusive of more bodies still left to be discovered on the property.

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Ghost Adventures – Reseda House of Evil – S13E04

image For the next adventure, we’re off to Reseda, where the owner makes a bold claim – someone has died in every room of the house, including the previous owner. Zak claims people are getting possessed and sexually abused by a dark, demonic spirit. Again, we’ve put the paranormal aside and stand firmly in the realm of the demonic. Zak is even convinced this is a life or death situation.

Devon, the current owner of the house, explains the multiple deaths due to drug overdose and suicide. Six people have taken their lives and Devon believes the house feeds on the darkness generated from the drug use.Zak readily agrees. It appears the previous owner, John, was one of the biggest drug dealers in the area.

Several residents claim to have seen a woman in distress, a phantom and a form of dark energy. This entity tries to sexually assault them during the night. One person claims the entity said the house was bad.

Zak brings in Patti Negri, who admits this is the only place she hasn’t been able to clear of dark energy. As Patti is discussing the house, Devon claims something is attached to him and won’t let go. An energy passed right through him.

As they get more information about the area, we hear of Indian burial grounds from Dr Gerald Fecht, who is writing about ghost of the San Fernando Valley. And because of the large earthquake that rocked the area, Billy checks the geo-magnetic readings.

Oddly, the numbers spike at 94 through 110, then drop down to nearly nothing. Is there a massive pocket of energy around that affects the people who stay there? Is this like a huge EMF reading and fear cage mentality? Are we sure Billy knows how to use that thing?

As the investigation gets underway, we have the familiar situation of Aaron feeling sick and dizzy. But within minutes, things get ugly as they turn on each other. Zak is acting paranoid, Aaron feels sick, Billy is on edge. Zak claims a dark mist and orbs of energy are causing it.

Next, Zak doesn’t want to enter a room and taunts Billy to do it. The jibes escalate and Billy lashes out verbally. Zak continually says they are being consumed by evil.

With tensions running high, they take a break and gather themselves. Then it’s back to record some responses to questions. They ask if the entity is making people kill themselves and get a response of "thank you." This is followed by the words, "he’s here" and "come in here." Zak believes these are referring to an evil spirit.

With all the events going on, Billy has a bad moment and breaks down. Something evil touched him and something bad is attached to Zak. Oddly, Zak is tight behind him, so Billy could have easily mistaken that.

They make their way to the bedroom and get a cold spot on the bed, a spot they think is moving and getting larger. Zak says there is an indentation and it’s ice cold. This might be John, the previous owner, still taking up residence in the bedroom.

Zak is firmly convinced the house is driving people mad and they almost lost their sanity while inside. However, let’s have a look at a couple things.

Devon says John suffered from paranoid schizophrenic and was on medication. However, John wasn’t diligent about taking his medication.

Additionally, if we believe Billy, there are high geo-magnetic readings around the house, which could explain some paranoia and seeing things.

Zak acting rude and bullying people is not a sign of the demonic, he does that all the time. To be blunt, it’s another round of dramatic dinner theater they’re putting on. Their evidence doesn’t capture anything otherworldly or demonic. Quite frankly, they worked themselves into a frenzy and already had it in their minds that demonic forces were out to get them.

The more plausible explanation for previous events is mental illness and drug addiction.

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